Do you want to put your secret files on a flash or other removable drive and protect them with a password?
MySecretFolder™ is a software utility that you can use to hide your private folder from other users, hide it so that no one will even suspect that your secret folder exists!
You can use MySecretFolder software to hide a folder from Windows Explorer and other programs. You can configure MySecretFolder to display a taskbar icon for quick access to your secret folder, as well as as to serve as an indicator of the status of its protection. You can set up MySecretFolder to clean up the system list of the most recently used programs and documents from the traces of the files located in your secret folder, so that other users would not be able to detect the presence of your secret folder.
You can configure MySecretFolder to protect the secret folder even in the safe mode of Windows. Yes, MySecretFolder is fully compatible with Windows 8, as well as with Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP. No problem: If you forget your password, or if some other problem occurs, simply click on the Reset password link on the password window, and enter your valid license information into the form. Password-protect and hide personal files and folders with Folder Guard for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.
Encrypt and password-protect flash drives, external and internal USB and other drives with USBCrypt software for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Take control of your files and folders with AB Commander file manager for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. MySecretFolder is a Windows utility that lets you make a "secret" folder, where you can put files and documents that you want to be hidden from other users and protected with a password of your choice.
By default, it suggests you to choose a folder named MySecretFolder that would be created inside of the My Documents folder, which should probably work for most people. What if you want to protect a folder on a removable drive such as a USB flash drive or other external drive?
After selecting the folder to be secret, you can press the Open the folder button to open the folder in a window (while it's still unprotected) and copy or move the files you want to be secret into it. When you press the Finish button, the protection becomes effective and your secret folder becomes invisible: you will not appear in the file listings when you browse the computer with Windows Explorer, or use other Windows applications or the command-line tools. If the password is correct, the secret folder becomes visible and accessible, as before, and it opens in a window for you automatically.

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Yet the folder would be easily accessible to you, when you need it: just run the MySecretFolder application (or double-click the notification taskbar icon), enter your password, and it will unlock and open the folder.
You can use our new software USBCrypt to password-protect the USB thumb drives and other external drives with strong AES encryption. If the license information that you have entered matches the license of your copy of MySecretFolder, it will unprotect your personal folder for you. The first thing to do is to download the installation file, save it to your hard drive, and then run it to install MySecretFolder on your computer.
However, if you want a different folder to be secret, you can select it by pressing the Browse button.
In such a situation, MySecretFolder would not be a good choice, because the folder would be protected only while the removable drive is attached to your computer. You can create subfolders inside of that folder, too, to better organize your private files, if you have a lot of them. You can open the files from the secret folder, modify and save them back, copy the file to and from the secret folder, and do any other task as usual: when unlocked, the secret folder is no different form any other file folder. Or, you can run Windows Explorer, navigate to the parent folder of the secret folder, and right-click on the secret folder to access the Lock command. I’d give you a date but our schedule for the next few months keeps shifting around a lot.
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With MySecretFolder software, you can hide and password-protect your secret folder on your computer without encrypting the files it contains.
This software creates an encrypted area on the drive that you can use to keep your sensitive files.
While the folder is unprotected, you can work with the files and documents it contains, just like with any other folder you have.
Other users of your computer would not be able to open the folder or the files it contains unless they know the password you have set up. Almost any folder can be secret, unless it's a removable or a network drive, or is one of the system folders used by Windows. To make sure the drive is protected on any computer, consider using another product of ours: USBCrypt.
The secret folder can have an unlimited unlimited number of files and subfolders, all of them will be protected just as well as the secret folder itself. No matter which method you choose, when you lock the folder, it becomes invisible and protected again, until you unlock it with the password next time. The protection is instantaneous, no matter how many files the folder contains or how large they are. You can use the encrypted drive with other computers, that don't have USBCrypt software installed. When you are done, lock the folder and the folder will disappear again, until you need it next time.
USBCrypt is specifically designed to protect the removable drives with strong encryption, take a look at it. However, your secret folder will be protected only on your computer, where MySecretFolder software is running. If you lose the drive, no one will be able to get to your files, no matter how hard they try: the strong AES encryption will keep them safely protected.

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