Crystal Life®, Crystal Life Technology®, Jewelry with Purpose®, Products with Purpose®, and Resonance® are the registered trademarks of Crystal Life Technology, Inc. When the sexual experiences we attract are healthy and nurturing, we are left in a space where we can concentrate on reaching a higher space of divinity and love.
In this workshop we will be exploring where our sexuality lies within our energetic structures using a number or techniques to bring out change in the physical, energetic and emotion states of our beings. This is one of a series of meditations and alignment work I am doing to help balance and centre your Chakras and other energy fields. Laura - Thank you for the beautiful and healing energy and for sharing your thoughts and experience Himesh.
The meditations are guided by way of Archangel Michael, and so they assist you to transparent and steadiness the power to your frame. The whole period meditation is for deep clearing paintings, and the day by day meditation created to combine into your morning or night time apply.

I took the lightest photo and adjusted it in Photoshop, using the levels tool, to see what was occurring here.
This is a space where we can look at removing some of the blocks, healing some of the trauma and moving on from the memories of our ancestors to create a new relationship with our sexuality to bring it into a place of loving relationships and healthy experiences. We won't be working directly on the physical and mental levels, instead the work I do will allow an opening that will work on those over the coming days, weeks and months .
Those experiences don't have to be incredibly intimate, sometimes simple touch and hugs can be enough to nurture us. The crystal bowls and guided meditation unblocked all of my chakras and I feel like a new woman today! Not only did we get guidance about setting intentions, you took us on a deep meditative journey where much releasing and healing took place. We all have special gifts to give to the world and by fostering our selves in true authentic communication on all levels, we can bring so much light into the world.

On the other hand you combine 3 meditations into your day, they are going to be a Therapeutic Revel in in your thoughts, frame, and soul! This is not a sex workshop and we will be discussing anything of a sexual nature within the group dynamic, it will be a private and personal journey for yourself alone. However, when the experiences we have are less than wholesome, they leave holes in our lives that we then start to fill with other unhealthy habits and activities.
Of course we need to face the parts of us we hide to experience the fullness of our grace and light, Himesh can help foster that space if you are ready.
The mist is interesting: its color is rather ominous and it seems to be affected by the general quality of the energy of the graveyard itself.

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