You make crystals disappear by moving crystals around until five or more of the same color are touching. For a step-by-step how to play, go to the Instructions section from the Crystal Clear main menu screen. From the Instructions screen, press the 'S' key on your keyboard to toggle the sound effects on or off. Lemonade Larry is a lemonade stand math game that tests your memory of multiplication facts.
If you like this game, you might also enjoy the other free math games on this site, such as Brain Racer, Numberz, and Baseball Multiplication. Type the answer in the Total Price box, then either click the Total button or press the ENTER key on your keyboard. If your kids are having trouble memorizing basic multiplication facts, have them play Lemonade Larry a few times.
After practicing your multiplication facts, you might want to try my Multiplication Speed Test to test your knowledge. If you like this Scrabble Sprint game, you might enjoy the other free online word games on this site, such as Bookworm, Spiderman Web of Words, and Cryptoquote Challenge. Score points to get more time on your timer, and Bonus points for time left over at the end. See below for explanation and links to useful Scrabble online resources including a Scrabble word generator and dictionary. To move those tiles to the Scrabble board, simply click each letter in the order needed to spell the word. Therefore, don't spend too much time trying to think of the absolute highest-point word combination. You'll then be asked how many letters you want to change out; one letter, two letters, or up to all seven letters. There is a ten-second penalty for exchanging your Scrabble letters, so don't do this too often! Sometimes shuffling can help you see word patterns in the jumble of letters that weren't obvious before. If you play a tile on the board then decide you want that letter back, click the letter you want to take back.
The number of word points you earned during the current turn is shown in the lower left, as well as your total Scrabble score. In this situation, try the Scrabble Word Generator to see possible combinations you can use.

Refer to this 2 Letter Scrabble Words List to see which words can be played as well as their definitions. If you liked this game, you might also enjoy the other free Tetris games online on this site, such as Tetris Returns and the Original Tetris. The Idiot Test is a simple, challenging game that trains concentration and visual attention. If you make it to the end, tell me what the final screen says and I'll post your name on this page! If you like this game, you might also enjoy the other free online maze games on this site, such as Emerald Thief, 3D Haunted Maze Escape, and the Orbox B maze game.
I'm not sure how many levels there are in this maze game, but there are at least five for sure. If you have trouble, try slowing down your mouse speed in your computer's options settings.
Brain games like this Techno Maze free online maze game can really help improve concentration and other brain skills.
This Angry Bird game is an internet version of the Angry Birds game you may have played on your iPhone. The downside of the Rovio version is that it's only certified for the Google Chrome browser. When the game first loads, you have to wait about 12 seconds for an advertisement to display. This game definitely requires careful planning, especially at higher levels where the pigs' defenses become more complex.
You cannot move a crystal if there is no free way to the destination square (that is, if the path is blocked). Besides the quick tutorial, the Instructions screen is where you can mute the game music and sound effects.
Multiply "number of cups" by "price per cup" to determine the cost of lemonade for each customer. As soon as a customer arrives, multiply the number of cups they want with the price displayed on the front of your lemonade stand.
Play this lemonade stand math game and the other math games on this site daily if you have trouble remembering math facts. Your goal is to use all 64 letters before the time runs out, while getting as many points as you can. If your Scrabble session isn't going well and you want to restart, click the "NEW GAME" button.

If you're having trouble making a word from the letters on your tray, try clicking the "MIX UP" button. The Scrabble board itself displays in the lower right, showing you how many rows you've completed and how many rows remain.
If you aren't sure whether the word you want to use is legal, check this free Scrabble dictionary.
On each level, use your mouse to move your cube from the start position to the checkered finish square. Also, I found that solving the maze using the Medium window size was easier than in a small or large window. Notice the defensive structures the pigs have erected to protect themselves from incoming bird bombs, such as stacks of blocks and boulders. Firing away willy-nilly won't be sufficient, because you'll run out of birds before you defeat all the pigs. If you wish, click the Levels Menu button to go back and replay other levels you've completed. Besides online games, playing offline crossword puzzles, math puzzles like Sudoku, board games, card games, etc., on real paper or against real people in person, is also an excellent choice to help stretch and grow your brain. It may also help them understand the usefulness of knowing the multiplication table in real life.
Games like these are a fun way to memorize addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. The game also has a large file size (7MB), so it may take awhile to load, especially on a slow internet connection.
Use the slingshot to catapult your birds toward the pigs' domains, bursting the pigs in as few attempts as possible. For example, the yellow angry bird has a "speed boost" feature that makes him fly faster (and hit harder)! The birds plan to exact revenge by catapulting themselves at the pigs in an attempt to squash them. Finally, you can progress to the next level, assuming you completed the current level successfully.

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