TAIPEI (AFP) - Taiwanese Premier Sean Chen comfortably survived a no-confidence vote brought by opposition parties over what they see as his cabinet’s failure to curb rising unemployment and inflation. Here you have a list of opinions about vote of no confidence and you can also give us your opinion about it. You will see other people's opinions about vote of no confidence and you will find out what the others say about it. In the image below, you can see a graph with the evolution of the times that people look for vote of no confidence. Thanks to this graph, we can see the interest vote of no confidence has and the evolution of its popularity. You can leave your opinion about vote of no confidence here as well as read the comments and opinions from other people about the topic. Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra speaks during a no-confidence debate earlier this week. The New York Times interactive map of the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey data makes it easy to learn a great deal about communities at the census tract level. One of the 22 available data points is the estimated number of elementary school-age children in a census tract, and the percentage of those children who attend private schools. In Evanston’s census tract 8099, 63% of the elementary school children attend private schools.
The percentage of elementary students attending private schools varies widely in Evanston’s other census tracts, ranging from a low of 5% in tract 8093 to 47% in tract 8067 to 60% in tract 8071. In tract 8089, where the median household income of $102K is almost identical to 8099, only 25% of the 392 elementary school students attend private school. The racial composition of 8099 and 8089 are very similar: 3% Black in each, 89% white in 8099 and 91% white in 8089. Race and household income don’t seem to explain the sharp discrepancy in private elementary school attendance between tract 8089 (25%) and 8099 (63%).
That band has some great housing stock, with some homes that back up to the lake or are directly across from it. We will not sell, rent or give away any of your personal information held by us, including your email address, to any other organisation for any reason. We operate an “opt-in” process for all user email newsletters distributed from the 1 Law 4 All Party website. 1 Law 4 All Party members will receive email newsletters from time to time, providing them information about their membership and current relevant news. You can request at any time to see any personal information we hold about you in our website database. It is widely believed that Waitangi Tribunal Reports issue only after rigorous historical investigation of Treaty claims. These findings then make their way into media reports, onto Government websites, and percolate throughout our education system as apparently authoritative, objective information. But what if Tribunal Reports were one-eyed rewrites of New Zealand history and not worth the paper they are printed on? The Tribunal’s underlying premise before it even hears a single claim is that the Treaty of Waitangi created an ongoing racial partnership. Tribunal members are appointed on the recommendation of the Minister of Maori Affairs, so we can safely assume that both Maori and non-Maori members will be Treatyists, and likely to come to the table with strong priors rather than being impartial defenders of the public interest. Many Maori have multiple hapu and iwi affiliations, making it quite possible for a Tribunal member hearing a particular claim to have direct links to the claimant group. Indeed, three years into the hearing of the East Coast claim, presiding Judge Stephanie Milroy was obliged to disqualify herself, but only after lawyers for competing claimant groups pointed out that through her Ngati Porou connections, she had interests in five landblocks that were subject to the claim. Since the claims process is seen as being between the Crown and Maori, third parties have no automatic right to be heard. Oral evidence is given the same weight as written evidence and is not subject to cross-examination, since according to Maori protocol this is highly disrespectful to a kaumatua. Claimants are legally aided to the tune of millions of dollars from taxpayers, with no requirement to pay this back if successful in achieving multi-million dollar settlements.

Claimant groups have forced historians they have employed to go away under threat of non-payment and sanitise reports of facts that undermine their case.
The Tribunal’s recent assertion that contrary to primary source accounts of what the chiefs said on the lawn at Waitangi, Ngapuhi never ceded sovereignty to the Crown, is the latest in a long line of egregious tommyrot to exit this body via the fundament.
Who can forget the Tribunal’s “Holocaust of Taranaki” press release likening the closing down of the Parihaka Commune (in which not a single person lost their life) with the state-sponsored Nazi slaughter of millions of Jews during WWII? A number of reputable historians, including Keith Sorrenson, Michael Belgrave and Bill Oliver have voiced concerns that the Waitangi Tribunal has become a self-referencing echo chamber for re-writing New Zealand history. According to Dr Byrnes, the Tribunal is not writing “objective history.” Rather, the reports it produces are deeply political and overwhelmingly focused on the present, in that the Tribunal invariably judges the past by today’s standards rather than those prevailing at the time under scrutiny. Other academics share this unease, but reluctant to say anything publicly, Dr Byrnes points out.
Dr Byrnes also reveals significant concerns about the mass consumption of Tribunal reports by the media and general public. Clearly, any thinking New Zealander should have absolutely no confidence in anything that comes out of this body. We, the people of New Zealand, seem to have been overly represented in government by weak an impotent reproductions in the mold of Chamberlain and Nero, the consequence of which has brought us to this impasse.
The ruthless Nazi propaganda minister of WW2, Joseph Goebbels, would have been proud of the tactics currently being employed by the Maori Tribunal.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Greek PM George Papandreou appears to be heading for defeat in a confidence vote after growing opposition within his own party to a surprise referendum call on the EU bailout plan. According to the BBC, at least three members of Pasok have stated that they will vote against Papandreou if it comes to a vote.
The real issue now is if a no confidence vote (or a Panadreou resignation, which may be even more likely) will result in  the cancellation of the plebiscite on the EU bailout plan. The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, has failed to score the needed number of votes for passing a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet of Ministers and refused to dismiss Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Only 194 MPs voted for the no-confidence with at least 226 votes needed to disband the government. In keeping with the law on the government, if a vote of no confidence in the government is passed, the government should resign. As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday called on Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk to resign. And below it, you can see how many pieces of news have been created about vote of no confidence in the last years. ET Thailand's embattled prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, survived a no-confidence vote Thursday as anti-government protests entered a fifth day in Bangkok.. The tract is bounded by Main St on the south, Dempster St on the north, Lake Michigan and Ridge Ave. Thirty-two percent of the households in 8089 have an income above $150,000, while 33% of the 8099 households exceed that level. Tract 8089 spans the area roughly bordered Green Bay Rd on the east, Central St on the south and the Village of Wilmette on the north. I have personally witnessed a half dozen elementary boys in matching school boy uniforms playing at the beach during a warm Spring evening. Please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.
The chairperson may also appoint a Maori Land Court judge to the position of deputy chairperson.
They can only be heard with permission, which the Tribunal rarely grants, particularly if opposed by the claimant group. As well as being a deliberate act of cultural arrogance, this makes it difficult for non-Maori speakers to have input into the hearing process. The Tribunal justifies this by asserting that since it is a Tribunal rather than a Court, rigorous evidential standards need not apply.

This encourages what economists call rent-seeking behaviour, also known as “trying it on because there’s a huge upside if successful and no price paid for being wrong,” not that I can recall a single Tribunal Report finding against the claimants. For example, claimants who didn’t sign the Treaty, such as Tainui, Tuhoe, and Tuwharetoa, should have been immediately shown the door. Maori characters and stories are given much more emphasis and weight than Pakeha characters and stories. She believes the Tribunal should clearly state its pro-claimant bias, lest lay people reading Tribunal reports be misled. Now, just as it was then, the fear of opposing the views and methods of the evil regime assisted in the atrocities, which we of the older generation are sadly familiar with. If the number of votes is not enough, this issue cannot be raised until the end of the parliament's current session. Yet the prime minister can still choose which way it is better to give space for meeting this demand," the president noted.
Under article 26 of the Law of Ukraine "On information agencies" the right of ownership of the news agency’s products is protected by Ukrainian legislation. A minimum of 57 votes, representing more than half of the 113-seat parliament, would have been required to oust the premier. The feet of the government itself are in the air and has no time to breath due to it's own kartoots.
The vote, 297 to 134, had been expected to fail because Yingluck's party has a majority in Parliament.
On the surface, however, the discrepancy appears to represent a strong parental vote of no-confidence in the public elementary schools serving tract 8099.
The total membership reflects the partnership [sic] of the Treaty of Waitangi through an approximately equal representation of Maori and Pakeha. Members are appointed to a Tribunal by direction of the chairperson and remain members until the inquiry is completed or they resign.
This is likely to prove highly intimidating to non-Maori interested parties seeking to make a representation. Afterward, the prime minister urged protesters to put an end to the demonstrations that have roiled the capital.
Can you learn more from these raw percentages than you can from sites where parents rate and review schools? No all bad, but smaller lots and strip malls verse NU, expansive lots, lake, NU and affluence. While quoting any content of the agency, subscribers are obliged to note that its source is UNIAN.
Material from UNIAN Web sites can be quoted without consent only on the condition that no more than one paragraph of text is used, and a direct hyperlink to the original text, accessible to search engines, is included no lower than the second paragraph of the text. The opposition move came amid mounting anger over Taiwan’s income levels, which have remained nearly flat for the past decade as factories have moved production to China. Materials marked as "PR" and "Advertising" are considered as advertisements, and all responsibility for them lies with the advertiser. Violence, capped by a military crackdown, left more than 90 people dead." Yingluck was elected to office more than two years ago, but protesters say she is just a front for her brother former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted during a military coup in 2006 and was convicted of corruption in 2008. As Krishnadev wrote earlier this week, the latest protests "began after a controversial amnesty bill that critics say would have allowed Thaksin to return home without serving a jail sentence for corruption." The demonstrations are led by former opposition lawmaker Suthep Thaugsuban, 64, who has vowed to take over all government ministries. A police spokesman said the protesters in Bangkok numbered around 15,000 — a sharp drop-off from the 100,000-plus level when the demonstrations began on Sunday.Copyright 2013 NPR.

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