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I can already say: The Blocks in the first screen don't fit and the second screen doesn't look pretty. The following article contains broken links.The broken links on the page will be created soon. At one point in the world, there is an area in which Mario and his cohorts can get sucked into the sand and play in a level where they have to collect all the Toad Balloons without losing. The bricks look like they fit, same with the question mark blocks, The Entire episode has took over 3 Remakes, thank god I never got past world 2 on making any of them.New screenies will be added soon.

You practically only used the nsmb version which doesn't look good at all with the rest of what is showed in the screen. The game can be saved whenever a Caste or Tower is cleared or when a payment of Star Coins is made.
As I see on the screenshot it Looks decent so far but what I don't like is as of how you place the swimable water tiles (the green box) since it is 1 block too high. It is desert-themed, and consists of eight levels, of which two are castle levels guarded by Roy Koopa.
I would of suggest to add the swimable water inside the complete blue Background objects and not with the top of the water or else it would of look very awkward as of how their hitboxes are and the rest of the game if it keeps doing that.

This level is throttled with Mushroom Houses, assisting the player by forking over items such as Starman, Mushrooms and Propeller Mushrooms.

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