Download Meditation Yoga Wallpaper HD & Widescreen Games Wallpaper from the above resolutions. But now that you are realised, you can understand that by the power of Shri Ganesha’s name you can get your Realisation. Many yoga beginners believe that they must stop all thoughts in order to meditate effectively.
The laundry list is not important, the letter you have to type for your boss can wait, the mortgage will get paid, this is your time. Meditation develops the Neutral or Meditative mind, which gives us a clearer perspective on what is happening in any given moment. There are many different styles of meditation out there, but we will talk about Kundalini Yoga practices. You can choose any type of space for meditation, a quiet place is best as you want to be free of distractions. The best time to meditate is a time when you can return consistently to your practice every day. A good CD to learn some of the sound currents used in Kundalini Yoga meditations is Deeply Relax and Meditate. In order to change a habit, practice for 40 days, to confirm the habit practice for 90 days. Sohan’s passion is to share the power of Kundalini Yoga in healing, relaxing and empowering students. Enter your email address to get Free Music Friday, join our Global Sadhanas and get our newsletter!

Yoga meditation in lotus pose by man silhouette with moon and purple dramatic sunset sky background.
Sometimes they hear about the blissful meditations of friends and acquaintances and wonder why theirs isn’t so.
As you notice the distractions, simply return to your point of focus, whether that is a mantra, a candle flame or your breath. We are able to perceive reality more clearly in relation to the infinite because we are more connected to our soul. In Kundalini Yoga we tune in with “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” and often do a kriya as well as breathing practices to quite the body and mind in preparation for meditation. It’s up to you to explore different meditations to find a mantra or mudra that resonates with you. You may not use these for full meditations, but you get a good sense of the sound current as it is meant to sound.  This also has a version of Sa Ta Na Ma in the Kirtan Kriya style. As you practice a meditation for a long, consistent period of time, don’t be surprised if you have unusual experiences. The expressive power of art combined with the creative energy of the human, the Kundalini, is a powerful tool to go inward and explore the depths of our being. The mind releases one thousand thoughts per second and we are conscious of only a few, sometimes only one. Consistent practice allows you to empty the subconscious on a regular basis so that you can sit for longer periods of time. There are many to choose from, you could try the “Kriya for Morning Sadhana” in Sadhana Guidelines.

Yogis say that between the hours of 4 and 7 am or 4 and 7 pm are best because of the angle of the sun.
You can picture someone pulling a string, aligned with your spine, from the top of your head and you’ll have a good sense of neck lock. Sometimes we laugh or cry uncontrollably during a meditation, this is a release, allow it to happen. Sohan Kaur is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Yoga Alliance registered RYT-200.
When we sit still and quiet the body and breath, the mind begins to release the thoughts it has stored in the subconscious. The time you spend in meditation allows the mind to assist you throughout the day because it is not so preoccupied with being the boss. This powerful meditation can be done for as little as six minutes or as long as two and a half hours. Allowing the blocks to release will allow you to move onto establishing new habits that promote you in life and allow you to move onto a happier, healthier life. These thoughts overwhelm and control you or you can let them pass to release them out of the subconscious. You can find this meditation in Sadhana Guidelines as well as in the Spirit Voyage meditation section or on the blog.

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