In the meantime, if you are thinking of joining us this year, we thoroughly recommend you get your tickets in soon – visit the Ticket page for info on how to do this.
Things are also hotting up big time for the Psychedelic Forest Disco – taking place on the 12th May. Here is a video from the sublime Scrimshire, who will be bringing his band to the Garden Party on Sunday evening.
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Secret Forest Walks is about bushwalking and other recreational activities in and around Daylesford, Victoria and the Wombat Forest. You can select a pre mapped loop walk from a?menu of walks, according to your tastes and abilities. The very special feature with Secret Forest Walks is that you are provided with a modern hand held GPS receiver, containing the track you have selected.
You’ll  also be provided with a backpack of essentials such as bottled  water, basic snacks and first aid kit.

The consultation  to select your Secret Forest Walk is at Daylesfords favourite cafe,  Breakfast and Beer,  situated at 117 Vincent St Daylesford.
Enjoy a real coffee or other delights as we chose the right walk for you and go through the use of the GPS unit.
After your walk, the gear can be returned to Breakfast and Beer or at a more convenient location according to your travel plans. We’ve been hard at work at Kelburn Castle getting the park ready for Easter, and plotting numerous treats for the Garden Party.
We try our best to attribute images, videos, and quotes to their creators and original sources. Tickets for this are also flying out the door – it’s shaping up to be another legendar night in the woods! If you see something that is misattributed or you would like to be removed, please contact us. Imagine a gourmet picnic of local and organic produce, a beautiful and secluded picnic spot and the company of your choice.

Unfortunately we struck out with the weather and it pretty much rained the whole time, but the girls kept their spirits up and with umbrellas in tow set off. Tickets are selling faster than ever for this year’s festival, and we have high hopes of a complete sell-out. Some of the walks can be combined, so if a 15, 20 or 25km (yikes!) trek is your preference, we can do it. We all had a fantastic time, and want to give big shout out to Brendan for his help in setting up the cryptic clues, and for all that was done in the lead up. We are resurrecting many of the lovely treats you all enjoyed last year, such as the Secret Forest Project (pictured), the pop-up gigs in the glen and gardens, mini-tennis, breakfast sessions and such. We’re also adding some new bits, such as the late night folk tent and dedicated Kids Zone.

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