Simon’s defiant attitude toward destiny captivates Fawna, but will her love destroy him? Simon was one of my favourite characters throughout the Disillusionists trilogy so I was really excited to find out that Carolyn Crane had given him his own story. We already know how reckless Simon is, he is constantly taking risks and putting himself in harm's way but we never really understood why so it was great to get a bit of his back story. Simon and Fawna start as enemies, Simon has a very good reason for not wanting to know the future and Fawna is unable to stop looking at it so they're more natural enemies than lovers.
Devil's Luck was a nice addition to the Disillusionists trilogy & I liked it much more than the first novella starring Sophia.
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When I first saw he was being paired up with Fawna I wasn't convinced though, the two of them are so different that I wasn't sure what they would really see in each other but I actually think that's what made them work so well.
Their differences actually work for them though, they have such a completely different outlook on things and Simon was great at teaching Fawna to live in the present and just enjoy life rather than worry about what fate might be about to throw at her later. There are actually a few other characters who I would love to read stories about so it would be great if Carolyn Crane decided to give us a story about Shelby, Carter or any of the others but it's been such a long time since this was published that I think it's unlikely. Ipocondriaca fino alla paranoia, e convinta che le stia per scoppiare un vaso sanguigno nel cervello.
She’s stunned to discover a taste of the freedom for which she yearns at the side of Simon, the one person in the world who despises everything she is, everything she stands for.
Fawna is a character we didn't know much about and to be honest I'd still like to learn more about where she spent her missing years but I found myself really liking her in this story. Things move fairly quickly between then and as much as I would have loved a longer story with them spending more time getting to know each other I still really enjoyed this novella.
Poi, all’improvviso, Packard, un uomo di una bellezza sconvolgente, comprende il suo problema e la invita a unirsi a lui e alla sua squadra anticrimine.

She tries so hard not to use her gift of seeing the future but it's not easy to resist and it was interesting to see her fighting herself not to check the fate of people she encountered.
Con l’insegnamento diretto di Packard, Justine impara a far diventare la sua ossessione un’arma da usare contro i peggiori criminali di Midcity e, finalmente, ottenere la liberta che ha sempre desiderato. Fine del problema.O no?A Midcity, il brioso capo della polizia sta portando avanti una battaglia contro dei criminali che hanno poteri che vanno oltre i limiti umani. E, mentre le prime missioni di Justine risultano essere dei successi strepitosi, Packard si scopre essere diverso da come appare in realta.
Presto, dibattuta dall’attrazione fra due uomini molto diversi fra loro, Justine si trovera in un mondo fatto di magia, erotismo e terribili segreti. Con l’aiuto di Packard, Justine si e liberata dalla sua fobia, solo per scoprire una realta molto piu spaventosa della peggiore delle sue paure.

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