Whether you decide to change your last name after marriage, or not, the decision is completely yours.
You should obtain certified copies - not photocopies - either in person, or by mail, from the agency who issued your marriage license. Begin at the social security office because they need your correct name and ID number for your payroll tax withholdings and retirement benefits.
Getting an updated license or identification card should make changing your name with other institutions easier.
You may be able to update voter registration as well as vehicle registration and title in the process. Remember to go over insurance coverage and beneficiaries now that you have new family members. Updating your personal information with your bank or credit union may require and in-store visit. For a name change on your account, the bank will want to see a certified copy of your marriage license and your new driver's license. If you don't update your creditors with your name change, you won't have credit history under your new name, which can pose a problem during a credit check. Once notified, creditors will update their records and and report the new information to credit reporting agencies. After getting through all the important updates, it will be a matter of changing your name as you come across miscellaneous accounts and subscriptions. August 11, 2015 by Mark 2 Comments It is actually August and when the name Google Alphabet was announced it could have been passed as an April Fools joke, but on the contrary it is very real and worth noting it is a new parent company for Google. Google Alphabet is purely a restructure and not a name change, people believed it was a new name Google was thinking of releasing but we can tell you it is most definitely not a change from the name we all know best.
Alphabet will be a separate business just like Nest and Google Fiber and Google Chief Executive Larry Page will be the Alphabet CEO with Sergey Brin being president and the executive chairman Eric Schmidt taking the helm as Alphabet’s executive chairman. The new Alphabet is basically in simple terms is a collection of companies, with the biggest one being Google. More on the new Google Alphabet is due course, for now please click on the links provided above and let us know what you think so far. Click the button below to get detailed name change procedures for over 600 Canadian organizations. No matter if your changing names from marriage, removing your partner’s name or want a legal name change, we explain the process. Changing names requires a marriage certificate or legal name change order from Vital Statistics. Health Care Cards are an essential part of your identity as a Canadian, and to ensure you receive the health benefits you’re entitled to. Whilst it is common for married name change to take place within a few months of a wedding, there is no legal time frame required.
Canadian Revenue need to be notified of your new name as soon as possible and also need to know if your domestic situation has changed.
You don't have to change names in your passport after marriage or divorce, but it's recommended.
The national permanent register of electors sources information throughout the year from a number of locations. We'll provide you with detailed and comprehensive information for every company where you need to change names, and put it all into a checklist just for you! No matter your reason for changing names, we explain the documents you need and what process to follow. If you were married in Manitoba, apply for your marriage certificate from the Provincial Vital Statistics office. Thanks for your fast and accurate response to my questions and the delivery of my easy name change kit. Purchased it for my new wife after she was hesitant to change names because of the hassle and we're both very happy with the outcome! The company will communicate and release its new symbol immediately upon receiving approval, but shareholders of record should also be advised that the online stock quote sources might not always immediately report the new name and ticker effectively.
Friendable recognizes that "Everything starts with Friendship" and the way to make connections and meet new people continues to evolve through new technologies and devices that make it all possible.
Friendable provides its mobile community of users with the freedom to meet new people, hang out with current friends, explore exciting venues and interact in social activities based around shared interests and location, transforming mobile interactions into a real-life social experiences.

Meeting new people and making connections has grown, where the modern meaning of "being social" or "meeting up," now includes opportunities to meet through mobile apps. Making friends through a mobile app allows people of various backgrounds to connect through common interests and engage in fresh experiences while cultivating deep relationships.
September 18, 2014 by Mark Leave a Comment A new game has erupted on Twitter after the hashtag #RuinAPresident, this is all about the hashtag war and play has commenced.
The game is simple where you create a new name for a president such as Grover Cleveland Steamer, JFKFC, other examples include Bareback Obama and Abraham LinkedIn.
The game started yesterday as part of the Constitution Day commemorating the formation and signing of the U.S. At some point during the life of your business, the time may come where you need to change your business name. So now that you’ve made the commitment and involved your audience, how do you actually go about changing your page name?
If you want to change your page URL, click on the Edit hyperlink on the Page Address line of the Page Info section. If you want to change your NAME on Twitter (the name that is displayed above your handle) go to the Settings tab and select the Profile tab from the left menu. As far as I know, there is no limit to how many times you can change your name and username on Twitter. If you need to change your personal name on LinkedIn (maybe you got married or divorced and are changing your name), you can do this by clicking on the Edit button on your profile page.
If you want to change your LinkedIn page name, go to your business page and click on the Edit button in the top right corner.
Changing your business page name on Google+ is so simple that it’s almost impossible to figure out. Great tips Jenn, I just stopped by to check out the site…wow it looks a whole lot different! Meet Jenn!I am here to help you make sense of Social Media management and to understand the current trends in Social Media.
Click on my photo to visit my About page and learn more about me and my perspective on Social Media management.
Download this easy-to-follow ebook for everything you need to know about how to use Instagram. Thank you to each and every one of you for joining me here and sharing in my life and business on Instagram. Everybody you would notify of an address change should receive a certified marriage license to verify your name change. Once you receive your new Social Security Card, you can then begin changing your name with financial institutions and other contacts on your list. Looks like the corporation is getting bigger, it already has many eggs in the basket so to speak. We'll also provide step by step details on how to change names and any special forms you may need.
There’s a little paperwork required, and once you get your new card you can change names in other places. A legal name change is only required if youa€™re not taking or removing your spousea€™s name from marriage.
Regardless, the Company is expected to trade as usual and shares held in brokerages should not be affected by the change. Today just about everyone is on the move and interacting online with their mobile devices, creating dynamic opportunities to find and explore new experiences with location specific accuracy. Friendable bridges our mobile community of users with the meeting of new friends, building relationships and connecting them with local venues or events tied to their interests, which presents newfound ways for them to interact and hang out.
The result of these interactions produces hyper-local advertising opportunities, allowing Friendable to act as both a friend finder and concierge using nearby locations to identify activities, events and businesses that may provide the entertainment they are seeking. Meet people where you want, when you want, and show the world that you're Friendable -- Everything starts with friendship! The words or phrases "would be," "will allow," "intends to," "will likely result," "are expected to," "will continue," "is anticipated," "estimate," "project," or similar expressions are intended to identify "forward-looking statements." Actual results could differ materially from those projected by iHookup Social, Inc.
It may be a merge with another company or an evolution and rebranding to a new name and feel.
Once you’ve done this your page will show a bunch of little blue pencils in all the fields that are editable.

Remember to include your audience in the announcement of changes and make the transition as easy as possible for them! I promise to always do my best to provide helpful and useful articles in order to make your online marketing strategy more successful.
I actually really like using Facebook Live video and have posted many of these to my Facebook page and group. And so, today's blog post has the whole event distilled down to 3 words - and ALL my thoughts around those three words! You'll need to file Form SS-5 with your local  Social Security Office to obtain your new card. It did when they bought YouTube, but this time round they are creating this one themselves aren’t they?
If it's not convenient to visit a branch you may lodge your application by mail along with your original certificate evidencing your name change.
If you’re looking to change names and it impacts your citizenship, we explain what to do. As announced previously, the Company will emerge as "Friendable, Inc." with a new ticker symbol that clearly reflects the new Friendable brand on all fronts.
Shareholders should search the company's new name "Friendable" through their quote service of choice, to identify the new symbol. The iTunes rankings should not be construed as an indication in any way whatsoever of the future value of the iHookup Social's common stock or its present or future financial condition. Or you might just want to streamline all of your social media accounts to use the same username.
So, if you decide to keep your existing pages and just change the name, how are you supposed to handle this change?
Let your audience know when the change will become effective, what the new name will be, and how the new brand will look and feel.
To change your page name, go to your Profile page and hover your mouse directly over your business name. 90% of married women you will change their last name, and must begin the name change process. Notifying the Social Security Administration will also update the Internal Revenue Service of your new name.
It will sound a little funny at first, but as you start using your new last name, everyone else will catch on.
This newer Google is a bit slimmed down, with the companies that are pretty far afield of our main Internet products contained in Alphabet instead. To access the form, click the button below, then select 'Social Insurance' from the list of companies. If they have gotten used to seeing your current name in their feed, you want to make sure they know what name to look for in the future and that you’re one and the same! You can change the name of your business page simply by filling in the new name in the Company Name field and then clicking Publish. You can change your name or username by simply typing in the new name(s) and clicking Save Profile. I can't be too negative on this topic, because as a new bride, (thank you, thank you) I joined the majority of married women, deciding to take their husbands last name. Statements made herein are as of the date of this press release and should not be relied upon as of any subsequent date. Find ways to involve them in the transition and make them feel like they are a part of the experience. If you want to show your former name as well, click on the Former Name, enter your previous name, and select who can see this name.
It was important to me, as we entered into our new life and partnership, we do so as a unified team. Unless otherwise required by applicable law, iHookup Social does not undertake, and iHookup Social specifically disclaims any obligation, to update any forward-looking statements to reflect occurrences, developments, unanticipated events or circumstances after the date of such statement. It seems that they typically grant these changes without any questions, however, it may take a few weeks to actually get a response and complete the process.

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