There’s been quite a few additions to Engineering in this patch, not just the Sky Golem.
Before the patch, Living Steel was selling for 350g a bar and after the patch it rose sharply to 750g a bar on my server.
This entry was posted in Professions and tagged Engineering, Jard's Peculiar Energy Source, Patch 5.4, Sky Golem. Kung ikaw ay isang empleyado na may suliranin sa trabaho hinggil sa di sapat na sahod, tinanggal nang walang sapat na dahilan, hindi natatanggap ang kaukulang benepisyo, hindi pagbibigay sa mga sadyang kontribusyon sa SSS, PAG-IBIG, PHILHEALTH at iba pa, MAGSADYA SA PINAKAMALAPIT NA HIMPILAN NG NATIONAL CONCILLIATION AND MEDIATION BOARD O DOLE SA INYONG LOKALIDAD at ating bigyan ng solusyon ang inyong mga problema.
Sa pamamagitan ng SINGLE ENTRY APPROACH, ikaw ay mabibigyan ng pagkakataon na makausap ang iyong tagapamahala at tulungan kayong ayusin ang anumang gusot sa inyong pagitan nang walang malaking gastos dahil ito ay pag-uusap na labas sa anumang proseso ng korte.

There’s also a little cooking companion called Pierre, a late addition called Rascal-Bot (looks suspiciously like Bad Robot) and a 36 slot bag called the Advanced Refrigeration Unit. Secondly, there’s more profit in the long term selling materials needed to craft the mount. All these items require the new daily cool-down of Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source, with an equivalent crafting cost of 10 x Ghost Iron Bars. Sure enough, just after the patch and around the 30 day mark (time for players to craft enough Jards PES) there was a sharp spike in demand for these material and I ended up selling a good portion of my stash, making a great profit to boot. My assumption is that Engineers on my server were buying up material for their Sky Golem mounts and robotic companions.

If I look now on The Undermine Journal, I see at least 6 players listing the Sky Golem for around the same price of 60k.

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