If you've ever wanted to learn mindfulness meditation in a safe environment or would like more peace, relaxation and well-being as part of your everyday experience, this refreshing & life-affirming class is for you. It provides down-to-earth yet inspiring instruction in Mindfulness Meditation and helps you find practical ways to infuse more peace and satisfaction in everyday life.
You'll receive weekly instruction, warm support and an on-going intimate practice community, including opportunities for nourishing Retreats to deepen your progress. Our central Studio City location provides convenient access and a center for mindfulness and mindfulness meditation in the San Fernando Valley, from Woodland Hills to Tarzana and Encino to Sherman Oaks. Get your weekend off to a calm and relaxing start and leave the stresses of the week behind with an hour of guided meditation in Beckenham on Saturday mornings. We are a non-religious meet up but the practices are useful for both religious and secular people. The venue will provide chairs but there is no disabled access to this room which is on the first mezzanine floor. Robert is a man who is on top of his craft…he is a man with empathy and a wealth of experience. The day retreat and the beginning of August was wonderfully uplifting and my mind was almost still for 3 days after! I recently completed the 8-week Mindfulness & Meditation course and thoroughly enjoyed it. Our specialist programs are delivered by experienced and well trained teachers, providing practical and effective skills along with the confidence to decrease stress, anxiety and depression, whilst increasing mental calm, general wellness and quality of sleep. Experience the simplicity of mindfulness as a unique skill for improving your responses to life's challenges.

Always Meditation is a small Mindfulness-Meditation training business located in Melbourne, Australia. We think meditation is a practical skill everyone can benefit from learning and using in their daily life. We specialise in running Mindfulness-Meditation Workshops, Courses and Classes, for the general Public, Private individuals and Corporate Businesses. Individual and Family CounselingA safe and confidential space to take a look at what’s working and what’s not, and to explore possibilities for change. When we learn to attend to the actuality of our experience in the moment, we are able to see that this experience is composed two parts. The class draws on innovations in Mind-Body Medicine, including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as well as traditional Eastern & Western Contemplative practices and metaphors that can deepen the experience of being alive, present and well. A You'll be given support to sustain your progress in class and will A learn ways to bring mindfulness into your everyday life.
Robert is skilled at delivering information, managing differing needs in the group and giving everyone a chance to engage at their own pace.
We've been facilitated workshops, courses, corporate mindfulness classes and teacher training in Melbourne's CBD and suburbs, at great value for money, since 2013. We place great importance on teaching you the ability to meditate yourself, without reliance on guided apps or groups, so that you can continue to develop the benefits of mindfulness as a life long skill. Enrol now in a Mindfulness workshop or a Learn to meditate course and get your life back on track the way you want it, today! There is a direct sensory reality (our sensory experience of the world often includes physical and emotional pain or pleasure) and there is our reaction to the experience such as thoughts like “I have to make this go away,” “this is unfair,” “ this is more than I can handle,” “I’m not measuring up,” etc.

Mindfulness practice brings the ability to clearly see these two components and to disengage from the reactive internal dialog about the experience.
This class grows out of one of the original resources for mindfulness in Los Angeles, since 1996. A  The Thursday and Friday classes are not interchangeable and Missed classes are not transferable to other classes. With regular practice you become healthier, happier, better able to deal with pressure and manage pain. By bringing accepting presence to our experience we create the space that allows things to shift in a natural way. A Each Class (either Thursday nights at 8:00PM, or, Fridays at 12 Noon) A often both have a Waiting List.
Robert is generous with his time to enable participants to learn at their own pace whilst being able to share a lot of information.
Slow stress related aging, sleep better and become happier by creating the life you want to live.

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