Save on Toyota Service and Maintenance at Eddy's Toyota Serving Hutchinson and Emporia, KansasAt Eddy's Toyota, we're proud to offer great savings on Toyota maintenance and repairs for Wichita and surrounding areas this winter. Access your saved cars on any device.Receive Price Alert emails when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold. You're now logged in as and will receive alerts when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold.
By providing your contact information you will be the first to know when the price of this vehicle drops. Take advantage of these deals and click here to see if your store has special local offers. With regular car oil changes, your vital engine parts stay well-coated and protected against excess heat and friction.
When you don't change your oil regularly, you could end up needing costly engine repairs or even an engine replacement.
Firestone's elite ASE-certified auto technicians perform more than six million car oil changes each year. An oil change is an investment in the life and health of your vehicle – it protects your engine and maintains your fuel efficiency. Then turn to Completely Firestone, a powerful resource that has all the information you need on car repair and maintenance. Chances are, if you've imported a Toyota HiAce van, you'll be using it to transport people or goods.
In the long run, maintenance is far cheaper than replacing expensive parts when they finally fail due to neglect. Changing oil is perhaps the most basic maintenance that an owner operator can perform, and it requires very little mechanical knowledge or expensive tools. Step One: Preferably, while the engine is still warm, but not immediately after heavy driving, put the vehicle in Park, or 1st Gear, and set the parking brake. Step Two: Jack up the front of the vehicle using jack stands to support the vehicle under the frame.
Warning: I know we've seen plenty of people get under the van without jack stands and come out perfectly fine.

Step Four: You'll probably have to move the oil drain pan to a new position to catch the used oil from the engine.
Step Six: Put the oil funnel into place and add the prescribed amount of oil to the engine. Our state-of-the-art service department is staffed by technicians that live in and care about your community.
Results will remain visible allowing you to click on individual vehicles and alternate between vehicle detail pages. When you skip oil changes, the oil begins to thicken, break down, and is consequently less effective, resulting in damage and engine wear. It will save you a lot of time and expense in the long run, and in the short run, you'll even save on gas, as a well-oiled car burns fuel more efficiently. When it comes to motor oil, their knowledge is unmatched – and it extends beyond oil changes. In both of these roles, the engine on your HiAce is going to be doing a lot of extra work—idling at stops, quick acceleration and deceleration, and heavy loads. Most Toyota HiAces on the road often come with the instruction to change the engine oil and filter every 10,000 km, or something to that effect. It'll take a little bit of time and money, but the investment is well worth it, because your HiAce will last longer and cost less in the long run.
Use the oil filter wrench to loosen the filter slowly, so as not to splash oil all over the place, especially in your face. Use the wrench, not a pair of pliers or vise-grips, to loosen and remove the oil drain plug. Use the wrench to tighten the drain plug only slightly, perhaps one-quarter turn to seal the gasket. This information can be learned from the owner's manual, or if not available, by trial and error. We also offer deals on Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories for the Kansans with a DIY spirit.
Drag results to the GET YOUR EPRICE pane to quickly request information on vehicles of interest.

At Firestone Complete Auto Care, our synthetic oil change services are top-of-the-line, with advanced synthetic blend and full synthetic oil that outlasts conventional motor oils – all at an affordable price.
Fortunately, you bought a Toyota and, with proper maintenance, you can expect a long lifespan, at least 400,000 km. Additionally, there is an additional instruction regarding “severe service,” which refers to vehicles used for short trips, heavy loads, and regular towing.
Eventually, the oil can no longer lubricate the engine parts properly and turns into a thick sludge of burning oil; a telltale sign being a cloud of blue smoke.
Please, for the sake of your family, use the jack stands every time you go underneath a vehicle. When the oil slows to a drip from the filter, you can loosen it further, but when it's almost off, more oil will come out.
If the latter, add just four quarts, replace the oil cap, and run the engine for about a minute while looking under the vehicle to check for leaks. If there is no oil on the dipstick, add a half-quart to the oil fill hole and check again in thirty seconds. Of course, it's easy to find your next vehicle in our new Toyota selection or inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles. If the vehicle continues to run without a proper oil change, the engine parts begin contacting each other, resulting in a seized engine and a huge repair bill. If you're doing the trial and error method, keep doing this until the oil reaches the safe region on the dipstick. Take a look at your owner's manual or ask your mechanic to show you how to get under there. Use the oil filter wrench to tighten the filter, an additional one-third to two-thirds of a turn, to seal the gasket.

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