Peter Rose is the scientist behind the name change: His master's level study of dinosaur bones at SMU eventually led him to dispute the long-accepted notion that the large, sauropod bones found in and around the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas, were the same as Pleurocoelus bones first found in Maryland in the late 1800s.
Rose determined it was a different dinosaur altogether – a previously unrecognized genus and species he named Paluxysaurus jonesi, after W.W.
Geren filed his resolution on behalf of constituents at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, which is a partner with SMU in ongoing research at the Glen Rose site, about 60 miles southwest of Fort Worth. SMU geological sciences professor Louis Jacobs, who was Rose's mentor, said that nobody before Rose had made an adequate study of the sauropod bones found at the Glen Rose site. is a project of Texas Legal Services Center supported by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation, Travis County Law Library, and legal aid organizations throughout the state, including those funded by the Legal Services Corporation. 14, 2009) — The official State Dinosaur of Texas is up for a new name, based on Southern Methodist University research that proved the titleholder has been misidentified.

Jacobs has described Texas as a kind of "free trade zone for the age of reptiles" since dinosaurs from three different geologic time periods have been found in three different geographic areas of the state. 7 to change the name of the state dinosaur from Pleurocoelus (image at right by Karen Carr for Lone Star Dinosaurs by Prof.
Paluxysaurus jonesi is believed to have lived 112 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period.
Louis Jacobs of SMU) to Paluxysaurus jonesi to correctly name the massive sauropod whose tracks and bones litter the Jones Ranch in Central Texas.
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