Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is a meditation technique that came out of the Eastern Philosophy tradition. Rather than being depressed about the past or anxious about the future, it encourages us to be open, curious and accepting of what we are experiencing in the present moment. By Julia von Flotow People with an ungrounded ego lack awareness of what they are feeling or experiencing in their bodies. By Julia von Flotow   It’s in your belly that dreams are born…the desire for something awakens hope and with hope comes possibilities activating the imagination, the creative indwelling Spirit and the heart’s best friend. You can get stressed by a million different things all of which act as your system’s information up-setters and distorters. Mindfulness, according to Jon Kabat Zinn, who popularized Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in North America, is “knowing what you are doing when you are doing it,” a state of active awareness.
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Melissa Dozois shares her story of how coaching with Julia von Flotow helped her transition from being frustrated and unhappy as a waitress to becoming a successful film maker, happy with herself and her life.

This animated video from Margaret (Meg) Moore’s team at Wellcoaches is quickly becoming a classic way to answer this question.
Learn How to Reduce Stress-Related Physical and Psychological Symptoms Through the Art of Meditation, Mindful Stretching, and the Practice of Mindfulness.
To understand meditation, imagine yourself sitting on the beach in front of the ocean, watching it, listening to it, learning from it, and then using it to guide you in life.
Mindfulness involves paying attention to our experiences in the present moment, leaving behind ruminations of the past and worry about the future. This download incorporates the introduction and four meditation practices taught on the gold standard 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Programme. It is described as a non judgmental witnessing of one’s sensations, thoughts, bodily states, consciousness, and the environment. They’ve separated and isolated themselves from the feelings, thoughts and experiences of others. My challenge and intention were the same – to be there, fully present, attentive to the coachee for the duration of the session. Reflection before, during and after action, is a mindfulness practice that helps the practitioner develop self-awareness, making it a valuable resource for coaching.

By increasing our awareness we bring about choices, enabling us to gain more control over all aspects of our daily lives.
Techniques used can include guided imagery and visualization that help us explore our mind and body in the present moment.
It helps you to discover who you are at the deepest level, to find your truth and your voice. But if you allow the silt to settle to the bottom, the water becomes clear and you can see with clarity.
Mindfulness is an inner learning about how to approach life’s challenges and how to work with difficult emotions in healthy ways rather than trying to escape them. It is meditation that allows the cloudiness, the confusion, the disturbance of the mind to settle, so that you can see clearly.
With practice you will come to experience greater awareness, deeper relaxation, renewed focus, self-acceptance, compassion, and a true sense of balance.

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