The Moolamantra Om Sat Chit Ananda calls on the Divine and brings grace, oneness and enlightenment into your life, regardless of faith, beliefs, culture, or tradition.
The blessings of Om Sat Chit Ananda enlightens you with the blissful experience of boundless, pure consciousness which is the ultimate reality. This mantra has given great peace and joy to people all over the world, who have chanted, or even listened to it.
Its Divine golden light with its blissful presence will harmonise your chakras with  the totality of existence.

I Want the Oneness Mantra Brainwave MP3 to shower me with the grace of the Supreme Spirit in the universe, and bless me with universal oneness, love and eternal happiness. It has the immense power to transcend ones mind to the state of causeless love and limitless bliss and joy.
It is mixed with the relaxing sound of Atlantic Ocean Waves, AUM Chanting Choir and relaxing Cosmic Soundscapes to harmonise and energize your chakras, soul and physical well-being. The Tone Frequencies are in Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra.No extensive practice required - Immediate results guaranteed.

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