This week we decided to take a look at one of Nike's most advanced goalkeeping gloves and get to grips with the technology behind one of their best selling models, the state of the art Nike GK Confidence.
The glove shape features pre-curved bio align technology which positions the hand in a catch-ready position. How would Nike's highest tier GK glove perform?Getting down to business, the first thing you notice with the glove is the 3 way adjustable wrist strap which is designed to allow a customisable fit for maximum comfort. It is designed to reduce stress on the fingers and improve your reaction time and was something we really noticed when judging the natural comfort of the gloves. Once we realised that this wasn't as complicated as we initially thought, it proved to be a very effective way of increasing the comfort of the gloves. The latex used extends down to the wrist which is designed to maintain the fit of the gloves while also improving your distribution when throwing the ball. Throughout each of our distribution drills we felt in total control of the ball at all times. They are designed with a full cross ventilation system across the palm and back of the hand.
The 'half wrap wrist belt' (Nike's name for the wrist strap) offers a secure, yet adjustable fit.

The air vent holes punched into the palm added a perfect amount of breathability without hindering the contact area.
It's not our favourite type of wrist strap, but one which works for this glove and combines effectively with the micro adjustable fitting system. The back hand features a Velcro fastening system which underneath has a mesh material to improve breathability.
The thumb is rolled over, or as Nike call it 'finger capped' and is designed to give a seamless feel to the thumb. The same material is used in between the fingers to improve airflow there as well.The backhand features a rubber-like punching platform which is designed to add a stable and flat surface to improve punching power and accuracy. This was an impressive feature and really added to the comfort and overall fit of the glove. It only covers the middle two knuckles, but was something that worked well as it didn't hinder the punching performance. The palm itself features articulated 6mm contact foam which is designed to help absorb impact from powerful shots. The backhand performed exceptionally well throughout and provided perfect shock absorption while being abrasive when punching.

Our handling drills really tested the palm with a series of powerful shots to test the impact absorption. It's hard not to be impressed with the Nike GK Confidence gloves and it's easy to see why they're one of the games most popular models. Admittedly the 'half wrap wrist belt' wasn't our favourite feature, but worked well when used with the micro adjustable wrist strap. The curve lines along the palm and fingers have been designed to replicate the natural curves in the hand when clasping.
If you're after an elite performing glove offering exciting new GK innovations, this should certainly be a contender. They worked well and tied in nicely with the pre-curved shape of the glove to give a comfortable and natural feel.
The Nike GK Confidence gloves are available to order now at online stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer.

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