Die Sterne beruhen auf einer Selbsteinschatzung der Hotels sowie auf Erfahrungen von HRS und HRS Kunden. Hochstens zwei Kinder konnen pro Doppelzimmer zusatzlich untergebracht werden, davon eins im Bett der Eltern.
Den Hotelnamen sowie die Adresse Ihres 4* Austria Trend Hotels erfahren Sie innerhalb von 10 Tagen nach Ablauf des Deals mit einer separaten Bestatigung. Following our recent mini-vacation to San Francisco we realized that not many people know about the money-saving gem that is a Mystery Hotel deal. Even the best hotels can’t fill all their rooms all the time, so, they sell the empty rooms at a massive discount. Here’s some things you should make note of, some will be more important to you than others. For us, yes it has always been worth it to book a Mystery Hotel we’ve stayed at some pretty fantastic hotels for some pretty fantastic prices. The Priceline app only shows the prices in USD, but their website will let you change the currency. At the moment, the Mystery Hotel Deal is non-refundable but supposedly Priceline may be changing that soon. This is definitely something that I have to check out ?? thank you for sharing this tip with us and I think you are wise to not display how much you paid! We was wondering if we should or not but then we decided to go with not saying, Prices change so often its more about the fact that these deals defently have saved us money.

Thanks, We have noticed even there normal prices are actually very good aswell its currently one of our go to websites. I have never heard of them before, but I’m definitely going to have a look at those website!
I had heard about the Mistery Hotel’s cheap fares, but never thought about how could we find out the hotel names! It was pouring rain outside so couldn’t get much better then Cake, a bathrobe and a nice comfy bed.
Sie buchen ein 4-Sterne Austria Trend Hotel im Herzen von Wien, ohne vorher zu wissen in welchem Hotel Sie ubernachten werden. Includes entrees, mains, rice & drinks.·I Siam Thai dealsBeautiful Nine Course Banquet & Wine for Two With Stunning Waterfront Views!
Discover smoother, hair-free skin with SIX months of IPL hair removal at Manhattan Health & Beauty in Brunswick! When we managed to get a room at the most coveted hotel in downtown San Francisco for less than a hostel we thought it was time to let you all in on our little secret. Cross-reference that location again the two or three you’ve narrowed it down to so far. We’ve always been too skeptical about booking them, but perhaps we have to try it out! I’ve always been a little wary about websites like Priceline, so thanks for the detailed info.

We're Aimee and Paul, an Irish girl and an English guy with a passion for backpacking and each other. Soviel sei verraten: Bei unseren ausgewahlten Hotels handelt es sich um 4-Sterne Hotels, mit Top-Bewertungen von uber 8 von 10 Punkten. Now, open TripAdvisor in a new tab (we use TripAdvisor because to us, it has one of the best filters).
But this summer, I’m going to be looking for places to stay in two separate trips to Chicago. But if everybody knows about the price cuts, their reputation might suffer and their other guests probably won’t be very happy. Well, get excited because I’m going to tell you all about how to get those few nights in a luxury hotel for half the price of what it would normally cost you.
So even though these rooms are sold on certain booking sites, the hotel names are not publicized.
Now, tick off all the amenities the Mystery Hotel is saying it has (in this case swimming pool, business center, fitness center, pet friendly, self service laundry).
Make sure to tick as many of the amenities as possibly for your best chance at guessing the correct Mystery Hotel.

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