The pseudo snake charmer girl was seen in Arthur & Los Vecinos was a pretty issue to actress Mariah Carey . In Arthur's Big Hit, the punching scene was referrenced to Korra's first words,saying "I'm the Avatar, you gotta deal with it".
In Arthur & Los Vecinos, some people like Binky and his gang of bullies created Silence Is Golden during their achievement of pulling down people's pants.
During The"Aftermath of "Arthur's Perfect Christmas", the christmas special is a inner charisma in 2000.
I love the episode "A8401-Fernkenstein's Monster" because it had admired me of an Avatar Halloween episode "The Puppetmaster", when I like the part when Aang and his friends were telling scary stories. Note that Arthur's no tv punishment for digging the yard(obviouslly, he only gets no tv for hitting D.W. In "Binky Rules!", Binky's hideous twin was a wicked resceminent of the eldery Hama from the episode "The Puppetmaster".During my article "My Final Words To "The Legend Of Korra" , I wrote during the final that affair ticked me off guard!-Jeriah02 season of LOK (Legend of Korra).
Other animals that could have been included: Walter Deer and his extended family, the bats from Francine's bat-mobile and from #50402 - "The Cave", the narwhal Francine wanted, the insects from #40701 - "Binky Barnes, Wingman", Sue Ellen's pet snail or the missing chameleon from the vet, Perky, the snake from #40201 - "Hide and Snake", the ghost of Spanky, the chickens from Grandpa Dave's farm, the horses that Francine and Catherine learned to ride, the dog owned by Rattles, the cat that Buster saved, all the aquatic creatures from #50302 - "The Shore Thing" and of course Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat, voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel (Fern!). We've got episode references, characters from the past and new episodes and a mystery that keeps the viewers guessing. This episode was one of the first Season Seven episodes that members of the online Arthur community learned about. This is quite a turn-around in quality from the horrible lead-in episode, #70101 - "Cast Away"!
There's also references that may go over the younger viewer's heads, such as just about any of the stuff about the Sock Market and also the hot dog being representative of a cigar. Executive producer Carol Greenwald told me about this episode by name when I spoke to her back in April.
This one was much more funnier and entertaining, and all the old episode references (like the return of Toady, Amigo, and the Woogle) and parodies were hilarious! I was disappointed with the explanation for the missing socks, as I was hoping it would be more of a cosmic paranormal phenomenon, such as "a break in the time-space continuum," as Arthur once mentioned in #21702 - "Arthur the Loser". The entire story seemed to be premised on illustrating the rather weak pun of the "sock exchange," although the inclusion of a (Alan, presumably) "Greenspaniel" was appreciated. Lots of cute things in this story, like the Sock Market, and just the way the animals talk so intelligently.
Also, a toad holding a whole hot dog in its mouth like a cigar would have to be huge to maintain proper proportions.
Strangely, a big percentage of these disappearances have clues in common: Huckleberries, dogs, swamps and bad weather. Paulides has hit several stone walls on his quest to solve the mystery of the disappearances, including the National Park Service (NPS) and the FBI.The Beginning Paulides, with a career in law enforcement, first learned of the disappearances from national park employees who confided their concerns to him about the inordinate amount of missing campers from the parks and the mystery surrounding them.
When he began digging for information he saw the 28 clusters of disappearances around the country, the number one cluster being Yosemite National Park, near San Jose where Paulides had served as a police officer.Strange Similarities Between Disappearances Most of those who have disappeared are children ages 20 months to 12 years and the elderly ages 74 to 85. In some cases, the dogs returned, but the children never did. Children found alive won’t talk about their experience or say they don’t remember what happened to them. In 98 to 99 percent of the cases, tracking dogs are unable to find a scent or simply refuse to track.Almost 98 percent of the disappearances occur in the afternoon. Searchers have been known to cover an area over 100 times, only to later find the person, alive or dead in the same area they searched for full sizeOn the Trail-Stone Walls When Paulides first requested information from the NPS  under the Freedom of Information Act about the missing persons, he was told they had no records. Since Paulides was a published author he was entitled to an exemption from any fees associated with obtaining records from the park service, but the attorney told him that the park service would not abide by that rule, since supposedly, Paulides’ books weren’t in enough libraries. Looking up high above them on a cliff in an area called The Devil’s Nest, they spotted a small boy all alone.
As they arrived in the valley below where they had hiked they saw as many as 2500 people mulling about, but didn’t stop to ask what was going on. The next morning they saw a photo of the missing child in the newspaper, and recognizing him as the child they had seen, they drove back to the park to tell the searchers but the young boy was never found.A two year-old boy was visiting his grandparents in Ritter, Oregon in 1952 when he disappeared.

To arrive there, the small toddler would have had to run non-stop 12 miles across two mountain peaks in those 19 hours, quite impossible considering his age and size. In that case the boy simply vanished as he walked around the perimeter of his family’s camp site. He was found dehydrated and suffering from exposure with a tee shirt,  no pants, one sock and no shoes.One of the strangest finds by rangers was a missing man who was found leaning against a log, his pants around his ankles.
The only parts left of him were part of his tibia in his right pant leg and part of his skull and his scapula bones in one inch by one inch pieces.Young girls also disappear in the national parks. In Yosemite in 1981, a 14 year-old girl was backpacking on horseback with her parents and a group of people up 9200 feet to Sunrise High Sierra Camp. When they stopped to rest, the girl asked if she could go with a 70 year-old man on the trip 50 feet away to take some photos. The old man sat down on a log, and the girl went to the edge of an elevation to take a photo of a lake down below.
The FBI agent told Paulides he would never get the information on this case, that it was none of his business.In another more recent Yosemite case, a young woman was found dead at the bottom of a high cliff from where it seemed she had been flung. This happened in 1971 in Newcomb, New York when an 8 year-old boy vanished while walking back to a lodge to change his clothes. His scent was lost in a swamp and he was never found.Paulides said the case that really bothers him the most is of a 6 year-old boy who disappeared in 1969 in the Great Smokey Mountains. Two families with the last name of Martin happened upon each other, and their two sons began playing hide and seek in the nearby bushes. When the parents called the boys into camp and one didn’t return, the boy’s father went to find help.
At the same time, further down the hill, another family with the last name of Key heard a sickening scream and looked up to see what they thought at first was a man hiding in the bushes.
The boy’s father reached the valley and called the FBI to meet him at the park but the agent told him to meet them at another location, which made no sense.  The Green Berets showed up again and took over the search completely. In researching his books, Paulides visited Martin, the father, who told Paulides that when the Key family spotted the man in the bushes, he or it was carrying something on its shoulder; however none of this information the Key family proffered was included in the FBI report.
Paulides was told during his investigation of this case that some “wild men” live in the park that the park service had not been able to control.Twelve other people have disappeared in the same area and the FBI agent monitoring those cases allegedly committed suicide.
When visitors go there they’re told that they must not wear colorful clothing into the jungle.
This clue is similar to the American children who have disappeared wearing bright clothing.In his books and in interviews Paulides does give some possible reasons for the disappearances. On a recent appearance on the radio show Coast to Coast AM, Paulides listed some ideas, such as sasquatch, large birds and extraterrestrials, but he also mentioned demons as a possible cause, which goes along with the belief in the Philippines that the Jin or demons are responsible for the abductions.The reviews of Paulides’ books on Amazon show that people are glad to have the information to better prepare themselves to take their families into wilderness areas.
Some mention how upset they are that the NPS would keep this information to themselves, most likely to protect income from park visits. New York Times bestselling author Whitely Streiber said the books are sobering and chilling and too well-researched to ignore. He was camping with a friend when he ran off shoeless, chasing his dog downhill toward a stream. His friend searched for hours, then had to hike two days out of the wilderness to find help. Like others who have disappeared into the national forests, Herdman was found at approximately 1200 feet above the river bottom which he had chased his dog into the day he disappeared. Rescue crews spent nearly 5,000 man-hours searching and covered 50 square miles on foot and horseback, as well as by air, including the use of two drones.
The sheriff stated it was unimaginable that a shoeless person could have traversed so far in such rough terrain.
She's a regular DCX contributing author focusing specifically on scientific and supernatural conspiratorial concepts. I was surprised when I followed a link over to amazon to Paulides books and found double digit reviews.

When you realize in the end you should have been paying attention to religious institutions, more specifically God’s word. Im using my right of freedom of speech to respond to an individual who apparently is unable to form her own opinion on whats happening in the National Parks. We live in the information age and I have realized that not everything is what it may seem to be. To rely on some old black book & an old man with a white beard pointing to you from the sky is whats really sad. I remember history processor stating that having an open mind is critical to ones life and if you think the Government officials that are visible are running this country and other world affairs …we are complacent in our critical thinking. Bill Gibbons August 31, 2015 at 9:13 pmThere s something deeply disturbing about many of the disappearances. As a former soldier and now a private investigator, the many cases in the Missing 411 series are deeply disturbing. Bodies are sometimes found where the bones have been chewed into fragments, rifles have been smashed to bits, and in one case, a woman was thrown from a cliff edge with considerable force and was raped after she died.
Other reports suggest that feral humans (wild men) are living in certain locations where women and small children go missing, never to be found, and national parks rangers have been attacked and seriously injured by such individuals.
Paulides has been stonewalled on several occasions by the national parks officials during his attempts to obtain information on certain missing persons cases, but some rangers have confided in him, afraid of losing their jobs if they speak openly about their own findings during missing persons searches. It is all very dark, very disturbing and infuriating when national parks officials in the USA and Canada remain silent on the dangers facing visitors to the wilderness regions. The world does not evolve around an old man with a white beard pointing down at them judging or shaming. No need to reference BS that was written eons ago by other human beings in the form of a black book.
Gooseman January 21, 2016 at 11:14 amJust because you can you can post it does not mean you should act like a asshole about it Does it offend you that people have different beliefs then you? I just read a story about a bigfoot being seen just disappearing and read other stories about portals opening up next to them and them walking in. The pedant in me has to step in and add a footnote; whilst the tune was written by an American, the lyrics were written 25 years later by an Irishman living in Somerset, England, who gained his inspiration from woods near his home. I pay attention to details and points to remember when iam hiking so I can try my best to not get lost. In my youth I hiked into extremely remote locations with extended range ALICE packs and weaponry and lived mainly off the land for extended periods having cultive guys ated the necessary skill sets to quite stringent standards in less remote and dangerous settings and conditions.
When you see the guys in the unpatched black fatigues with Armalites doing grid searches in a Cow paddock , you know there is something going on. What ever hit him did it so hard and fast it knocked the change out of his pockets and the shoes off his feet while he was 30 feet from a team of surveyors he was holding the stick for who had turned for only a split second to pack up. You guys do know that the original Predator film was based on a true account that occurred during the Vietnam conflict right? Something was eating all those millions of dead and it wasn’t Pol Pot and his gang of psychopaths. They told their superiors a tiger had ripped his boot knowing no Commissioned guy one would believe them and could make big trouble for them, but word got around the ranks. In familiar area: 1) suddenly no normal sounds 2) No wind 3) Something running towards me pushing plants aside. 5) Very bad feeling of danger 6) Pushed through a large brier patch to get out of the area. Something told me to NOT go back just go forward 7) Once through everything was normal again 8) Dad & Brother had been calling and blowing a car horn for me only 200yds away, never heard them!

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