While you are mystery shopping you may find that it is extremely easy to get caught up in the “moment” with your leasing consultant and lose track of your time and purpose at the community.
You might be looking for an apartment for yourself, you may like… I mean REALLY like your leasing consultant, you may find yourself hating the property and thinking to yourself “I would never, ever live here”, the leasing consultant may have rubbed you the wrong way or said something rude (yes, this can happen), or you may find yourself bored to tears because you live in a house and an apartment is the furthest thing from your mind. Mystery shopping is an opportunity to improve the leasing consultant’s ability to sell their community and determine whether continuing education for areas of weakness is needed. You are getting paid to be the eyes and ears to help further someone’s career by either reporting how weak or how strong they may be in particular categories.
If you are on the market for a new apartment home for yourself, remember that you can always go back after your shop is complete to look at additional floorplan options and potentially become a resident (wouldn’t that be cool?) Your forty-five minutes to one hour spent at the community is for the sole purpose of focusing on the leasing consultant. It happens all the time; you fall in love with your leasing consultant’s personality and you want to “give” them points for areas where they may be weak.
It’s very possible that you come across a leasing consultant that you just don’t mesh with.
You may own a house, love your current apartment community where you live, or you just aren’t interested in apartment living. No matter what your status may be with multifamily housing, remember that the facts presented by your leasing consultant and your perception of the mystery shop are the general consumer’s reality. An advert to recruit mystery shoppers appears containing the promise of lucrative rewards for minimal work. The target is then told to pay the cheque into their bank account but to wire or otherwise transfer the bulk of the funds abroad. The sting is that, while your transfer is legitimate, the cheque you received is worth only the scrap value of its paper. To add insult to injury, not only will you be suckered to the tune of the money you wire, you are also likely to get clobbered with bank charges for the cost of the wire, the bounced cheque, and overdraft fees if this all pushes you into the red. If you want a job as a mystery shopper, approach a recognised agency or the stores themselves. If the website instructions show any previous calls you made to this shop, ensure you change the necessary information when you make your call. Conducting an apartment shops for Ellis Mystery Shopping Company requires a series of steps.
First of all, in order to complete shops you will have to sign up on the mystery shopping board as a shopper.
To get shops, you can either check your email to see if you are offered a shop or you can log in to the website. Furthermore, the guidelines are part of the shop and you will see the telephone number and the target if there is one on the page. So look and review these pointers and you will be on your way to knowing how to be a better mystery shopper. Some mystery shops require submitting a writing sample to begin receiving approval for jobs. In approximately fifteen minutes, you can quickly finish a writing sample that looks both professionally done and typo free which will command a higher pay or more job availability.
Ensure that you start your writing sample with your objective and passion that is relevant to their mystery shopping company’s specialty area. Furthermore, nothing can ruin your opportunity as a high rated shopper if you fail to proofread your work and submit a writing sample with typos, which is a big red flag!
Remember to double check each sentence to ensure that it is a proper sentence which would include a subject, noun, verb, and a complete thought.
In a perfect world, there are no deadlines or requests for work extensions, but until the mystery shopping utopia world comes to fruition, shoppers will, on occasion, need to request an extension to finalize a shop.
Life in the workplace does not always go as plan, and occasionally you have to request an extension date to complete a mystery shopping job.
However, unavoidable situations can occur and valid reasons for an extension can range from inability to contact the targeted employee, a minor emergency, or miscommunication between the shopper or customer service representative. But if a situation occurs, and it will, ensure when you request an extension, carefully, and politely explain your reasons for a short extension to complete an assignment to your customer service representative.

According to the latest statistics by Global Workplace Analytics, Telecommuting, or working at home, instead of driving to the office, has grown 103% by 2005 and in 2014 increased by 6.5%.
With technology increasing, this opportunity to work at home has become more favorable for companies to invest in Telecommuting friendly programs toward their workers working at home instead of commuting to the office.
As a mystery shopper, Telecommuting has always been utilized and with the latest growing trend to expand this work environment, this has allowed more companies to utilize mystery shoppers to perform more jobs. The positive aspect of Telecommuting allows the stay at home parent who still must attend to her children or the student who needs to return to college, but must still work part-time to earn a decent wage, benefits both of them.
With laptops, I-Pad, and voice activated options, you can complete your mystery shopping report comfortably at the nearest coffee house, or other cafes, restaurants, or even at your friend’s house, since most places offer Wi-Fi connections. Performing a couple of hours each month as a mystery shopper can earn you a couple of hundred of dollars each month.
Taking a few minutes to learn how to adjust to a good ergonomics work station can help protect strained muscle pain in your hands, neck, or back.
First tip is to remember to take several breaks away from the computer regularly to allow your hands, neck, and back to relax.
For preventative back and neck strains, you can invest in padded seats or backrests for chairs. These simple preventative ergonomic tips will help you reduce any wrist, eye strain, neck or back neck pain and allow you to earn that extra cash! You, as a valued mystery shopper is providing invaluable feedback, from a customer’s perspective to the head of company departments that can do something about and with your feedback.
We have all been customers and purchased products from companies that we wish would create a better customer experience.
With this said, as you are completing your mystery shops, you have a grave responsibility to offer the most unbiased feedback based on your experience with the staff. Another key is giving the person you are shopping the best opportunity to follow their company’s protocols and how they have been trained to sell or offer the service or product. The purpose as an Ellis Property Mystery Shopper is to evaluate your leasing consultant and community in order to measure the leasing consultant’s performance based on their company’s guidelines, expectations, and industry standards.
You may drive up to a community and think to yourself, “I would never live here in a million years.” Remember to look at the cleanliness and overall curb appeal of the community and stay focused on your leasing consultant and their abilities. These 8 mystery shopping tips play a viable role for furthering the leasing consultant’s career, help measure the leasing consultant’s performance against industry standards, and monitor the performance of the community and the leasing consultant. Furthermore it is important that all the backup documentation show the current name of the property and of course the name of the agent. Most likely someone will get back to you and let you know if can move ahead with another contact or that the contact is there and you can try again.
If you have already done mystery shops before, hopefully, you saved some of your writing samples on your computer files.
If the company does mystery shopping for apartments, then your opening statements should be on an experience you performed in that area.
Most computers have a spell-check system and there are free download software’s that focus on grammar usage.
Do not underestimate the usage of a Thesaurus since an educated vocabulary can make your paragraph stand out, but do not overdo the use of ten letter words. Most customer service representatives will accommodate at least one extension to complete a job if you have a valid reason. If you want your customer service representatives to always think of you when assigning shops, then completing your assignments on time and submitting an error-free report will associate your work as a positive shopper who gets their work done. Most of the time, you should not have a problem obtaining an extension to complete your assignment.
Fortune 1000 companies are continually revamping their office environment to accommodate telecommuting due to more mobile and technological devices designed to work home. No longer are mystery shopping programs relegated to the bottom of the office list for innovative work options. Telecommuting with mystery shopping jobs offers flexibility and assists those who are between finding full-time jobs or those who want additional work before or after their regular work hours.

Telecommuting has expanded the options for mystery shopping and no longer is solely work performed only at home, but can be completed at any location that has an Internet connection.
However, in any work environment, you need to remember to take precautions for safety and protect your well being. Since typing on the computer comprises of a high percentage of time for mystery shoppers, there are several ergonomic tips from experts that a worker can utilize to prevent strain. Also remember to do hand stretches when typing for long periods of time and apply a soft touch to the computer keyboard.
Ensure you find a comfortable chair that allows your legs to rest comfortably and is lower than your desk. Your experience plays a factor in whether a customer decides to become a resident at that particular community or not. Don’t forget that this mystery shop is in place to help grow your leasing consultant’s career within the multifamily housing industry and help show underperforming individuals their areas of weakness.
There will be an option to note this, but don’t forget to stay focused on the overall goal…notating both the positive areas of the shop as well as the areas needing improvement. These leasing consultants know that mystery shops are part of their position so you don’t want to make yourself obvious. If possible take photos of the interior of the apartment as well as the outside of the building so you can attach the photos if there ever were any questions. It is when you are assigned a person you must reach in order to complete the shop properly and be paid. Besides a need for privacy you may be calling the place a few times to reach your required person.
The staff members at Ellis would be able to advise you on different times to call and even tell you if you reach the person on a certain day. Don’t forget to mention any areas where you have excelled in work skills such as auditing, communicating, writing, proofreading, resolving problems, or any skills that are relevant to that mystery shopping specialty. No one wants to read a paragraph that has grammatical errors, typos, or incomplete sentences.
Most mystery shopping companies want a fast turn around time on their shops and also want their jobs done within the same month that they were released from their website or representative. If you do not get an extension granted, do not become discouraged or upset with your customer service representative.
Telecommuting has impacted mystery shopping and has caused the pay to increase for shoppers since a vast network of work options are now available for employees who work at home. There are also numerous computer hand rests for your computer that you can purchase to prevent any unnecessary bent wrists or awkward positions of your hands which will support your arms while typing your reports. In addition, take a few minutes daily to adjust your computer screen monitor and place it directly in front of your body, and ensure the height of the screen is at your eye level so that neck strains do not occur. They could sit in meetings and guess about what you need, what the problems are and how to fix them yet getting information from the ground floor helps to speed this process along. The mystery shop is in place to show high-performing leasing consultants where they excel and where they are satisfactory. Target shops can be a bit tricky but with some know how you can get your target when needed.
You would not want someone on the other end noticing you had called at various times during the day.
Then you select the shop you want it will be part of your to do shops and you can update the status of the shop as you complete the steps. Make sure you keep your communication friendly with your representative at all times and just move forward in requesting new jobs to keep you busy.

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