Cupertino, CA — Thinking generations ahead, Apple is getting closer to perfecting a new technology for controlling all of its computers and devices, far more advanced than Multi-Touch. It allows the user to interface with Apple technology using brainwaves — a combination of their own thoughts and those of Apple. From what we can dig up, this technology would be much farther along by now if not for some loud and angry debates within Apple over just how far mind control should go. It was in response to Steve Jobs’ objections that the engineers came up with Multi-Mind.

Now his powers of telekinesis allow him to move space around with his mind, allowing him the same mobility that he had before the accident. He has been seen performing good deeds in various towns across the country, accompanied by his sidekick, the differently-abled Jimmy Boombox.
When I bang my heat at the keyboard and concentrate on specific words or letters, they comes alive on the screen from time to time. This site is in no way affiliated with Apple, and frankly we're insulted that you even asked.

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