Val IT posits good practices enabling organizations to measure, monitor and optimise value, both financial and non-financial.
Value Governance aims to ensure that management practices are connected with the organization in order to assure optimal value from IT-enabled investment. Portfolio Management aims to ensure the alignment of IT-enabled investments in the portfolio and the strategic objectives of the organization.
Investment Management aims to ensure that IT-enabled investments contribute to optimal value. These three domains in CobiT 5 are differently represented and they involve different stakeholders, metrics, goals and processes (see appendix 3). M e rgers and Acquisition Mergers and acquisitions (M and A) is a corporate finance strategy that helps companies to attain their objectives and financial goals.

Procedure: The actual process  of document selection may be initiated in different ways. 1.  You will critically review 6 or more scholarly articles that inform the reader about your topic. Question 1: Explain the important steps involved in assessing talent management process. Nature of Entries to be Filed   We have noted that catalogue entries are either word entries or notational entries. ISACA underlines the importance of benefits management and management best practices by integrating Val IT into CobiT 5. Val IT contains 22 processes which are part of three domains: Value Governance (VG), Portfolio Management (PM) and Investment Management (IM).

For instance, topics on PM are associated with the CobiT 5 process  AP005 Manage Portfolio (CobiT 5 2012).
For instance topics on IM are associated with processes in CobiT 5 such as: AP005 Manage Portfolio and BAI 1 Manage Programmes and Projects (CobiT 5 2012).
However, an important similarity between CobiT 4.1 and CobiT 5 Maturity model is that both models are inspired in models which were first created for the assessment of software development maturity levels. Curiously, CobiT 5 does not include the results chains method used by Thorp (1998) and in VAL IT (2008) which is useful to create transparency in the investment programmes.

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