What I love about it: I really felt as though I had cleansed the energy in my body and recharged all of the chakra energy points within me. Perfect for those who:  Want a routine cleanse to revitalise for the day or recharge their energy when depleted. I finished this and felt: As if an angel had scooped me up into their arms and cuddled all my troubles away.
What I love about it:  It only takes 5 little minutes to remember to think positive, loving thoughts about ourselves and the world. Perfect for those who: Want a quick daily reminder to be mindful and to empower themselves to live a joyful, loving life.
I finished this and felt: As though my life is guided by a loving Universe and that everything is unfolding perfectly.
What I love about it: Louise Hay has a special place in my heart and is a powerful catalyst for positive change.
What I love about it: This really does profound healing on a cellular level and I believe we could all benefit from listening to this meditation as it is deeply relaxing and attracts abundance. What I love about it: I love this angelic voice and how beautifully this meditation helps us to let go of unwanted baggage.
Perfect for those who: Need to release guilt, forgive themselves and others, let go of the past. What I love about it: This is a short meditation which will very quickly relax you and create a place of stillness within you.

Thank you for putting these together, it has made finding specific meditations so much easier.
If you or your audience are ever looking for a few more free guided meditation resources, I made a list of 12 of my favourite sites last year. Chakras are the subtle energy centers in a human body that emit and absorb universal energies. I wanted to share that my life journey has brought me finally to the correct places and when your true self aligns to the higher consciousness, miraculous things start to happen. Your voice is soothing and angelic in its own right and I do believe it is one of the few times that did not find my mind drifting away to something else. Get access to your FREE - WHAT IT REALLY TAKES TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE eBook and the exclusive newsletter.
When I feel like this I know that the greatest thing I can do to support myself is to meditate either by using a mindful breathing technique or by listening to guided meditations.
No matter what troubles you face in your life, or even if you simply seek some quiet relaxation time for yourself, there is a guided meditation that would be perfect for you. You don’t need to be an expert meditator at all to effortlessly slip into a ultra tranquil state. I believe you had to dive to the bottom of the ocean where you found A treasure chest to explore. I just love how you provided some concrete feedback about each meditation…this is so descriptive and easy to understand.

Chakra balancing is the single most important factor in Yoga that affects the physical, mental, emotional and psychological well-being of a person.
I have been depressed for months now and have done the depression meditation for 2 days straight and WOW!
In addition, practicing compassion, mindfulness and gratitude provides immense joy and happiness and eventually teaches you to become more resilient to face the various challenges in life. I think it is one of my favourites of all time and while I haven’t been a long-time meditation practitioner, I have listened to several various ones and most of the ones you have listed above.
I gratefully receive all the beautiful wishes you have sent me ?? I too send you love and so much abundance! So the meditation revolved around a written script where through the dive you learned a lot about yourself.
Strangely, we humans have everything right here with us to help us through our stresses and yet we choose to ignore it. Your experience of my meditation has filled me completely with joy and makes me know that I am totally meant to be creating these meditations for the world. Sure, I thought I would give it a try and figured I would probably enjoy it, but it blew me away.

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