Experiencing Sedona’s vortex energies whether out on the land or indoors at our center can be a great catalyst for your spiritual growth, getting in touch with your passions, clarity and knowing your direction in life. Discover the joy of meditation as we offer both active and passive meditative techniques scientifically designed by an enlightened Master, Osho. A weekly gathering for six consecutive weeks allows us to deepen in our awareness of what is here in each moment.
During this one-day workshop we will discover that by being fully and tenderly present to "what is" we can begin to experience the simple joy of being. Being guided by meditation, inquiry and gentle movement you will have an exciting opportunity to experience yourself in a new way. From a very quiet place we will explore the stories and resistances that keep us from experiencing the true essence of our being. Through meditation you can heal your body, come to terms with everyday problems or issues that may hinder your performance through work or home.

We will explore deep relaxation, visualization and imagery for self-healing and personal growth and development through self discovery and awareness.
Where we offer a warm, friendly, creative, and meditative environment, to experience personal and spiritual development. As well as weekend events, gatherings, potlucks workshops, and trainings, throughout the year. This is a six-week opportunity to bring gentle compassionate attention to our deepest patterns of shame, guilt, worthlessness, anger, depression, self-loathing and fear.
This requires a very quiet and open space and a willingness to look inside and experience what is arising. You will experience more enjoyment and appreciation of life and your relationship with others. We have the opportunity to open our hearts to each other in a safe and supportive environment.

As a group we will explore what happens when we stop avoiding our pain and instead move towards it with the gentle light of our own awareness. These classes includes the “awareness, explanation & aligning” of your Chakras, followed by a guided meditation and end of class discussion. Your experience here will help you get to know yourself and transform your life on all levels.
Our conversations are stimulated by simple questions such as "What is here now?" and "Who is the other?". There will also be additional classes that will further expand your visualization and sensing.

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