Pilates Studio Ashland - Testimonials ?My name is Rose Singarella. I am confident that you will benefit immensely with Belkis and Pilates. Argentinian Leonardo Mayer confessed his goal for 2016 is to break into the Top 20 of the world rankings.
The Argentinian also said that his goal is to play the Davis Cup and do better than the semi-finals this year, where they were beaten by Belgium. Mayer ended the season with a 28-23 record but his record after Wimbledon was a poor 5-8 only. In some ways, all of these things might have an impact on your level of confidence, but it is important to take the action that is right for you or you might find yourself in a new organisation or job, looking confident, but still feeling unconfident inside.
In essence, it is how we relate to and react to the situation, task or person that leaves us feeling confident or not. You need to start to become aware of your inner dialogue and identify what thoughts and feelings are occurring that help or hinder you in feeling confident. Robert Dilts, an international coach and trainer, created the Logical Levels of Change Model, which you can use to identify where you might have blockages and consequently need to make changes in yourself when you are learning something new or developing new skills (see also the topics on Learning and NLP). If you identify the level at which you need to make changes and concentrate on that level, you will find that developing your confidence is much easier than you first expected. What behaviours do you exhibit that undermine your confidence, such as over or under preparing, spending half the night worrying about all the things that can go wrong, or not asking for support because of fears that people will think less of you? When you think of a situation or task where you lack confidence, what skills and capabilities do you need to develop that will enable you to feel confident? What pictures do you see in your head or mind’s eye when you think about a situation? When you think about the particular situation, task or person, you will have various thoughts running through your head and pictures in your head (positive, negative or neutral), which in turn affect how you feel: positive or negative, confident or not, relaxed or nervous.
What behaviours will help you develop your confidence: using some of the techniques in this section on a regular basis, for example, visualising success or setting yourself realistic success criteria?

Who can you ask for feedback, coaching, mentoring or training support in these specific areas? I was diagnosed with 4 bulging discs in my lower back. By the time I got to Belkis I was desparate for the right kind of help. But the defeat against Belgium left me some bitterness because I really wanted to play the final.
The Argentine says that the match also took a toll on him physically, it took him several days to get back to walking normally and gave him several niggling injuries. Is there something that you can add to your environment that will help to boost your confidence? So far no one was able to really help me and the medical profession just basically told me I had to be on pain killers the rest of my life, and probably headed for surgery, which was not an option for me as I am super health conscious and only consider medication and surgery as a last resort. Upon my first meeting with Belkis I knew intuitively that she was right for me.
In the last couple of years I have had several new experiences, I suffered from injuries I haven't had before and that helped me. By: admin24 mns agowhen you're way too drunk at a party By: bjornkrage24 mns agoYou can't scare me with this? Are there certain people who support and motivate you and could you draw on these people more of the time? Her vision of whats right for the individual person, knowing exactly what to do for them is unique, and makes her one of a kind.  When I first started working out with Belkis I was in a lot of chronic pain and extreme weakness. Within 6 weeks of working with her I was well on my way to being pain free and rapidly become structurally stable and stronger. I do it at least 2 to 3 times per week, only one on one.It is very very important that you have a one on one trainer to keep you safe and doing it properly.
She studied at Joe Pilates' original studio with teachers directly in his lineage, and thus she can offer both the classic workouts to your level of intensity, or do sensitive, individually-tailored rehab work.
If you want "real Pilates" and real results, see Belkis on Maui!!!September 28, 2008~ Jessica Keith, Owner, Aloha Pilates  ?worked directly with Belkis at Real Pilates Maui????                                                                                                                           Belkis is a wonderful teacher with an incredible amount of knowledge.

Belkis prepared me before I went to receive my training to get certified in Joseph Pilates.
Her presence, her knowledge of the body and Pilates, and her figure, speaks for the exquisite power of Pilates. I am amazed by her brilliance and sharpness in "seeing" the tiny subleties of her clients form and dysfunction.
The transformation that takes place under the consistent care, and training with Belkis will astound you. She is compassionate, gentle, and exudes inner and outer strength and confidence, and that supports her clients in feeling special and safe. Belkis has made a huge impact on many peoples lives, especially mine, sincerely assisting them in becoming stronger, sleeker, healthier and happier.
She is one of a kind, a true master of her craft!Respectfully yours,                                                        ~ Rose Singarella                                                                                                                            ? ?I have worked with Belkis for six years since I came to Maui in 2005. I also studied while I was in UK for four years until 2005.I started Pilates  on the East Coast with New York  (Romana) trained teachers in NJ and then in Bermuda with a studio also with NY trained teachers and who brought inother instructors for short term assignments  from all over the USA and Canada during the four years I lived there. In the process, I experienced many different outlooks on the development of Pilates methodology in recent years.In my opinion, Belkis has all the elements of a first class instructor. Besides teaching "core" Pilates, she has the empathy in my case to understand the failings of a 70 year old body and the understanding to make the classes fun and instructive on a long term basis. She knows the body well and she keeps                                        a sharp eye on your movements to make sure you get the best results.
She studied at Joe Pilates' original studio with teachers directly in his lineage, and thus she can offer both the classic workouts to your level of intensity, or do sensitive, individually-tailored rehab work.

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