The NeXus-4 is a small and high-end biofeedback and neurofeedback system which is totally suitable for professional grade physiological monitoring, and clinical applications. The NeXus-4 comes with the easy to use and highy customizable BioTrace+ software, with free lifetime updates. Take a look at our solutions and our physiological sensors to explore the full possibilities of the NeXus-4.
With the high medical grade connectors that lock-in, there is neither noise nor artifact when touching or pulling them.
Mind Media offers solutions for almost every biofeedback and neurofeedback applications and for physiological monitoring. It is required to purchase separately any sensors, electrodes and accessories according to your applications’ needs.
You’re on your fifth cup of coffee and approaching your sixth hour of the company’s annual cloud-computing report.
The EEG Minicap Electrodes Touch Proof (TP) are sintered EEG electrodes for use with the NeXus EXG Sensor TP or SCP Sensor and a EEG Minicap or Microcap.

Media Player obsluguje wideo, audio i zdjec we wszystkich popularnych formatow plikow, a takze bezposrednio plyty DVD i CD. Media Player pozwala uzyc od 1 do 16 zdarzen - efektow wizualnych lub feedbackow dzwiekowych.
Darüber hinaus befasst es sich mit der neusten Forschung im Bereich Neuro- und Biofeedback sowie Neurowissenschaften (Gehirnforschung, Neurobiologie, Neuropsychologie, Medizin) und der gezielten Umsetzung dieser Erkenntnisse in Training und Therapie.
The NeXus-4 is so small it fits in your pocket and it communicates wirelessly with your computer using bluetooth technology. BioTrace+ is a complete software package for physiological monitoring and a wide range of biofeedback and neurofeedback applications.
Artifacts through movement of cables or other external sources of noise are reduced to a minimum, because of cutting edge active noise cancellation technology and carbon coated cables. Bestausgewiesene DozentInnen garantieren eine wissenschaftlich hochstehende Vermittlung von Theorie und Praxis.
Des weiteren dient das i-nfbf fortgeschrittenen und erfahrenen TherapeutInnen, ihr Wissen stets auf dem neuesten Stand zu halten und sich mit anderen kompetenten Fachpersonen auszutauschen.

Thanks to its portability the NeXus-4 provides the user with a great deal of freedom in movement during a session.
Prevention is better than cure; the goal is to prevent artifacts, not to delete them afterwards and thereby deleting valuable data as well.
Its built-in flash memory of 64 MB can store more than 8 hours of physiological ambulant data. The NeXus-4 also includes 4 batteries, Bluetooth dongle, leather system case, manuals, and a protective carrying case.

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