This is an app that changes what carrier name is diplayed in for example the lock screen and the status bar.
I read through a number of the posts in the app thread and noticed that a few were able to install and run the app. Maybe you’d like to change it to your name, so everyone knows who the phone belongs to.
It requires root because it modifies system files, and because it uses root it’s potentially dangerous.
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So if you want this app swing on by XDA, install the provided apk and be sure to leave your feedback for the developer so he can continue to improve on his creation.
Finally settled in Gainesville, FL doing the same work in a permanent position for a global medical device company. His interest in mobile devices started with his Motorola Q9h which sported Windows Mobile 6.1. Unfortunately he was captured by the enemy and owned an iPhone3G for a short while, but that didn't last long through some dealings with the mobile carrier at the time. Finally he found a happy secure place among the Android community, starting with his HTC EVO 4G and hasn't looked back.

Or you are a car tyre changer manufacturer, click here to publish your product information now. All during his time with these various smartphones, he's dug deep into them, hacking away to get the best performance he could, all the while making his devices unique.
As new Android devices are always on the horizon, he can't say what his next device will be, but he is Android for life, and his passion for all things Google will stand fast.

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