I’m currently running challenge groups and helping others get in the best shape of their lives. They either do whatever workout they want on whatever day they want OR (and this is the big one) they follow their own nutrition plan!
One of the things that has really helped me to continue to eat healthy and not become bored with my diet is the Meal Planner available through the Beachbody Club membership. I’m talking about giving your body the fuel and nutrition it needs to perform at an intense level and also repair itself after a grueling workout.

Muscle weighs more than fat so while you will be losing FAT you may not be losing weight because of all the strength building routines in P90X. With the scale possibly not moving as fast as you’d like, you might need some motivation to keep pressing play. I don’t want to fiddle around with different weights every time I go to do a workout. I want to know where to start and then try to improve on either the weight that I’m using or my rep count.

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