A young mother is thrown out of her parents’ house, when they can no longer burden the shame after she falls pregnant for the second time without being wed. Why would Bridget ask Anita’s children if they remembered her when she spent more time with them than Anita did? It was really long, but one of those ones where you don’t want to spend a whole day watching a movie but you just can’t turn it off! Nollywood Forever Movie Reviews offers down to earth, unbiased reviews of the latest African Movies (Nigerian and Ghanaian) on the market. If you love film and are a Nollywood addict fanatic enthusiast and can't get enough of movies from Ghana and Nigeria or even if you are simply a casual viewer then Nollywood Forever Movie Reviews is the site for you! Dikro Kennedy Yayra: hello guys,i need a help wid the name of the artist of sound track of the movie at the 43 minutes and 1 hour and 12 minutes of the part one of the movie. Her jobless boyfriend claims to want marry her but is not able to raise the dowry to do so.

Why didn’t she just start telling dudes from the outset that she had children when she realised they kept running after discovering the deceit?
Despite pleading with her parents that he is serious, they have no interest in accepting his attempts to appease them until he brings elders from his village to meet them. Towards the end there was a lot of drama although it was so over the top that it was comedic at point. The young couple are left to wallow with their daughter in the slums, until his uncle comes along to offer a helping hand, but Anita shockingly doesn’t factor into his plans and her husband absconds without her.
So well in fact, that I wanted to slap her The one scene that I didn’t like though was where she gave birth.
In another scene there was a heart to heart conversation taking place with some super up-tempo 80s dance music playing over it!
There is no technical brilliance or outstanding performances although I do think that Christabel Ekeh is one to watch out for.

Anita is bitter than she has been saddled with two children and no husband and begins in a fervent hunt to find a man but keeps on making the same mistakes over and over again. Credit where it is due, Jackie tried but it looked so fake the way in which the bootleg nurse was calmly saying push and how everyone was so laid back. I would recommend the movie, after all I kept going hour after hour watching all 4 and a half hours of the movie!

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