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Wearing sun hats for women and heading to the beach seem the best idea to enjoy the short summer fantasy. Talking about how to change your name after marriage will be a good topic for those who will get married momentarily.
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After much polling of other newly married friends, I nodded to tradition and changed my name, sort of. So, one afternoon with a toddler in tow, I went back to the Social Security office and changed my name a second time. But something gnawed at me, as I signed the paperwork while my son drew on himself with a pen stolen from my purse.
I had succumbed to a naming tradition called Coverture which dates back to medieval England, that effectively enslaved women for thousands of years.
Giving up my name felt akin to giving up a room of my own, something Virginia Woolf had taught me not to do.
I was shocked when my lawyer, very early on in the divorce process asked, "What do you want your last name to be?" Of all the things I was dealing with in the divorce, my last name was the last thing on the list. I've contemplated changing my name back to McCarthy, but to return to my maiden name would be a return to my childhood which feels like going backwards.
I've also contemplated choosing a last name as if I was picking out a new dress from the racks at Bloomingdales. Inevitably, at those dinner parties someone will ask, "Don't you want to have the same last name as your children?" That question always takes my breath away.
One of the decisions you have to make if you’re getting married is if you’re going to change your name to represent your new union. Whatever the impetus behind the name change may be, it’s important to realize that a legal name change carries with it some important responsibilities. The process for getting a replacement Social Security card isn’t necessarily a difficult one. Of course, you may also need more documentation than just your application form and your marriage certificate.
Of course, not every trip to the Social Security office may be for a positive life event like getting married. The good news is that the process for replacing a lost or missing card is nearly identical to receiving a new card with an updated name after marriage. There’s further good news as well: like a name change for marriage, there’s no cost for a replacement card.
I did change my name when I got married, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought to do so. Goes to show there is a lot of responsibility with getting married…and you detailed a good example of one of the many things that needs to be taken seriously. Some very interesting and helpful facts to know about social security cards in the US and how to get one replaced or to get a name changed. While Social Security numbers are used for many things (tax returns, applying for loans, etc.) you will rarely if ever need a copy of your actual Social Security card. I’ve been married twice (two and through, I always say!) and changed my Social Security account name once.
Although marrying your true love is a romantic and happy occasion, you'll have a lot of paperwork to catch up on after the big event. Other than taking your husband's last name outright or keeping your own name, the most common thing I see is two use two last names, but not hyphenated (I've noticed this is especially common among work colleagues). My husband and I both took a new last name together (not a combination of our names, completely new). I like my last name and I am over people at the bank giving me dirty looks over not changing it.

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If you take a look at your calendar and see everything that happens between 1 September and 1 November, you can see that there are many holidays, special events, and special activities that people do during that period. There are so many things that you should prepare for your wedding from choosing the best wedding venue to hire the best catering service.
But after college, it worked on a blue-eyed wonder, with a soft smile and a mind full of romantic ideas. I decided to drop Kathleen, a middle name I loved, and replace it with McCarthy, and take his last name, Gibbon.
I was pushing something I wanted down, deep inside, into that place where so many things women want get pushed and left to die. And I did so, despite all the feminist history I studied in college and graduate school (I knew that in several U.S.
After 12 years of marriage, and two more children, my husband and I separated and filed for divorce. I'm happily engaged and even more confused about 'the problem' that has become my last name. She has to give up, at least part of the time, the most unimaginable thing of all for a mother -- her children.
While traditionally this meant that the wife would adopt her husband’s name, this isn’t something that’s necessarily relegated to just one spouse; in fact, many modern married couples may choose to hyphenate their last name to represent the union of two families into one. The most important of these is undoubtedly updating your name with the Social Security Administration – and making sure that you get a new, updated Social Security card with your new last name. While you can’t apply for a new or replacement card online – which means you’ll need to take your marriage certificate with your new last name to your local Social Security office either in person or through the mail.
If you lose your social security card, if it’s destroyed somehow, or if you are divorcing your spouse and wish to return to the last name you had prior to marriage, it’s highly recommended that you get a replacement Social Security card – even if you have your Social Security Number memorized. In fact, it actually requires less paperwork, as all you need to do is to fill out the application form and provide proof of your identity and US citizenship – no further documentation like a marriage certificate is needed, though if you want a replacement card after the dissolution of a marriage you will need your finalized divorce decree. However, you are limited to three replacement cards in a year and a total of 10 replacement cards over the course of your lifetime for lost or misplaced cards. Brides have so many things to think about and juggle, it’s nice to know that this to-do isn’t so hard!
Definitely a great idea to keep it safe as you don’t need it every day but you do want to know where it is in situations you need to present it.
And if you're thinking about changing your maiden name or surname to celebrate your new status, there are a lot of factors you need to think about before making the switch. Taking your partner's name is a common tradition and is often seen as a way to embrace the marriage.
Some believe that the hyphen combination is the best of both worlds — you get to keep your last name and stick to tradition by adding on your partner's name. If none of the previous options sounds appealing, you can go the more unique route and mash up both of your names. We chose a Hawaiian word that means "gift." We have Hawaiian ties and we felt this choice would be most symbolic of BOTH of us changing into a new chapter of our life-not the woman changing into the chapter while the man stays the same.
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However, one of the most important things that you should prepare for your wedding is definitely your wedding dress.

This, in addition to filling out a name change application form that can be easily downloaded and printed out, are the primary things you’ll need when it comes to requesting your new card. There are several documents that the SSA will accept as proof, such as a passport or a birth certificate for proof of citizenship and a state-issued driver’s license or non-driver’s ID card to verify identity. Replacement cards associated with marriages, divorces, or other legal name changes don’t count towards this limit, which means that you should be covered for any eventuality.
Recently I looked for months and couldn’t find it so I thought I was going to have to get another, but thankfully, I found it. What really scares me about Social Security cards is how older people will carry them around in their wallets as a form of identification.
It can make a lot of practical sense to stick with your maiden name or surname — in some countries such as China, it has long been a common practice for women to keep their last names after marriage. Another reason for taking your partner's name is to lessen the confusion, especially when it comes to your children. You can decide on a last name you both love and have both of your names legally changed together. To have a true mashup, you'll have to take part of his or her name and part of your last name and line them up next to each other.
My husband is the last male carrying this name BUT I forgot to mention, he did what many women do, and kept his "maid name" as his middle name, and if we have sons, we'll probably give them the maid name as the middle. I went through some anxiety about losing my "identity," and it's taken me almost a year to officially change it. You can find How To Change Your Name After Marriage In Pa guide and view the latest Change Your Name After Marriage? I let go of my Irish surname and went from under my father's wing to my husband's out-stretched hand. I retained the name Gibbon and laughed for the first time in a long time when the judge told me I wasn't allowed to marry again for 90 days.
I will admit, I've doodled the name Nell Hall on scraps of paper like a 16 year old girl, but can a woman change her name to her fiance's name without being married?
Doing it this way may take longer, but the process is free – making it a small price to pay to get your new card. Once you have provided the SSA with everything they need to verify your identity, your US citizenship, and proof of your legal name change, you will be provided a new Social Security card through the mail. You might want to stick to your birth surname for sentimental reasons, preference, because the new last name doesn't fit with your first name, or because it's just more convenient. Maybe your first name just sounds better with his or her last name, and you've been wanting to drop the embarrassing birth name combination for years now. Your new name might end up being too long and confusing, but overall this option can make a lot of sense for couples and for their future children if they choose to have them.
You could also randomly mix up the letters or parts of your last names together and create a new last name, or simply pick a word that has great significance to you. It was a bit tense but remember, it is SUCH a private and personal decision and completely between you and your husband. A lot of women also keep their last names not to hurt career prospects because they either have built a brand around their last name or their name is already well known in their industry. The process of changing your name after marriage can be tricky, so make sure if you go this route that you get started early. A feme covert had no rights to legal property as she was theoretically her husband's property, "covered" by him; made invisible under the eyes of the law. In fact, our friends at LearnVest tallied the true cost of a name change, which is a whopping $500,000. The figure is based on a Netherlands study, which showed that women who keep maiden names earn $1,172 more per month.

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