Mindfulness is a meditative tool which is used to address health issues such as anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure.
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) was a pioneering program which brought Buddhist mindfulness into a Western medical context. You can also attend training programs in mindfulness, if you are interested in bringing mindfulness techniques into your own workplace or therapeutic practice.
Melli O’Brien is an accredited yoga, meditation teacher and also an extensively trained mindfulness teacher. When the mind smiles, the body flows!A unique approach which integrates the tools of Mindfulness into the physical practice of Yoga for ALL LEVELS!- Did you know that the stiffest muscle in your body is  in your head?-We are mostly limited by our mind. Welcome to the Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Course!   Many people have an interest in meditation and its benefits, but find that attempts to focus and concentrate the mind are difficult, if not impossible.
IntroductionThe Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat is a unique 10-day immersion experience which focuses on accessing our real and essential nature, the supreme and divine Self, atman, through an artful integration of meditation and yoga techniques.

This week-long immersion will focus on empowering the individual with the secret wisdom of ancient India. Personal Development and Karma Yoga As a lifelong learner who loves a challenge, you’re ready for genuine transformation. Whether you’re dealing with the effects of physical stress or emotional trauma, mindfulness is a effective antidote for the modern condition—and it doesn’t demand subscription to a set of beliefs. Although we might start out using mindfulness to remedy a specific symptom, we may also find ourselves drawn into the full scope of the Buddhist teachings. Today, there are courses in mindfulness for beginners in most Western cities, and there are mindfulness retreats in exotic locations throughout the world. What’s needed is a meditation that utilizes the natural tendencies of the mind rather than trying to subdue it.
Incorporating theory and practice,  you will learn to walk the path towards self-healing, transformation and balanced well being.

You may have explored meditation or yoga, listened to some teachings and even done retreats. People like you are talking to us about how, more often than they’d like, they’re feeling disconnected and anxious.
The experiences you’ve sought were all transformative, where you learned lessons and felt your horizons being broadened. They want to feel like they’re making a positive difference in the world and they’re struggling to do this.

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