He and Michelle, 49, first watched their son Josh, now 26, marry Anna, 26, in 2008 followed by daughter Jill, 23, who married Derick Dillard, 25, in June.
At his sister Jill's wedding rehearsal, John joked to the crowd that he was taking applications for a future spouse. Jana Duggar Discovery Communications Jana, 24"Jana is one of the prettiest girls in the world and one of the sweetest girls," her father Jim Bob says.
Jana, who helps keep things running smoothly throughout the Duggar home and assists in homeschooling assignments with some of her younger siblings, says she's enjoying watching her siblings fall in love and get married. Jinger Duggar Discovery Communications Jinger, 20Jinger, who served as maid-of-honor at her sister Jessa's wedding on Saturday, is known by fans of the show as an outspoken member of the Duggar clan who shed tears before (and during) the ceremony. Even though she's not in a courtship now, it's not been because of a lack of interest, says her dad, Jim Bob. The third-oldest Duggar son says he's learning a lot watching his siblings court and get married. This 43-year-old Nigerian fugitive has been arrested at a Houston airport and will now face federal health care fraud violations in the Eastern District of Texas, announced U.S.
Vivian, a native of Port Harcourt, former owner of Ivy Health Care Supply, a Houston area medical supply company, was arrested on June 3, 2014, at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

According to the indictment, from June 2007 through May 2009, Vivian, Aghaegbuna “Ike” Odelugo, James Reese, and others carried out a scheme to defraud Medicare through the marketing of power wheelchairs and accessories, as well as ortho kits, which primarily consisted of a bag of orthotic items, including braces, wraps and supports, and a heat lamp or heat pad.
As part of the scheme, the defendant and her co-conspirators illegally obtained protected health information, including names, dates of birth, and Medicare numbers from elderly individuals. Naija Standard gathered that in some instances, physicians’ signatures were forged and false claims were submitted to Medicare in the names of Medicare beneficiaries who were deceased.
Vivian appeared in federal court in Houston for an initial appearance, while singing like a ‘Kennery-bird’ willing to confess to all her atrocities and she is being transferred to the Eastern District of Texas.
Odelugo and Reese were indicted for their involvement in similar health care fraud schemes. If convicted, Vivian faces up to 10 years in prison for each count of conspiracy and health care fraud and up to two years in prison for each count of aggravated identity theft. Subscribe now and get 20 exclusive photos plus intimate details of Jessa Duggara€™s wedding in PEOPLE Premium & our digital editionNow that Jessa Duggar – who celebrated her 22nd birthday this week – has married Ben Seewald, who in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's crew of kids still living at home might be next?
Notoriously known in the society circles in that city is a woman called ‘Vicky Yankee’, Vivian Yusuf. She had been indicted for conspiracy to commit health care fraud, health care fraud, and aggravated identity theft and a fugitive since March 2011.

Vivian and her co-conspirators supplied beneficiaries with kits and power wheelchairs that were not prescribed or otherwise authorized by a physician and that were not wanted by the beneficiaries. Department of Health and Human Services-Office of the Inspector General (HHS-OIG), the Texas Office of the Attorney General-Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (OAG-MFCU), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
She fleeced American Medicare through a fraudulent scheme perpetuated by her ‘criminal network’ in persons of ‘Aghaegbuna, Ike, Odulugo, and James Reese’ now serving various jail terms. Claims were submitted by the defendant and her co-conspirators for approximately 790 beneficiaries located primarily in Texas and Louisiana. In Houston, Texas, she lives big, drives big cars, with a retinue of domestic workers at her beck and call in her office.
James Reese pleaded guilty to health care fraud and tax evasion and was sentenced to 180 months in federal prison.

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