Secret of Shadow Ranch is a really fun adventure horse game, however, in the free trial version you get to play it for only 1 hour!
Secret of Shadow Ranch is an adventure horse game where you play as the character Nancy Drew, who spends her summers on her uncels farm. When you start playing, you get to choose between begin a junior detective or a senior detective, which in turn determines the level of difficulty of the game. The adventures are pretty fun, however, the biggest downside is that once you download it you can play the game for 1 hour tops, before you have to pay. Get ready for adventures with Pauline and her friends taking care of their horses, riding them and try to save the academy from a surprising fate!

Secret of Shadow Ranch ar ett riktigt bra aventyrshastspel, men tyvarr ar den bara pa engelska. Secret of Shadow Ranch ar ett aventyrshastspel dar du spelar Nancy Drew, eller Kitty Drew som hon heter pa svenska, som ska spendera sommaren pa hennes farbrors gard.
Nar du borjar spela far du valja mellan Junior-detektiv eller Senior-detektiv och det bestammer helt enkelt hur svart spelet ar. After taking the time to learn how to play it correctly, this game is a lot of fun and it is also challenging. Nancy ar lite utav en detektiv och innan du vet ordet av ar du involverad i ett spannande mysterium!

For att spela sa maste du ladda ner det, och du kan prova spelet gratis i en timme innan du maste betala for att kunna spela.

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