The Laxman brings auditory stimulation to a new level above conventional light and sound mind machines. Whether preinstalled Laxman sessions, sessions created by yourself, language courses, your own suggestions or audio books, any content may be transported and used by the Laxman.
Visual and auditory stimuli vibrating at specific frequencies directly effect our brain wave patterns from the outside - as can be seen in EEG tests.
Laxman AVS and cognitive performance, psycho-vegetative tension, general mental state and sleep.
The Ganzfeld effect is very desirable during visualization, meditation or relaxation practices to reduce distractions and to deepen the state. When the Ganzfeld effect is used in conjunction with light and sound the effect is very powerful. Click to expand descriptions and sound samples for all Audio Sessions The Laxman sessions offer a representative cross section through the scene of the best ambient musicians.
Mind Sciences Network - Online Resources for Consciousness, Brainwave Entrainment, Mind Machines, Sleep & Dreaming and More! Mind Sciences Network is an online directory of leading resources from the world of neuro-consciousness. Alpha BRAIN is designed to be of the most potent acetylcholine-enhancing nutrient based supplements available, and the results on the dream state go beyond expectations.
The MindPlace Procyon Audio Visual Synthesizer is the next evolution in Brain State Training and Meditation Technology. Certification courses via distance learning in the field of complementary counseling or coaching. Since its founding in 1973, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has supported personal and collective transformation through our publications. Kasina light and sound system provides stunning audio-visual experiences for relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation. Now, in Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation, award-winning Professor Mark W. Questions about the nature of the mind are among the most hotly debated in philosophy today. Our mission is to inspire peak performance through a combination of unique products and actionable information. Get Our Content By Email!  Sign up to receive FREE content updates from Mind Sciences Network! If you are searching for the finest, most complete mind machine stimulation system created specifically for ADD and ADHD, it is the Mind Alive ALERT Pro Light, Sound and CES Personal mindmachine with Tru-Vu Omniscreen lightframes. If you are searching for the finest, most complete mind machine stimulation system created specifically for ADD and ADHD, it is the Mind Alive ALERT Pro Light, Sound and CES Personal Stimulator with Tru-Vu Omniscreen lightframes.
The ALERT Pro mind machine by Mind Alive includes all the proven effective light and sound stimulated ALERT sessions designed exclusively for Mind Alive by Michael Joyce. You’ll never need another system – the ALERT Pro is built to last a lifetime – with an infinite amount of possible applications. Both studies showed that ADD behaviours were reduced significantly  and  reading improved  with AVE .
Over time, Michael has refined and developed these sessions based on the checklist toproduce benefits in specific areas. The ALERT Pro features larger easy-to-read, easy-to-operate buttons and allows users to select a session very easily. The ALERT Pro also features night-vue ability, which allows the user to see the session select buttons in the dark at bedtime or at night. Isochronic Pulsed Tones, Binaural Beats and Monaural Beats – The isochronic pulsed tones are evenly spaced, are of equal pitch and are turned on and off at a specified rate. Soft-OffTM – The gradual lowering of the lights and tones at the end of the session prevents a startle response (also known as somnatic shock).
Easy-To-Find Power, Intensity and Volume Buttons – The power, intensity and volume buttons are raised so that you can make the necessary adjustments easily and quickly, even with your eyes closed.
24 Preset Sessions – Sessions grouped into convenient categories (Left Hemisphere, Right Hemisphere, Whole Brain, Meditator, Toolbox, Sound Sync, User Defined). 5 Sound Sync Sessions – Each category also has a Sound Sync Session to turn your music into an intriguing light show.
For the first time ever, a system exists where meditative breathing may be paced along with an audio-visual entrainment (AVE) session. They are calculated by our staff and vary depending on your location.  When your ship charge has been calculated a PayPal money request for that amount will be sent to you.

If you do not we will email you again and remind you.  If we do not hear from you your order will be cancelled and PayPal payment refunded. Rubaphilos previously appeared in podcast episode 88 to discuss his first book, The Hermes Paradigm, Book One: The First Principles.
Rubaphilos begins the interview by explaining that the first practical work that would be taught to a student is plant alchemy, or plant spagyrics. Rubaphilos discusses the concept of Anima Mundi and natural function of the development of life.
Rubaphilos spends some time more precisely defining the concepts of Spagyria, the First Matter, or Prima Materia, and the Quintessence. In the Occult of Personality Membership Section, Rubaphilos talks more about the Royal Art of Alchemy and reveals some of the most amazing details of alchemical rejuvenation that I’ve ever heard.
Support Occult of Personality We count on donations from our visitors, and subscriptions from our Membership Section, to continue offering high-quality content for you to enjoy.
The first of its kind, the Laxman combines the most effective light and sound entrainment with the features of a state-of-the-art multimedia device. Its patented All-Color Ganzfeld Open-Eye Goggles can transmit every color of the light spectrum indirectly onto the open (or closed) eyes. There are over four hours of professionally produced and very tasteful ambient and nature sound arrangements used in the pre-programmed sessions. The Laxman works by using well known physiological mechanisms known as the "frequency following response", or the "entrainment process". A sensation of weightlessness and time distortion is sometimes felt, along with mild visual hallucinations.
Muse is a brain fitness tool that helps you do more with your mind, and more with your life, in just 3 minutes a day. Customers oftentime mention having ADD or ADHD and what would be the best light and sound mind machine available for them.
Parents and clinicians using the ALERT are experiencing very positive results and those that have used AVE with CES say that effects are enhanced when using both together. His first study involved 30 primary school children from two schools (which was published in the Journal of Neurotherapy) and his second study included 204 children from seven schools, which he completed while he was the Director of Neurotechnology at A Chance to Grow, a special-needs charter school in Minneapolis. Michael used the DAVID’s unique patented field stimulation ability to generate a different frequency in each hemisphere of the brain. This special patented process allows the Delight to stimulate a different frequency in each hemisphere of the brain. Soft-OffTM ensures that relaxation and other benefits carry over even after a session has ended. 11 of the sessions were designed by Michael Joyce exclusively for the ALERT.  The remaining session are our very favourites from the DAVID series. When using HRV paced breathing, listen to the heartbeat generated by the DAVID ALERT Pro through the headphones. He recently authored another wonderful book entitled The Hermes Paradigm, Book Two: The First Work, published by Salamander and Sons. The reason this is the first work is because it is safer and a good way for students to learn about Hermetic alchemical philosophy, terminology, laboratory equipment, and the lengths of time required. I have been catapulted so far in my study of alchemy because of the podcasts you have done with Rubaphilos. It was truly a privilege and honor to be able to speak with Rubaphilos again and record such an amazing interview.
This new breakthrough technology alone works extraordinarily well for shifting mind-states, but its effectiveness is compounded with the Ganzfeld Effect of the goggles. Classical impulse frequencies, binaural-beats and hemicircle sounds are also used for a uniquely effective and enjoyable sound experience. Afterwards, you transfer the produced lax file together with the respective MP3 to the Laxman by means of the provided USB cable. People with ADD or ADHD often struggle with other issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, cognitive challenges and drug abuse. With this technique and a Symptom Survey checklist developed by Michael, he was able to create DAVID sessions that could stimulate or calm the left, right or both hemispheres depending on the symptoms checked off by the child’s parents. The monaural beats are similar to the isochronic pulsed tones, but turn on and off more gently and therefore are smoother, fuller beats and are recommended for those who find the pulse tones too stimulating. Scientifically, this technique has been analyzed and shown to settle down a stressed autonomic nervous system.
He then expounds upon the reasons one requires a teacher in order to make serious progress in alchemy.

Next, we consider how the mystics and priests of the ancient world were able to train their minds in such a way as to understand nature to a degree that is difficult for modern people to grasp. In my opinion, these relatively slim volumes are packed with wisdom and required reading for those interested in laboratory alchemy. His emphasis on understanding what’s going on with Nature, both inner and outer will help those on the path.
Thank you for bringing on one of the most knowledgeable and accessible people in the alchemical world. I feel the same as you, Rubaphilos’ work has advanced my own understanding of the western alchemical tradition more than I imagined possible. You will be awash in kaleidoscopic geometric structures while you shift into a more relaxed state of mind. The LaxEdit software can be used to upload MP3 files to the Laxman so that you can use your own favorite music tracks with light and sound sessions. The session now appears in the Laxman menu and can be used like the pre-installed sessions.
The Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets for the Delight use eight blue-tinted white LEDs mounted over a silver reflector behind a translucent screen. Both sympathetic (flight-or-fight) activity and para-sympathetic (the brain’s efforts to compensate) activity settle down dramatically using HRV techniques. When people get stressed, the heart typically clamps to sometimes as low as five bpm HRV at times intermixed with sharp spikes in heart rate. One of these reasons is that a gnostic state of illumination into the operation of nature is required in order to properly understand and thereby convey a higher level of comprehension. Sound nuances never heard so far together with the features of the Laxman create the basis for a fantastic journey. The ALERT Pro is the light, sound and CES mind machine that is used both personally and professionally.
This disperses the light evenly.  Our Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets are specially designed to allow for the left and right visual fields of each eye to be individually stimulated rather than the entire eye. He then explains a model of of human consciousness and the mechanics of its function using Qabalistic terminology.
With the Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets, the lights flash into the left visual fields of both eyes, then alternately flashes into the right visual fields of both eyes. This approach allows the ability to stimulate either visual cortex with a frequency different from the other visual cortex. For example, a person who functions strongly from the left brain could have 8 Hz stimulated into the right visual field (and therefore the left brain) to slow down left brain function and have 18 Hz stimulated into the left visual field to increase right brain function.
What remains is a flight of thought over flowering gardens, past all walls of our civilization, to this old tree that has put down its roots here for more than 100 years. A vespertine, crackling open fire blazes against the background of a crystal-clear night with full moon and thousands of jingling stars. The cuddly warmth of the glowing logs makes the body comfortable and conveys a languorous feeling of timelessness.
On a trip into the unexplored depths of our fascinating water landscapes we discover undreamed-of beauty. Immerse into a crystal clear sea of satin and enjoy iridescent colors and forms of the underwater world. Where the summer rain falls downhill onto the leafy canopies of the tropical forests, the fresh high land wind blows over the seemingly endless high mountain ranges, driving enormous wafts of mist, there is a place of relaxation for anyone.
Who responds to the call of nature far from the densely populated civilization experiences the overwhelming diversity of species of primitive times. Each pitch that we hear contains additional pitches which determine the tone color or timbre of the pitch.
Everyone can experience these pitches in his or her own voice by slowing down the modulation of the vowels. The sound of the crystal sound bowls of Carlo Michael, starting gently and getting more intensive later on, creates multilayered vibrations which can be physically experienced. Chirping birds and purling brooks, calm and contemplative spirits in nature, experience a summer day anytime and anywhere.

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