By Melissa Culbertson I recently did a Twitter name change double whammy: I deleted one Twitter handle entirely and renamed my older handle to a new name. Doing a Twitter name change sounds simple enough but once you start realizing how many places your Twitter handle is actually listed, a bit of panic sets in!
That’s why I create a Twitter Name Change Checklist to help you out shall you ever decide to do the same. Now there are plenty of legitimate reasons you may want two Twitter handles so I’m not knocking anyone for that. With just one Twitter handle, I needed a Twitter name that wasn’t centered around a blog name. Before I attempted my delete and rename mission, I brainstormed all the places my Twitter names were scattered. So, if you ever decide to change your Twitter name, grab my Twitter Name Change Checklist, print that puppy out and you won’t skip a beat!

Phew, I’m so glad I just started out tweeting with my real name to never have to bother with all that! I was actually considering changing my Twitter handle to go better with my blog but after I read this post I decided I’d keep my name as a more consistent branding tool. I have two twitter accounts and I want to keep my business one but change to my name which is my personal one.
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It’s fun to set up a new account I think… until you get into the day to day managing of it all! One thing I discovered today too is that a few of my posts about Twitter had screenshots of my old Twitter accounts.

Since photography hasn’t been a major component of my work other than what I do for personal projects (and I hardly use Twitter these days to begin with) I have no need to change my handle just yet.
Twitter just seems completely overwhelming sometimes, especially for people who may not be too tech savvy. Also, I now have two unrelated blogs, and I wasn’t sure if I should have one twitter account for each, or just one representing me and both blogs.

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