Today’s Nintendo Direct released information on big games in the Mario and Zelda series in a live online broadcast. You can also watch the entire online broadcast off of Nintendo’s official YouTube here. Pikmin 3 will have three new characters on an island facing its doomsday due to a lack of food. New Super Luigi U will release as downloadable content on June 20, will feature 82 updated courses, and will add Nabbit as a playable character. Resident Evil Revelations for the Wii U will have added difficulties and upgraded graphics. Mario and Sonic will see another installment for the Sochi Winter Olympic games in southern Russia. The Good Wife spinoff will be set one year after the events of the show’s series finale and will star Christine Baranski (who plays Diane Lockhart). The spinoff will be exclusive to CBS All Access, the network’s digital subscription service (In other words, a Netflix version of CBS).
Also today CBS revealed the first trailer for their Star Trek TV series which promises new crews, new villains, new heroes, and new worlds. Taped to the inside of my planner from 2006 on this day is an image produced by my nearly-out-of-ink printer of the cast of Will and Grace taking a their final promotional bow. Those few items I’ve held onto for 10 years represent the tip of the iceberg that is my collection of memorabilia to the show that introduced me to appointment television, great comedy writing, and the world that exists behind the camera. Looking back, I believe I can place myself in the fledgling class of the television watchers who accepted something on TV for what it was about at its core and not on its surface.
None of the politics surrounding the show seeped into my viewing experience inside or outside of my house. James Burrows, acclaimed sitcom director and captain of the entire series run of Will and Grace has frequently discussed the musicality of the series.
In the 10 years since Will and Grace left my Thursday nights, I still quote the show almost every day. Will and Grace behind the scenes interviews are a master class in seeing what takes place on taping night.
Dearest, Will and Grace, thanks for the laughs, the tears, and most importantly, for being my gateway to understanding why TV matters and how it can make a difference. The theme of the trailer, fittingly, is about how a brand new team is ready to answer the call. Further, it seems to confirm that hot-secretary-Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) is taken over by one of the supernatural forces, off on his motorbike to wreak havoc on the city.

Although adding a sub-headline might seem superfluous, especially so close to the movie’s release, it may be a last-ditch effort from Sony to tone down the hate for the movie.
Whatever the case, we hope everyone answers the call on July 15, showing the leading ladies Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon some love. As a further incentive (if you need it), the movie also features cameos from original Ghostbusters stars Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver. 9-Volt • Ashley and Red • Baby Bowser • Baby Daisy • Baby Luigi • Baby Mario • Baby Peach • Baby Yoshi • King Bob-omb • Birdo • Bowser • Bowser Jr.
It will be possible to buy just New Super Luigi U without New Super Mario Brothers U on August 25. At their Upfront presentation on Wednesday CBS announced that The Good Wife is getting a spinoff starring Christine Baranski, and they also released the first trailer for their new Star Trek series. Here’s what the sitcom about four friends taught me about pop culture, life, and television. A sad smiley face sits next to the words, “Will and Grace series finale!” A saved wall calendar shares a similar sentiment.
I started watching Will and Grace when the first few seasons were already in syndication and the sixth was about to premiere — I was 13. Will and Grace was a show that starred two gay male leads, but for me it was about something else — love and friendship. Karen popped pills and drank like a fish, and Jack was a revolving door of fun escapades with many men.
With every single rewatch more and more of the jokes make sense and I get nearly all of the then-popular cultural references. Tuesdays were the day for the cast and crew to warm up an audience, take to the stage and get the show rolling. When Fraiser, Sex and the City, and Friends both ended on NBC, Will and Grace went meta and asked the question, “Do we actually have to have our own experiences to make life interesting?” New TV, new jobs, new book series are going to come along.
The full game can be played on the gamepad, with the Wiimote and nunchuck serving as a controller. A collection of magazines, one of which is framed, shares the cast’s final photo shoots and fond memories of their time on the set. Will and Grace will always be my golden show, the one I can always watch because it is untainted. The exchanges are harmonious, playful and though the characters are hyper-versions of everyday people, the humor grounded them in their own bubble of reality.
But Will and Grace taught me far more about TV and embracing your individuality than any other series I’ve seen to date.

If a joke did not deliver a laugh, the writers huddled into a circle and rewrote something that could hit that note to make the comedy sing. But my favorite episodes are when Will and Karen turn their friends away and watch them sort through their own issues. Levels with Secret Goals have two end flags in different locations, a black "normal" flag and a red Secret Goal flag that leads to shortcuts or Warp Cannons. My family did not stage an intervention or host a sit-down to “explain” what I was seeing on my screen. Burrows, speaking to Hypable, described the series saying, “To me that was the funniest show I’ve ever done. Who cares if your friends do not like Champions on Ice, make them go see it and then make peace with the fact that it is your thing. Rool • Larry Koopa • Lemmy Koopa • Ludwig von Koopa • Luigi • Mario • Metal Mario • Mii • Mona • Morton Koopa Jr. My DVDs remained untarnished by the criticism that existed outside my house because the Internet was still just a place for using AIM messenger and maybe doing some homework.
Also have the ability to recognize that it is alright to become deeply invested in something (and as you can see here, the love may go on long past its expiration date) but be open to letting something new in every once in awhile. After moving away from your family, your friends begin to take on the role of mom, dad, sister, brother, etc. Wii • Super Mario 3D Land • Super Mario 3D World • Super Mario 64 (Super Mario 64 DS) • Super Mario Bros.
And still today, when my other favorite shows are being broken down to expose their flaws, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, Will and Grace remains above the fray. In whatever capacity that happens, it is important to recognize that they will come to mean as much to you are your blood relations if not more.
I watched it for Will and Grace’s friendship, Karen and Jack’s ridiculous relationship, and to laugh. Rely on them like your family, but be sure to be there for them when they need you as well.
The crazier the friend group, the more likely you are to become a well-rounded individual who can cope with anything life throws at you or them.

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