It’s finally here — the series finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager airs TONIGHT! Meanwhile, Adrian (Francia Raisa) is ecstatic when an unexpected visitor knocks on her door. Stars Shailene Woodley, Megan Park, Greg Finley, Renee Olstead, and Amy Rider opened up about their characters evolution during the five seasons of the show. There are just five days until the series premiere of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Stars Shailene Woodley, Daren Kagasoff, Ken Baumann, Francia Raisa, Megan Park, Greg Finley, Allen Evangelista and Camille Winbush all sat down to dish on their favorite moments and scenes throughout the series. Greg Finley, Megan Park, Daren Kagasoff, Shailene Woodley, Ken Baumann and Francia Raisa all re-created their first cast pic together for the final season of the ABC Family show. The final season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager is back on March 18th on ABC Family.
In the episode “To Each Her Own,” Amy (Shailene Woodley) and Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) continue planning their wedding, so Amy buys her dress – at a thrift store.
Meanwhile, Ricky is upset about the dress and Adrian (Francia Raisa) thinks the dress reflects her feelings about getting married. The cast of The Secret Life of the American Teenager gathers together for one last group pic on the last day of production on Monday afternoon (November 5) in Burbank, Calif.
Shailene Woodley, Megan Park, Renee Olstead, Francia Raisa, Allen Evangelista, Daren Kagasoff and Ken Baumann all tweeted their thoughts to their fans.
Daren Kagasoff lets out a big laugh with Shailene Woodley in this new still from the special holiday episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. The Secret Life of the American Teenager is ending after five seasons, THR has confirmed with the network. The series, whose pilot episode broke the record for the highest rated debut on ABC Family, starred Shailene Woodley, Megan Park, Francia Raisa, Ken Baumann, Daren Kagasoff, Greg Finley and more. The show will debut its fifth season in March 2013, and by the time it wraps, will have aired 120 episodes. The Secret Life of the American Teenager focused on the unplanned pregnancy of Amy Juergens (Woodley) and how it affected her, her family and her friends. The clips of 'Or Not to Be' episode tease what happens to Amy and Ricky after they spend the night together.

Next on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager", Amy and Ricky become closer when she spends the night. A drama focusing on a teenager coping with an unexpected pregnancy, followed by new motherhood.
Whether you're an alien with two hearts, a clone with identity issues or a part-faerie waitress, Comic-Con is the place for you. In the series finale, Amy graduates from high school and reminisces, pondering over her relationships with Ricky and Ben. Omar breaks Adrian's heart by ending their engagement, and Adrian takes her pain out on others. Ricky gets upset when he discovers the meaning behind the date Amy selected for their wedding day. The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 3On the all new third season, Ricky and Amy are off to a fresh start, but will it last? Premise: A drama focusing on a teenager coping with an unexpected pregnancy, followed by new motherhood. India Eisley is an American actressShe appeared in the show The Secret Life of An American TeenagerWhat has India been up to since the show ended? There are a lot of talented young stars in Hollywood and, while some of them are making multi-million dollar blockbuster movies, there are others who are working just as hard on smaller projects. ABC Familys The Secret Life of the American Teenager aired its final episode back in 2013, with Amy Juergenspacking her bags and heading for New York.
Kathy (Cierra Ramirez) is conflicted about going back home after having the baby, and Ethan begs his parents to let him fly to Texas with her to ask Kathy’s parents if she can stay.
Before the show returns on June 6, a sneak peek has been provided in a form of promo which sums up what to expect from the upcoming episode titled "Or Not to Be". One of the them follows Amy romping around the house while listening to music, much to her younger sister Ashley's annoyance. The series, from '7th Heaven' creator Brenda Hampton, also explores how this drastic change in her life affects her family and friends.
The annual convention will hit San Diego Thursday-Sunday to allow fans from all genres to let their geek flag fly. Meanwhile, Grace thinks about what Jack means to her; and Adrian's spirits are lifted by a surprising visitor.

But whatever became of the young mom and her budding family after she settled in across the country? Another sees Grace tells her boyfriend that she wants to meet his ex-girlfriend, and the other one features Ben and Adrian.
India played the role in 90 episodes of the show, between 2008 and 2013, when the show came to an end. Staffel von The Secret Life bei SixxSixx zeigt die dritte Staffel der Teenieserie The Secret Life of the American Teenager ab Sonntag als Deutschlandpremiere. Nun bringt 3Plus die Teenager-Soap in der nachmittäglichen Ausstrahlung auch in die Schweiz. There is no official word yet, of when Kite will be released but it is expected to open sometime in 2014. Staffel von The Secret LifeBereits vor zwei Wochen startete Sixx am Sonntagmorgen mit der Ausstrahlung der zweiten Staffel der US-Serie The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
ABC Family setzt die fünfte Staffel seiner Erfolgsserie The Secret Life of the American Teenager fort. Der Ex-The Secret Life of the American Teenager-Darsteller hat die männliche Hauptrolle in Delirium ergattert. Staffel von The Secret LifeNeben Make it or Break it geht auch The Secret Life of the American Teenager beim US-Kabelsender ABC Family in eine neue Runde. Am Sonntag ist es nun endlich soweit, das nicht unumstrittene US-Erfolgsformat kommt nach Deutschland. Bereits mehrfach hatte der Sender Sixx angekündigt, die Serie The Secret Life of the American Tennager zeigen zu wollen.
In den USA geht die Serie erfolgreich weiter und mit elf neuen Episoden bereits in die zweite Hälfte der dritten Staffel.

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