UK-based journalist Ed Caesar has written an excellent book taking us deep inside the world of professional marathon runners. Ed’s expertly-told tale brings us along to the big-money races in the United States and Europe as well as to the remote villages in Kenya where the runners live and train. Frank struck gold at the Munich Olympics in 1972, and then silver four years later in Montreal. When it comes to injury and recovery, running expert Michael Sandler has been through the valley of the shadow of death and back again.
Michael’s website is where he offers a wide range of educational and performance programs for amateurs up to elite level runners.
Sports Coach Radio dot com is a weekly series of interviews with world-leading coaches, sports scientists and writers. Ultra endurance, extremely fast recovery, mental toughness – we’ve got it all in this interview. In the process he’s raised nearly 150,000 dollars for the charity Active Water, which  brings safe water to people in Ethiopia. He’s a man with quite a bit of endurance experience including in recent years cycling 4, 400 miles across the country, walking 3,400 miles across the country, hiking the length of the Appalachian Trail and swimming 50.6 miles across Lake Michigan, and not without some negative consequences, as you’ll hear in this interview. Professor Noakes is as active as ever, despite retiring recently from the University of Cape Town’s Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Group, which he founded. He’s now a particularly strong proponent of low-carb, high-fat approaches to weight loss and athletic performance. Ross is a close colleague of Professor Tim Noake’s and has been building on his research into pacing in high-intensity endurance sports, what is often referred to as anticipatory regulation and the Central Governor Model.
In addition to doing extensive research in the limits of human performance, particularly in cycling and running, Ross is a consultant to the South Africa Rugby Sevens Team and a wide range of other top international sports. As you might already know Dr Phil mentored legendary triathlete Mark Allen through his key Ironman victories, as well working with triathlete Angela Naeth and race car drivers Mario and Michael Andretti, among many others.
Sports Coach Radio is a series of weekly in-depth interviews with world-class sports coaches, leaders and scientists, hosted by Glenn Whitney, a coaching adviser and leadership consultant. We have the coach behind one of the most stunning marathon victories in recent years on the show this week.
Bob is a true master coach, a model of modesty and servant leadership, with a pedigree that goes across most track and field events, starting with UCLA in 1979. Sports Coach Radio is a series of weekly in-depth interview with world-class sports coaches, leaders and scientists, hosted by Glenn Whitney, a coaching adviser and leadership consultant.
Christopher has also won three different triple Ironman triathlon competitions, including one in a record-breaking 38 hours and 46 minutes.
Here’s Part 2 of our interview with Olympic Gold Medal Winning Marathoner and distance running guru Frank Shorter, which took place at his home in Boulder, Colorado. Power, speed and endurance are the three essential components of high performance in most sports. Brian Mackenzie is the creator of CrossFit Endurance, a fitness methodology and network of gyms across the country focused on strength and conditioning for endurance athletes. He is also co-founder, along with double Olympic gold medal rower Erin Cafaro, of an innovative energy supplement that uses fat and protein as well as carbohydrate called 3Fuel.
The marathon and other distance running events are in focus this week on Sports Coach Radio. Bob began achieving national-level success in the 1980s at UCLA, eventually becoming head coach in 1984.
Bob is a recipient of numerous coaching accolades, including the Bill Bowerman award from the National Distance Running Hall of Fame and the Robert Giegengack Award from USA Track & Field. We talk about the challenge of breaking the two-hour barrier in the marathon, working long-term with an athlete like Meb through the entire length of his athletic career, the injury-preventing potential of minimalist footwear, the performance gap between men and women in long distance events and more.

SportsCoachRadio™, The people and passion behind winning performances™ and related trademarks appearing on this website are the property of Glenn L. And daily schedule for healthy life have observed an amazing change college students discovered it simpler meditation and have a profound understanding. Inspired hundreds of thousands of individuals personal time for digesting life experience and to recognize. Middle-school students in urban areas may benefit from in-school mindfulness programs, a new study suggests.
Breathing Meditation: A Formal MBSR Practice, (15 min) Visit- www.MBSRTraining Mindful Inquires Did I notice, the rhythm of my breathing? Some games and apps improve flexibility skills by helping your child to be more mindful and relaxed and use biofeedback (Journey to the Wild Divine) or teach breathing and meditation (Breathing Zone-Relaxing). A very different approach using fun, but challenging games as a tool for building flexibility skills can be successful because of your child’s level of motivation and interest in them. Many video games such as Angry Birds require flexibility in order to adapt to changing situations in the game.
Now, while this type of game-based flexibility is not exactly the path to peace, happiness and contentment, it does require a degree of adaptability, acceptance, and versatility. So, if you want to get your child to be more adaptable and flexible in their problem solving, think about games and apps that might help them to become more mindful and relaxed or conversely to develop the problem solving resources to deal with a highly frustrating situation. While our focus at LearningWorks for Kids is on using digital technologies, a healthy play diet incorporates active and free play. LearningWorks for Kids is introducing a suite of new premium features to our premier educational technology site for alternative learners.
You don’t need to be a physiologist to know that you can train your body to get stronger, faster, and more agile with training and exercise. All membership plans come with full access to our entire suite of tools learning guides, and resources.
Buster Keaton performing one of his famous gags accidentally provided us with some great visual imagery of what it can feel like to quiet the mind.
The short version of this lesson is that often, the more we frantically struggle and push back against a busy, hectic mind, the crazier it gets.
Maybe we return to the breath after a distraction, not with a neutral non-judgement, but with a sense of failure, frustration, or stress. Maybe we’re irritated with our wandering mind, so we begin to tighten and tighten our attention on the breath. Maybe we cycle through multiple techniques, annoyed at our inability to drop into a deeper place. Maybe we sit, resolving to not fret, while in the back of our mind we know we are truly disappointed in our lack of progress that session. If you find yourself feeling like you are on a wheel, fueling the cycle of distraction with each effort to quiet your mind, try telling yourself you aren’t going to try so hard. Of course there’s quite an interesting story about why he was denied the top slot in that very close race. He was very generous with his time and his intellect, and accordingly we’ll be releasing the interview in two parts; part 1 now and part 2 in two weeks’ time. You can follow us on Twitter, where we post useful articles and coaching tips just about every day of the week. He’s had several bone-crushing life threatening accidents and fought his way back to health and fitness. He’s also an advocate of true barefoot running, something that long-time listeners of this show will know is an big interest of mine. He’s one of the world’s leading sports scientists, with special expertise marathons, ultra running and other long endurance events.

We talk about that, plus hydration and, of course, the Central Governor Model, a highly influential approach to understanding the relationship of the brain and the body in high performance sport. We’re delighted to have exercise physiologist Ross Tucker joining us from the University of Cape Town and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.
There is lots to learn in this interview for not just runners, but all endurance athletes and their coaches. Follow us on Twitter, where we post coaching tips and links to interesting articles just about every day of the week.
Meb Keflezighi’s longtime mentor Bob Larsen joins us again, to tell us all about how Meb triumphed in the 2014 Boston Marathon, on the eve of his 39th birthday, becoming the oldest winner of the race in the modern era.
A fascinating person, Christopher now looks closely at what makes us happy, how to stay healthy and what place sports and exercise can and should play in our lives. We’re joined by renowned track & field coach Bob Larsen, the long-time coach of the United States’ number one marathoner Meb Keflezighi.
You can follow us on Twitter where we post useful articles and coaching tips just about every day of the week. Among the gold medal athletes in the program he led are Steve Lewis, Danny Everett, Kevin Young and Ato Bolden.
He’s also one of the founders of the prestigious Mammoth Track Club, based at 7,900 feet (2,400 meters) in Mammoth Lakes, California. Well, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but by building flexibility skills, games and apps can help children to learn how to adapt, adjust, and handle a world that does not always conform to their expectations. Many of these games and apps were developed for adults, but can be readily used by children. In contrast to a difficult homework assignment, where she might want to crumple the paper and give up, video game challenges and frustrations are often met with trying something new, asking for help, or increased resolve to “beat that level”. Being flexible in life and in video games helps an individual to not be stuck in repetitive patterns. Either might work, as long as you help them to take these game-based skills and apply them to their daily life.
Once an elite distance athlete, he’s now a coach and an eloquent proponent of mindfulness in sports. Even if you’re not into running but want to know more about mindfulness in sports, this interview is well worth a listen. Some games and apps excel at building flexibility skills by teaching relaxation techniques such as breath control or giving autonomic nervous system feedback.
If your child is overly rigid and inflexible or if she gets disproportionately frustrated when playing video or board games, you might want to try some of these tools to help her in building flexibility skills. Building flexibility skills won’t just magically appear by beating a tough video game, though — you’ll need to help your child reflect on how their efforts to adapt, adjust, and improvise in the game can also be used in real life.
Flexibility is also helpful in games where the player needs to quickly identify when a previously useful skill needs to be discarded for a new strategy. Flexibility in video games helps a player to change when the situation calls for it, recognizing that what worked in the past may not work in the present.
Legendary Olympic Gold Medallist in the Marathon, crusader for ridding sports of illegal drugs, tireless road racing ambassador and champion of inspiring programs to help at-risk children: Frank Shorter is all these and more. Games such as Angry Birds: Star Wars and Bad Piggies are  opportunities for building flexibility skills in this fashion.
Flexibility also has an introspective, self-examining component where being thoughtful and reflective are a part of the problem solving process.

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