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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. To attempt both in the same week was foolhardy in the extreme and I am only just recovering. Next time it'll be the other way round: I'll do my own painting, lifting, carrying, wiring and plumbing and pay a team of workmen to read Atonement.
He was especially interested in how much of our sexual identity is innate and how much constructed (sex vs gender, if you like) and this is why critics in the 1980s were content to attach to his work the glib and then fashionable label of "masculinity in crisis".
Unfortunately, as far as this reader is concerned, after the short stories and a couple of early novels, McEwan goes quickly from describing male insecurity to inspiring it.What, for example, am I to do with Stephen Lewis, the hero of The Child in Time?
Here is one of McEwan's average middle-class guys who happens to be a best selling children's author and who over the course of the book a) uses split-second driving precision to avoid an overturned lorry and rescues its trapped driver through the resourceful use of a car-jack, b) learns to read and write the calligraphy of classical Arabic, c) speaks brilliantly and at length to a government sub-committee on child literacy, and then d) delivers a baby.
Yes, that's right guys: he safely and singlehandedly guides his wife through labour in a remote cottage (coolly freeing the umbilical chord which has become caught around the baby's neck, mid-delivery) and then calls it a day. Or Darren, I can't remember.Then there's Henry Perowne from Saturday, the neurosurgeon who knows how to make a perfect fish stew and throw a burglar down a flight of stairs. As for Joe Rose in Enduring Love: let's just say that in the film he's played by Daniel Craig and leave it at that.

I who spent moving day playing "boo" with my one-year-old and am typing this to the sound of my wife drilling downstairs? I mean the two-fingered plonking of the ZX Spectrum owner who never recovered from the rubber keyboard.Masculinity in crisis, indeed.
I have a friend who self-mockingly claims that because he can't drive and doesn't wet-shave, he is not "a proper man". It starts at school where you decide you're too good for football and it's downhill from there. You say to yourself that because you can read (but really read) and because you can write (but really … well, whatever) the rest is for the cavemen. It's a silly attitude, typical of weedy boys like me who needed to dismiss the games at which they were so useless.It's the slow, unsought accretion of wisdom called "getting older" that probably accounts for my change of mind more than fatherhood.
After all, like "peace", "fatherhood" is simply a happy state of affairs rather than a philosophy. The reason this makes me want to lob her through a closed window (that's transfenestrate, not defenestrate) is because it reminds me of the humiliation that my cherished "A" at GCSE French now means that I knew about five times more French when I was 16 than I know now.

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