MIndful MotionToo many of the things we do each day are part of our habit life---things we do without thinking, without awareness, without attentiveness. But I’m stubborn enough to keep at it, because I believe that awareness is key to contentment, and I want my children to grow into adults who notice the color of the sky as they drive home from work and more importantly, notice the stirrings within their souls as they rock their future babies to sleep.
But for now, we’ve got bugs to squish and teddy bears to squeeze tight to our chests. Our dopamine output increases not only when we experience something pleasurable the first time, but again when we remember it… [By reminiscing] we and our children can enjoy more of what we already have. We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. The Superman: Fists clenched, arms straight out above you, feet planted firmly a foot apart.
If you’re interested in building a family and a life that is full of love and connection, I’d love for you to check out my new ebook! Living the habit life is not living at all; it turns life into a series of conditioned responses and removes us from the present moment. Most of the time, my efforts end in someone squishing a bug or pulling out an imaginary weapon.

It can be as simple as listening to the birds on your walk to school or asking your kids how a song on the radio makes them feel. The Happiness Board. With your kids, print family photos, sketch pictures of warm memories, or cut out happy scenes from magazines.
Resonating Sound. Ask your children to take a few deep breaths while they wait for you to make a sound, such as with a bell, a chime, a note on the piano, or even a spoon striking a pot. Every time they tap their activation site (an earlobe, their nose, a freckle or birthmark), they suddenly can hear, smell, taste, touch, and see with superhuman perception.
Combine them into a collage, and place it somewhere the kids see often, such as near the dinner table or within sight of their beds. On your walks, encourage your kids to be silent for several moments and identify every sound they can hear.
When they hear the sound, ask them to lock in on it and listen closely as the sound resonates and then fades in the air. According to Amy Cuddy, how we hold our bodies shapes the message we send ourselves, not just the people around us. Together, brainstorm a place in your home that can serve as a reminder—a touch point—for your whole family.

Move the mouse and trace all around the star, stopping when you arrive at the starting point. Learning to focus on breathing is a great life skill, but it can be hard for little people to really wrap their heads around. Each time you touch the knob on the front door, for instance, you can pause to notice your surroundings and live in that particular moment. These are especially great if you child is nervous about something, like an upcoming test or sporting event.
As you approach each corner, stop and make intentional decisions about how you will next move the mouse to continue tracing.
Could you repeat steps 1 and 2 above---with your mouse facing the normal way---with the same devotion to attention?

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