In the middle of everything Skrull Jarvis triggers an alien virus that shuts down every bit of Stark technology around the world, including the Helicarrier, prison security systems and the Iron Man armor, whoops! The Skrulls on Earth get beat down and Tony Stark flies up into space to attack the Skrull armada and ends up finding a Skrull shipped packed with the missing heroes, including Spider-Woman, woot!  I think she’s hot. As we suspected at the end of last issue, America does send the Ultimates into a third world country as a pre-emptive strike against what looks to be a nuclear facility.  The Ultimates do the super-hero thing, they take out the weapons and shepherd the innocent civilians out of harms way, which means displacing them. There was some great action in this book, so if you pick it up just for that reason then you’ll probably enjoy the tale, but if you are looking for story that feels honest you may be left a bit disappointed like I was. Hank Pym wants back into the program badly.  He creates the Ant Man hero which is a flop and also designs two robots that he freely offers to Nick Fury, but unfortunately for him, his time with the team is over.
Tony Stark asks the Black Widow to marry him and Janet has moved in with Captain America.  Not really important spoilers but there you have it. The Skrulls trick Shield into attacking an abandoned base and then detonate something huge, taking the life of 20,000 Shield troops.  Thor telports who he can out of the blast radius and saves their lives.

Back at base Janet Pym figures out what is going on as the Skrulls take over the Ultimates base and then she gets captured by them.  She is later saved by Black Widow. Thor saves the day by teleporting an alien mega-bomb that is set to destroy this world off planet — or off-reality I should say. Tony Stark makes love to the Black Widow in a men’s room before making moves on the First Lady, that pimp. Cap and the Wasp share a brief kiss after Hank Pym calls and asks Janet if their break-up can be civilized. Here we go again, the last New Avengers Secret Invasion book.  So in the first New Avengers Secret Invasion we learned who were the Skrulls and who were left to face off against these clandestine invaders. This main dramatic question gives rise to numerous dramatic questions that keep the plot moving. But, the golden country can be a period of youthful innocence which is fondly remembered before it is lost forever as it is for Scout Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird.

Learning something new has always been important to readers of novels and best sellers are loaded with an abundance of facts and information from etiquette to the layout of a submarine.
Best sellers expose the inner workings of secret societies and expose conspiracy theories to the light of day. Hall breaks down the magic formula for best selling books (novels that is) into twelve key ingredients as follows. They depict the same issues of the day that we are all struggling with and concerned about.
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