In 1939, the start of the Second World War, Sophie becomes a messenger for a Resistance group in Northern France. Mama gave me this book last Christmas, and today is exactly six months since then so I think ita€™s about time I wrote in it!
I told them about Sebastien, about Mama moaning and about Papa always being busy out in the fields.
I heard the whining of the rails then the rumble of the engine as the train came around the bend. A few of the hens chattered nervously and one hid under the nesting boxes, but most of them ignored the train. Long before the waterboarding controversy exploded in the media, one CIA agent had already gone public.

But as the German invaders overwhelm the British forces on the French coast, Sophie finds herself more deeply involved with the Resistance a€“ in a dangerous plan to save a young Scottish soldier . In a groundbreaking 2007 interview with ABC News, John Kiriakou called waterboarding torture-but admitted that it probably worked. I dona€™t know much about him except that he lives in Germany and everyone says hea€™s doing some dreadful things. He didna€™t have his bicycle with him so I thought it would be easy, but as I pedalled around the last corner, there he stood, right in the middle of the road. I sat down on the end of the feeding trough, listening to their chattering and watching them scratching and pecking in the dirt.
I carefully lifted them out and put them in my basket, thanked the hens and let myself out of the run, making sure I fastened the door.

I opened my eyes and watched the trucks rattle by on their way to the sugar beet factory on the other side of the village. And in what may be the book’s most shocking revelation, he describes how the White House made plans to invade Iraq a full year before the CIA knew about it-or could attempt to stop it. Chronicling both mind-boggling mistakes and heroic acts of individual courage, The Reluctant Spy is essential listening for anyone who wishes to understand the inner workings of the U.S.
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