We've been told time and time again that Photoshop is playing tricks on us, stretching, smoothing and buffing the models in magazines and ads to make them even more gorgeous (and less realistic).
If models are getting the treatment seen in this video, it's no surprise lingerie model Erin Heatherton once said about her photos, "I feel like it looks like someone else. ITT: So here is a serious question that I'm curious about for all my fellow animefags, what fetishes or interests have you developed since watching anime(and hentai).
Heroine was Kaze no Stigma also red haired, tsundere, skirts, wears turquoise (Close enough?) , and I think her love interest is her cousin. There's probably more that I'm forgetting, I'm still tired and those were the ones off the top of my head.
I haven't finished this game just yet, so please put your pitchforks down until my final impressions. The beta ended and I have withdrawal symptoms I think I loaded the game twice without realizing I couldn't play anymore please help. Overwatch is one of my most anticipated games releasing this year, and it's a blast so far in the open beta.
I was still in a bit of a Souls mood after beating Dark Souls 3 and booted up Titan Souls, which I grabbed from the Humble Bundle. The Binding of Isaac is one of the games that started a renaissance of roguelite developed titles that continue to this day, from games like Nuclear Throne to Enter the Gungeon. I played a solid amount of games this week, but only for a couple hours at a time, so I won't be discussing them all. I'm very much enjoying this game so far, it's all positives, but there are two small negatives I have so far. One is that I would actually prefer it if the game gave you more gun chests with limited inventory space.
Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a 36th-century (~) tale of two humongous superpowers that have been engaged in a centuries long war called the Forever War. The plot is segmented into four major "seasons." The first season is entirely a set-up for entire show, it builds characters, gives them motivations and pushes them to follow those ambitions, the second season itself deals with the battles that occur from the ambitions, leading to a halfway conclusion. You have major characters to the most minor of minor characters that the show often shows the names of several times because you may forget them. I started this one and I'm already impressed with how much of a step up from Metro 2033 Redux this is.
One of my favorite Zelda games, one I'd probably place up there in my top 3 Zelda games, I decided to replay this game on Hero mode.
The Road to 100%. I plan to 100% this title, although that will take a long time, I am done with Caravan 1 - 9 (sans one urgent quest) and on my way to Caravan 10, and have started going through the HR quests and close to done with HR3. Characters had memorable nicknames, memorable backstories and very memorable arcs. Some of the most emotionally gripping arcs I've seen in anime, and they each made me tear up by the end. It's been quite a while since I played the first Advance Wars game and playing through Fates gave me the urge to go back to it.
I've put in around 20 hours into Fates already, across both Birthright and Conquest, and they pretty much flew by.
I didn't play too many games this week, just patiently waiting for my order of Fire Emblem: Fates to arrive.
I'm beat this one, actually, but I got the bad ending, so I'm just going for every ending now. I love strategy games, from franchises like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars to Civilization and Total War. It took 10 episodes for the plot of this series to pick up, while the rest was often filled with the episodes that were used for nothing but shock value.
I may get some flak for this, I may not, but Code Geass is something I was hooked on for quite a while.
Similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion, Madoka is a deconstruction of the popular magical girl genre. I thought Bakemonogatari was good, even if a little dull and had very forced drama at times, but Nisemonogatari takes the cake as one of the most pointless sequels to any show I've seen.
If I were to give Steins;Gate any amount of credit, it would be that it's the least egregious show on this list. Man, do I love PlatinumGames, there's only been game of theirs I didn't like, and that was The Legend of Korra.
I played this game on PC for a good 6 hours, grabbed it on Vita this week and added another few hours, one of the best bullet hell games I have played, and a sleeper hit of 2015 for me, and would easily make my top five list, which I really need to work on sometime soon. The best way I can describe this is show is a way way better version of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (which is a bad show, and you have a bad opinion if you like it). I don't wanna ruin it too much by going into the plot, and it's harder to review, since the series itself revolves around music, the concerts are some of the best moments in the show, and it's a spectacle to watch them. In terms of negatives, well, just certain episodes I felt were weaker in comparison, namely episodes 12 - 16. However, the last arcs of the show are very much a rollercoaster and often times these romance dramas just end up fizzling out, but Your Lie stays consistent throughout.
Hey everyone, it's officially 2016 and I hope the first week this year has been great for you all. While I haven't played too much of Splatoon this week, it's still a really fun multiplayer title to come back to. Well it's been a solid few days since we started this list, but now it's time for it to end, you all probably know my favorite anime by now, but I hope you enjoy the final few shows to make my list. Nisio Isin is famous for his Bakemonogatari series, however, he also made a lesser known series called Katanagatari, which is better. First off, I'll start with the negatives here, and that is, mostly for me, the boss fights. It's a satisfying game to play and while I don't like it as much as Isaac, and have a few issues with its overall design, it's still a blast. Beat everything, including the optional bosses and loved every second of the game, sans for a few bosses that I thought were kinda on the average side. It takes inspirations from The Legend of Zelda on NES in terms of level design where you enter various rooms and fight various enemies. I have four more bosses left, and I may do another run when I finish, or I'll just move on to Dark Souls 2 since I still need to play.
It has dungeons, the exploration aspect of Zelda, and the difficulty of Dark Souls where every move counts.
I don't want to go too in-depth with what happens due to fear of spoilers, but these seasons in plain terms, deal with Reinhard's rise through the ranks, and eventually the second deals with all his battles with the Free Planets Alliance. It may be fiction, but the importance of the battles, characters, their ambitions, their dreams and more, are played out like a special you'd find on the History Channel (you know, before they did exposes about conspiracy theories). Still in my top 3 games of last year, it is an incredibly satisfying action game by PlatinumGames.
It essentially is a mix of Terraria and Harvest Moon, with a bit of Rune Factory sprinkled in.
Levels are better designed, combat feels better, it's more immersive and better looking, runs better on my PC and is overall much more interesting. Seven boys who, for better or worse, get sent to a disciplinary school and form a deep bond of friendship. One of the biggest negatives in the series is that it is very vague about why these boys ended up in cells. Now I don't say this to be negative, it's actually pretty amazing, because the first half of the show is gripping. It's a great game so far, even if the narrative is very weak, I am enjoying the characters and gameplay quite a bit, although a couple maps here and there just feel badly designed.
I've preferred these titles over the Fire Emblem games I have played, and they are still pretty timeless for me years later.
A shooter that feels a lot like a first-person Hotline Miami, with a mechanic centered on time, where time only moves if you do. I toned the difficulty down to Ranger, and chose Spartan this time, and I have been enjoying it a lot more.
I am not very far, but like with Awakening, I will probably take my sweet time with this game. I may get back into this one, since they added a revolver, which has been really fun to use. After finishing Undertale, my absolute favorite game of last year, I was craving more Earthbound style games, amd I really wanted to like LISA, since it apparently a very dark and grim RPG. I didn't like Kanon either, and it's been too long since I've seen Clannad, although I can't imagine enjoying it anymore, since Air and Kanon are similar. Treated as both a mystery and a horror series, and often switching between both so haphazardly, that it ends up rather jarring. Throw in your average survival story, but you want to add a spin, make the zombies Titans, make it a fantasy setting, throw in your love story, perhaps a twist, a few inspirational speeches and bam, you have Attack on Titan, a show that prides itself on taking the most boring aspects of anime and mixes it all in one pot. Not because it was good, but because the downward spiral this series takes is one I would actually recommend, if you enjoy that sort of thing.
Monogatari often tries to be a show with smart dialogue, but Nisemonogatari ends up throwing that out the window. I actually can say that I did like the lead character in this show, even if he was the only character I liked.
Boy did they make it up with Transformers: Devastation though, a Kenji Saito directed title, with a fantastic combination of Bayonetta and Vanquish's mechanics with a twist on them. It's a typical dungeon crawler RPG, only 2D, with the ability to manage your heroes, upgrade them and has a unique stress system where heroes can lose it from the horrors of the dungeons you visit. It's a fantastic pick up and play game, that you can play for a few minutes or a few hours and just has yet to get old for me. They made continue with their story after, but generally, the narrative within those trilogies provides a thrilling or sometimes, damper conclusion (looking at you, Mass Effect). The show definitely takes the message that music can be more effective than words very literally at times.
It was a little on the cliche side, and the first half of the last episode dragged on a bit, but it tied everything so well together that it was one of the most fulfilling endings to any show I've seen. I felt that these sort of changed in tone compared to the rest of the show, the pacing slowed down and they just overall didn't hit as hard as the rest of the series. It may have some flaws, a few episodes I didn't enjoy, but if you love classical music and romance dramas, this is probably one of the best you can watch.
It's still a fantastic arcadey rogue-like and I will probably be playing it for a little while longer.
I wish I knew why we were collecting Tetris pieces, but this game reminds me a lot of Portal. I'm still only playing every night or so however, but hopefully I get into the game a little more this week. An episodic series that in and of itself doesn't have an overarching plot, but is episodic in nature. Eine ungewohnliche Entscheidung der Photoshop-Experten.Glamour's November issue, she too fell victim to the photoshop madness. They are good fights, don't get me wrong, but I think they are way too easy personally, especially compared to the first game's fights which were much more challenging. Playing System Shock, the very first game, I think this title is better than the BioShock games as well. The characters are all so unique and diverse, and I've been getting used to picking out a favorite or two from each class.
Isaac has tons of items, characters, bosses, enemies, endings, modes, the replayability in this title is ridiculous and I have been playing it religiously for the past week.
It improves dramatically after Farron Keep, and although some bosses are still a little on the easy side compared to the first game, they get much, much better in terms of design. Nuclear Throne did that and I found it more enjoyable over sometimes getting no guns in a run like Gungeon. The other is the controller controls. It was definitely difficult, even though I thought the difficulty was a little over hyped overall, it wasn't nearly as bad as I heard. It's not incredibly polished, with one temple being so confusing that it reminded me of the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time, but it's fun to explore, fight, and upgrade your gear.
On the side of the Free Planets Alliance, the side that resembles today's bloated democratic system, is Yang Wen-li, a man who reluctantly joined the military so he could go to school and become a historian. From there, the third season takes another turn and deals more with the fanatical religious group known as the Terraists (who worship Mother Earth) and the underground schemes they think of to push history in their direction.
This presentation is actually incredibly engrossing, each episode gives you so much to digest and it's so satisfying, and the importance of each character is also directly correlated with how important they play a part in the show.
Your Reinhard, Reuenthal, Mittermeyer, Julian, Yang, and Walter are names you will remember because those names just matter far more. The epic story told here through dozens of these memorable characters, fleshed out and so well made, how certain deaths in the series affect the viewer, and how even after death, their importance is resonated, large or small, Legend of the Galactic Heroes leaves no stone unturned, closing up character arcs and leaving no story left to tell by the end. I have been working on the challenges, and still have yet to finish the story, but I'll be doing that in the next week.

I am enjoying the plot a lot more as well, and even the voice acting is better (which isn't much of a compliment but still).
Throughout the show, this friendship deepens and we get a lot more depth as these characters develop from beginning to end. The story of these boys going through their struggles was dark, but when the second half came around and we got character arcs for all of them, ones that are so emotionally touching and well made, I couldn't help but see the show a bit differently. I'll likely go back to it after I finish up a few handheld games that I have been putting off, like Apollo Justice, and 999, which I'm still in the middle of. It's much more of a pure strategy game, tons of interesting units, a couple branching paths and great map design, made in a way where you can't just brute force your way through everything. An very addicting game that will have you playing past the very short campaign, with all it's great extra modes and challenges. I beat the game, played a ton of endgame content and still have so much more to do, there's New Game+ and there's the DLC island meant for higher level characters.
Great atmosphere, one of the best looking games i have played, and some really great gunplay. I don't think it's the masterpiece many people think it is, but I had a heck of a great time with it. It took me around 3 months to beat Awakening in my first run, so I imagine with 3 campaigns here, it will probably take even longer.
This week, like many of you, probably, I have been play a solid amount of Fire Emblem Fates. From Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101, Vanquish, more recently Transformers: Devastation and more.
I started slow, but this game has really had its hooks in me, so much so that I ignored most other games this week. Every now and again however, I run across a show that is fairly popular, and just barely understand why people like them. Air is essentially a good name for this series, because the characters themselves spend so much time crying that they are effectively out of breath 90% of the time.
The shock value scenes certainly were not frightening, and weren't done in a way where you'd feel remorse for any particular character, and all them, every last one, by the end, are just ultimately forgettable. It starts out okay, I honestly thought it was a comedy at first, considering the end of the first episode made me burst out laughing, but it degrades into that spiral, and takes all it's awful characters with it. The moe style artwork, which is often flat, and uninteresting, is one of the smaller gripes I had with this trainwreck. The characters themselves are boring and forgettable, and it includes so much pointless fanservice that didn't move the plot forward in any significant way. It has a great artstyle, fantastic combat, and while the story may be short, I poured a lot of hours, and plan to pour a ton more into the challenges. However, the fantastic cases, the cast of characters and overall conclusion to the story really got under my skin. Super Metroid is a fantastic title and one I still want to go back to and replay, but I feel the very pinnacle of Metroid in general was the fantastic Metroid Prime franchise. It's one of the worst aspects of anime at points, because a lot of it is done very badly and is often cringe worthy. Instead of a boring blonde character who's soul purpose is to be a lamp, you have a colorful character like Kaori, who moves the plot forward in exciting ways.
The melodrama became a little cringeworthy as it just wasn't as well delivered The same goes for episode 20, which I felt was a little weak as well, except for the final few scenes, which made up for it quite a bit. A lot more tension from the first game, more well placed scares, more tension, and an atmosphere that aims to make the player even more paranoid than the first game. I never played a sim game before, but it's incredibly relaxing just driving and listening to missed podcasts and the like.
If I had one criticism of it, it's the final boss fight, it's far, far too easy in comparison to the rest of the game, and a little bit disappointing, but the ending sequence is still one of my favorites.
The sheer variety and challenge and its addictive nature keep me coming back for just one more round. Don't get me wrong, it's a simple show, it's the story of growing up, the story of friendship, and many anime include those themes.
I've been in that situation myself, where I simply don't get an anime that other people do.
You can't tell me what to do! Gintama, the one anime that can make me laugh repeatedly, episode after episode.
This list was definitely difficult to place in order, so I hope you enjoy these final two blogs. This series wears its Rurouni Kenshin influences right on its sleeve, but it includes Isin's clever dialog and sharp writing. It has a bit of science fiction, since it takes place on Mars, but overall, it's a slice of life through and through. The potentially cute photo is ruined by a strange choice to cut off half of her arm (which somehow disappears into her leg). By: admin58 mns agowhen you're way too drunk at a party By: bjornkrage59 mns agoYou can't scare me with this?
First off, why the hell is there a roadblock in every level that requires me to back to previous levels to clear it but gives me absolutely no guidance to do so? Although I don't think any boss beats Artorias for me, he's the best boss I've fought in between the two games.
The game has some extremely dark themes, so you may want to look it up before getting it if you're interested. The combat is just as good as the first, the areas are unique, there's a ton of enemy variety and the nostalgia from Demon's Souls and Dark Souls is packed on through items and certain areas. I am only 2 hours in, but I hear it's short and I will finish it up this week, if Dark Souls 3 doesn't take up all my time.
On the opposing side, the Galactic Empire, a government that closely resembles 19th century Prussia, we have Reinhard von Musel, a noble who rose to the top thanks to his genius and many military accomplishments.
Finally, the fourth season is the most philosophical, dealing with many ideas on how different political systems influence people, and how certain men's ambitions can shape entire chapters of history. Now let me just say, the show isn't as graphic as I expected but if you don't want to see implied rape or anything of the sort, I recommend skipping this show.
There was an amount of closure in each arc that felt so satisfying. Another one of the biggest positives here that I have to mention. Crafting options are available as well, and there's a lot of content I just haven't discovered yet. Reminds me of a mix of a character action game, the Elder Scrolls, Monster Hunter, and Shadow of the Colossus (at least the monster climbing parts) all mixed into one. Fun bosses, great music, and I did find it quite challenging at times, especially the final few bosses battles in succession. I have only played a couple hours, but I'll definitely be putting in a few more eventually. I usually dislike stealth as well, but the great level design, speedrunning aspects, tons of variety and choice of how to complete objectives, and amazing pacing make it one heck of a ride.
The puzzles are okay, some are easy, some are obtuse and annoying, but I really like the characters and narrative so far.
Addicting and satisfying gameplay with management elements and a great theme combined to make one of the best dungeon crawlers released. It gives you these choices in the game where you need to save your companions at points, but they are hardly even fleshed out and I am left wondering why I should care. It's a fantastic Civ like title with interesting and unique fantasy factions, better research trees that really make you define your playstyle, whether you want to focus on being a warmonger, economics, expansion of your empire, or science, instead of going on a linear track like Civ V generally does.
They are shows that are often universally loved, and having seen them, I can say for certain that these ten choices are shows I found incredibly flawed.
A series that is tragedy for tragedy's sake, one that is effectively supposed to give you a sense of emotion, ends up being annoying and drowned out by the excessive and cringe-y melodrama that simply plague this series from start to finish. The best I can say is the action scenes are well produced, otherwise, this bore is one I couldn't even get through, and have no desire to return. Never have I seen a show push itself forward with such stupid twists, awful progression and plotholes inside plotholes.
Featuring a lead character that ultimately has no development throughout yet somehow, the entire story revolves around them.
This entire sequel is basically a roadblock that ends up preventing you from wanting to experience the rest of this rather drab franchise.
Platinum remains the best developer of action titles on the market, in my opinion and have yet to even be topped. It's in the roguelike genre, so it may get repetitive to some, but I find it quite fantastic so far, and hope to play it for the long term. The Mass Effect trilogy is one I have put hundreds of hours into, I finished the second one with each class I could use, and finished the third twice. Enough that I can say it's up there as my second favorite trilogy, beating out several, like The Witcher series and the Halo series.
I can safely say, however, that the melodrama here, was cheesy, corny and often very heartwarming at times.
Instead of zero progression, besides maybe one or two episodes, Your Lie in April is always moving forward, and the chemistry between the characters switched between lighthearted and dramatic at the blink of an eye at times, but they transitioned incredibly well and just never felt forced. The gameplay is the same, a little tighter and more refined, and unlike the first, which sucked with keyboard controls, I can play this with keyboard and mouse since I find it preferable. I finally found a weapon I enjoy using as well, which I feel like is what was missing originally. But Kids on the Slope says in the form of music what other anime have trouble saying in words. The one anime that has an incredibly large cast, but I care for every single minuscule character in it. The characters themselves, especially the adorable Togame, are fantastic, extremely entertaining to watch, and the finale of this series is one of the most heartwarming moments I've ever had the pleasure to experience. Covering a wide range of topics such as falling in love, having the courage to confess your feelings, confronting your past and dealing with the future that lies ahead, it's a series with character that have an incredible level of realism.
The characters are cute, the stories are cute, they can be extremely heartwarming, serene and very calming.
Each boss has a small weak point you need to find and shoot your arrow at in order to kill them. I've been mainlining on 3DS mostly, but the expansion isn't out there yet, so I recently grabbed it on Steam and started playing it there as well.
I chose the Mercenary class and I'm going for a dex build, and I found a lot of my old weapons like the Halberd, Uchigatana, Great Scythe and Claymore.
Reason being is that in Nuclear Throne, a quick flick of the thumb gives you a change where you point your gun and you can still move with your gun pointed in one direction, so it feels more visceral, with Gungeon, I noticed that you are kinda stuck moving your gun and character with the right stick. I recently went back and started a new game, and it's an amazing take on a 2D style beat 'em up with RPG mechanics. Now I'm playing it for the third time and got to Ornstein and Smough, beat them, and I don't think I'll be stopping.
Characters that have ideals, that have dreams, that have these inner monologues that tells us so much more about them. It is meticulous in its presentation, but thanks to that, it grows, more and more, into something incredible.
Only one I ever tried was Story of Season on the 3DS and it was a purchase I personally regret. I did really enjoy the variety of guns and the shooting mechanics overall, but this isn't a game I would ever recommend, especially since 50% of it is just bad game design. The music in this game is also stellar and next to Wind Waker, is probably my favorite soundtrack overall.
I really do think this is a series that could easily compete with Dark Souls if they made a sequel that improved a lot of the frustrating design decisions like lack of true fast travel, but I still highly recommend it.
It has a very sparse open world in comparison to other games, but it is actually still fun to explore. It took me a while to get into it admittedly, as the first 6 chapters felt rushed, but luckily, those last a little more than an hour at most, and when the game picks up from there, it really picks up. The gameplay itself is very fun, and while I have some issues with the checkpoints, since the game has a lot of travel, I have been enjoying the gameplay loop and especially the bosses, quite a bit.
With a combat system that has an incredible level of depth, Platinum delivers a game that you never want want to stop playing.
It's rather good so far though, even if I don't consider it as good as the aforementioned games. The main characters are interesting, but the narrative presents itself between tedious and frustrating and confusing gameplay sections. It's pretty fun, the dialogue and characters are great, the end of the first chapter was very heartwarming and I hear it only gets better and better.

They didn't do anything I consider special, their characters might be intolerable, the pacing may be absolutely abysmal and it takes half the series for anything to happen. The only part of this show I enjoyed was the ending, and not just because it was finally over. A show that starts out slow and eventually tries to form some sort of coherent symbolic message, but ultimately ends up failing and has you wondering what you just experienced by the end, before you realize it was pretty much absolutely nothing.
While the first didn't age as well, it's still fantastic franchise worthy of your attention, and one of my favorite trilogies overall. It is a series filled with incredible character depth and just keeps you going until it's absolutely fantastic ending.
The first being one of my all-time favorites and the second and third still ranking highly with me as fantastic titles with a gripping story, incredible gameplay mechanics and a level of immersion that I feel is unmatched in the world of games today. It was well VA'd, which helped, and sometimes lines were so over the top, that I really had no words. The way it handled the romance, which is often very forced in other anime I have seen, was realistic. It fluctuated up and down a little wildly at times, and the middle part dragged way too much for me to consider it a masterpiece. I tend to stick to very few weapons in multiplayer games, and just couldn't find one I enjoyed. It conveys these themes often without the needs for relentless dialogue and instead fills your ears with the music that bonds people together.
Truthfully, I often switch between this series and my number one as my favorite, because Gintama has never gotten old for me, throughout the 300 episodes I have seen, I will always come back for more. There's at least one character you can relate to in this series, no matter who you are, and no matter how small that relation might be. It's hard not to smile watching this anime, and if you're a slice of life fan, you've reached the quintessential series, right here.
I really enjoyed The Fear's boss fight too, though once you figure out you just need the thermals, it became way too easy. Second, I think they aren't as memorable as the first game's fights thus far.
The bosses themselves were not really memorable, so many codec calls were boring and a chore to listen to, and the pacing was bad until the end where the story came full circle.
Next up, Dark Souls 2, but I'll be taking a short break between then and waiting until the summer sale to grab it. I can say so far, that certain areas are harder than the first game, but I found bosses easy, but I am only five bosses in so they may get a lot more difficult from here on.
I've been enjoying this game a hell of a lot, I put in around 30 hours this week, and definitely plan on finishing.
The weight of each season is felt when the next one arrives and that weight continues on until the epic conclusion presented by the end. What is shown here comes full circle and you leave absolutely satisfied with what you've been shown. Pairing has been nerfed, compared to Awakening, and is much weaker in comparison now, and the game is much, much harder, adding a lot of strategic depth, and gameplay that is very addicting.
I love the combat in this game, with the many upgrades, the very skill-based parry mechanics, Platinum games are easy to pick, but hard to master affairs. I'm 3 missions in, about a quarter of the way, but I've enjoyed it very much so far, it's certainly a darker game with a story told through very short cutscenes between missions, but very well done. Reminded me of old school 3D platformers, but any longer and it would have gotten super repetitive because there's barely much to do, and the environment stays the same. All these shows, in my eyes, commit some sort of cardinal sin, sometimes two, sometimes all of them. You have your melodrama, you have your character with amnesia, you have the pretty blonde girl, you have the childhood friend syndrome, and boy could I go on. The first half of this series is essentially a slice of life show in the most boring way possible, including three episodes about lugging a computer back from one part of the city to another.
It may have just been 5 episodes but that is a big chunk if you realize it's about a quarter of the whole series. It's ultimately a show I grew up with, which is ironic, because it's filled with symbolism about growing up. A story of war between the Free Planets Alliance and the Galactic Empire, this is basically the Japanese version of Star Wars, but more grounded in reality. The show is very episodic, but each episode is so good, and when the show wants to get heartfelt or darker in its many arcs, it does an amazing job. A game with Metroidvania like design and combat that controls a lot like Mega Man and less like Castlevania and Metroid.
For a game that is so dark when it comes to a lot of its design and themes, it's ironically become my happy place. I have one complaint, and that is some of the bosses are a little gimmicky, but other than that, it's the game I have spent the most time on this week and enjoyed the most.
I'm playing Gungeon on PC and prefer mouse and keyboard while I preferred controller with Nuclear Throne for that reason. Other than that, game's fantastic. I loved every second of this game and cannot wait to get my hands on the third one on Tuesday. There was a chart made associating the Meyers-Briggs personality types with the many characters here and it shows just how in-depth they can really get. There is idealism presented through the show through its characters, and a sense of realism as the events occur, bringing the viewer back down to reality, that not every legend is fairy tale.
I say wholehearted, even if there are shows that I personally love more, Legend of the Galactic Heroes is the greatest anime ever crafted. The first 10 were me playing for fun, sort of just wasting time, and it was great, but I recently started over and that is where the game started getting more addicting. One episode would have been plenty, as another character had only a one episode arc and it was one of the best in the show.
I wanted to give the show that perfect score, but these negatives really do make the show feel somewhat incomplete, which is unfortunate. From griffins to dragons to giant rock shaped colossi and chimeras, each fight is just so satisfying.
Some levels are definitely not as well designed as Blood Money's however, especially the The Bjarkhov Bomb mission, which consisted of far too much downtime.
This series felt like an awful slice of life wrapped into some sort of murder mystery that gets increasingly annoying to follow. Naota's fears, worries, and everything he conveyed in this show, was something I personally could relate to while I was growing up. The show leans heavy on the tactical and political side, and is often filled with a lot of dialogue that helps weave the story together. Sorachi once said that he focuses on his characters flaws rather than their strengths, because he finds flawed people more attractive. From start to finish, the music, the atmosphere, the entire show just draws you in, oozing style, and done with perfect direction.
The only section I can say was rather fun was the Tanker area. MGS2 is a game that I would call great for discussion, great for debate, great for theories and trying to figure out the ending, because it has a whole lot to say, but ultimately, as a video game I cannot say I enjoyed it very much overall. Nuclear Throne + The Binding of Isaac + tons of great gun variety and excellent boss fights. I'm definitely going to come back to it after I finish the series and play through the NG+ modes. There will be characters you love and hate, all for very different reasons, whether it's Yang's easygoing side or Reinhard's ambitious side. It felt unfinished in every capacity.  liked it enough to say it was worth the cheap price I spent on it, I'll likely never return to it though. If they are easily rustled I would leave, because there is at least one, just one anime in here, you probably love, and I'm here to tell you that it's pretty bad.
Not only that but the male and female lead were some of the most boring leads in any series I have seen.
The second half ends up being even more of a waste of time, including an episode that is basically two character running around for 24 minutes.
And let me just add, the music in the show, besides the classic music played, is some of the best I've ever heard, a lot of it just rings in your head for hours after an episode. The depth of the characters all make them feel increasingly human as you pick apart the puzzle the show presents before you. Every bit of this anime is incredibly satisfying to watch, and hooked me right from beginning to end, and when it starts to change more drastically after the first season, it becomes a story about the ideology of war that's told in the eyes of it's absolutely fantastic cast in the most gripping way possible. Watanabe put a show together that emphasized every element, especially the music, which is such a big part of the show. Your weapons do massive damage but enemies can kill you in seconds if you don't hide behind cover, and use your leaning mechanics to take them out.
Those are just artificial annoying ways to lengthen the game that frustrate the player more than anything.
In many ways it's as much an action game as it is a horror game, the tension you feel from turning every corner wondering what giant monster is there to whoop your as for the 10th, 20th or 100th time.
Each episode has details upon details and tons of lines of dialogue that are engrossing, and presented in interesting and fascinating ways. Choices are a little more limited than Blood Money, as well, but this is a prequel, and they haven't nailed it just yet. The way they develop is so utterly stagnant and slow that each episode I watched just made me hate it more. It makes me wonder how any particular creator could 180 so much that this crap is what they come up with.
The show is often confused, and clumsily closes off these character arcs in the last half, often haphazardly and too quickly, all while trying to put the overall plot together.
It's a thematically strong anime that deals with praising individuality, being true to your feelings, and having the courage to stand up for yourself, having the courage to swing the bat, and if there's any show that says so much in so little, a show that often asks the view to distinguish fantasy from reality, it's this one. Not many anime has gotten me to care for its characters as much as Gintama has, and as someone who appreciates good characters more than anything, it's one of the absolute best I've ever seen.
I can actually see guys that are in front of me now and not have to rely so much on the radar.
Either way, the meat of the game, the levels themselves were all very well designed, and I still ultimately enjoyed it despite it's caveats.
Give the video above a watch, it shows a boss fight and gives you a feel for the game far more than my explanation. I beat it, and I am replaying it now, I'd like to 100% complete this title, it is an absolute masterpiece.
It was basically Ubisoft's version of Flower by thatgamecompany, another just decent game, but one I never want to play a second time.
It's ironic, while the first half of the show is too slow paced, the latter half ends up being too fast paced. Shooting is easier and smoother and my favorite part by far is the new added survival element, with camo and search and killing animals for food.
I'll definitely be trying to finish this series during the year, including Bloodborne and Demon's Souls. It's a cheesy 1950s melodrama with a ton of heart put into making it, and it deserves your attention.
Progression is sloppy, the drama doesn't hit you hard at all, and it's ultimately a chore to get through. That is insanely fun. The story itself still hasn't picked up dramatically just yet though, but it's still quite interesting so far. This makes a game a joy to play, and unlike modern survival shooters like Metro, I feel this game does survival is far more compelling way.
And he knew how to make characters badass, even the meek looking Ed was one hell of a hacker. The story of course, is fairly simple, a rogue computer AI, Shodan, has taken over a spaceship and has a beam ready to fire at Earth, which will transform the population to monsters. It's nothing I would consider special, and while it's one of the most universally praised shows on this list, it's one I would deem mediocre. It's sad as well, because I can honestly say the lead character here is very well written, but too bad the story they placed him in was not. It sits at the very top for me, as the greatest anime ever made (except sometimes Gintama is better).

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