This used to be the name for Joaquin Phoenix, but Joaquin was his birth name and he changed it to leaf as a child. OK so this one is going to confuse most people, but Madonna at one point did indeed try to be called Esther. This guy was huge in the 70`s and you cannot help but understand why he changed his name from Steven Demetre Georgiou. This was an American Footballer who changed his name from the simple Chad Johnson to Chad Ochocinco. This is the name that Ron Artest settled on and the reason why it is strange is because on the basketball court he is not exactly known for being a peaceful individual. The funny thing about this is that it is the name for the rapper Ol` Dirty Bastard and it is almost as if he decided that name was not outrageous enough so tried to go for something even more controversial. BlackBerry Chief Executive Officer Thorsten Heins speaks in front of a display of one of the new Blackberry 10 smartphones at the BlackBerry 10 launch event by Research in Motion on Jan. Research in Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, changed its corporate name to BlackBerry on Wednesday. These short-term expenses are nothing compared with the risk of naming a corporation after a single product or brand.
The Explainer has one hot tip for investors: Companies can get a major bump by changing their names to take advantage of market hysteria. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. He changed his name to his stage name, but the WWE got annoyed and said that they owned it. Diddy, or Puff Daddy, or Sean Combes, has had a number of name changes, but his least successful has to have been Swag.

She did this due to her Kabbalah faith, but it did not really work because by then she was already the massive star that she currently is, so people just saw her as Madonna and nothing else. The reason why the name cat came along was simply because a girlfriend said that he had eyes like a cat and the idea just stuck. He was trying to prove a point by changing his name to some kind of symbol, but it actually did nothing for people because they just stuck to calling him Prince as that was what they were used to.
This last name is of course the Spanish for 85 and it was apparently a nickname, but it is also his number, so it might be ridiculous, but at least it makes some kind of sense. Indeed, he has been ejected from a number of games and fined as well, so perhaps he should have started with himself with the whole peace thing.
Her birth name is Lisa Bonet, but she changed it in the 90`s because she wanted some privacy. Most studies show that a name change has either little effect on a business’s long-term prospects or a mildly negative impact.
Nissan originally sold cars in the United States under the name Datsun to protect the Nissan brand in case the new venture failed. If some calamity befalls its flagship, the corporation finds it difficult to escape the taint. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Free decided to change his name in 1981 and indeed he did it mid-season, but he chose the name World because it was a nickname.
Indeed, it was very short lived and he rather quickly got fed up of it and moved on to something else instead.
Because he felt it would tie in better with his brothers and their names, but he then regretted doing it and changed it back.

Yeah if you want some privacy you change your name to something very strange because then you will blend in won`t you? Changing the name back to Nissan in the mid-1980s cost the company between $30 million and $100 million. When BP and Amoco merged in 1998, the company spent hundreds of millions of dollars erasing the Amoco name from 9,000 stations across the United States and remodeling them to reflect the BP brand. In addition to Sony, Nike (Blue Ribbon Sports), Exxon (Standard Oil Company of New Jersey), and Olympus (Takachiho Seisakusho) all began with different names. However, when you put it all together it does seem to give you a completely different message and that is why it is strange. Navistar (formerly International Harvester), Unisys (the successor to Burroughs and Sperry), and UAL (United Airlines, briefly called Allegis) also spent tens of millions of dollars on advertising, headquarter redesigns, marketing consultants, and signage to reflect name changes.
Subdividing the data makes the future look even bleaker for BlackBerry, because the companies that tend to profit from name changes are fledgling businesses.
When a new company changes names, it’s usually to broaden its product offerings or market reach. Corporations with falling stock prices prior to a name change perform even worse in the three years afterward, in part because the move smacks of desperation to investors.

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