December 1, 2014 By Myra McEntire 1 Comment Last January, my husband decided we should sell our house.
I laughed, in an unhinged, hysterical way, especially when I realized he wasn’t lying. Sometimes you need to step outside your own art form, shake up your comfort and confidence levels, and purposefully make your odds of coming close to perfection low.
I tied the tops together with gold ribbon, curled it, and hung the ornaments on the tree with golden hooks!

I looked around at the detritus of canvas, wood, paint, brushes, paper, cardboard, and sandpaper, and I had a revelation. I keep losing the scissors and the masking tape and the wired burlap ribbon and the tape measure and it couldn’t be more edifying.
We don’t DO glitter in this house (as my story references, it is the herpes of the craft world).
I wanted to spend the spring resting, trying to heal, Netflx-binging, and building Sims 3 houses so I could light them on fire (it’s not as bad as it sounds).

I really wanted to give these an extra dose of sparkle, so I dropped half a teaspoon of glitter into one half of the ball, sprayed a very light glue adhesive on the die cuts, put the snowflakes in the ornament and closed it.

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