89% of smartphone users said they had used their phones during the last social event and felt that it hurt conversation.
Install today to track your time spent living in the moment and reach your goals just in time for the New Year.
We all know that technology is a great communication tool, but it doesna€™t replace the day-to-day interactions that fuel the human experience.

By practicing mindfulness a€” the nonjudgmental awareness of experiences in the present moment a€” we can more fully participate in the here and now.
By unplugging from technology and plugging into reality, our community hopes to more fully participate in the here and now.
And even when we do participate in daily life, our tendency to over multitask leads to a drop in productivity and increased stress.

Mindfulness, intentionality, unitasking a€” whatever you call it, we want you to be part of the present moment with us.

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