Homeschooled kids enjoy science fairs, too.  There is nothing like a little competition to get creative juices flowing and showcase the talents of budding scientists and engineers. When judging older students, divide projects into age groups or project categories, according to your guidelines.  Then, reward all students with praise, but award only the most extraordinary projects ribbons or trophies.
For lots of kids, science fair projects are nothing more than a groan-inducing grade school requirement.

GreaterGoodness shares stories to uplift and inspire, each one giving you the chance to help people, save pets and improve the planet – for free.
Textbook, course, ebook, pdf, download at bookmoving Spectacular Science Projects Janice Vancleave's Electricity * How do you make a battery out of a lemon? But this group of inspiring teens turned their projects into inventions with the potential to change the world.

According to Huffington Post, she plans to use the machines to help dialysis patients in developing countries.

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