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What the Teachers Say About Doggie Dharma: Did Buddha Teach That Dogs and Cats Have Buddha Nature? Science: Research Proves Vajrayana Meditation Techniques Involving Deity Visualization Improve Cognitive Performance and May Be Promising For Degenerative Brain DisordersScience, and in particular the medical profession, has long accepted the positive benefits of all forms or meditation. Drumming for mindfulness and healing: a simple way to calm the mind, remove stress and heal. Zasep Tulku Rinpoche discusses decades of teaching, advice for beginner students and funny stories of his teachers.PART 1 OF A 3-PART FEATURE INTERVIEW WITH VENERABLE ZASEP TULKU RINPOCHE.
Farmers in China demonstrated that Buddhist mantras can help crops grow up bigger and healthier. Although it’s well-established that some types of music do improve plant growth, normally assumed to be a sound-wave stimulation, mantras are particularly efficacious.
The power of mantras would be no surprise to practicing Buddhists, particularly Tantric practitioners. Maseru Emoto dramatically demonstrated the effect of sound on water with photographs that show positive and negative formations depending on whether the sound or word was positive or negative. Many plant lovers, horticulturists and farmers use soothing music, ranging from classical music (more effective than rock) to mantras (the most effective). The Dalai Lama advocates the use of Om Mani Padme Hum (Om Mani Peme Hung in Tibetan) to benefit humans and plants. She added that the Dalai Lama himself has said that all beings benefit from this mantra, including plants.

Inevitably, arthritis pains subsides in my case, and I’ve avoided most of the colds and flus that go around my business meetings— knock on wood. Many studies across decades of research have proven meditation is simply good for the body—and your health.
But, if that annual doctor’s visit brings dreaded news, a diagnosis of a serious disease or condition, your doctor will probably refer to a specialist. Studies show drum meditation supports treatments of cancer, Parkinsons and depression.Psychology and science have identified both drumming and mindfulness meditation as helpful therapy for everything from stress to memory loss to supportive cancer care. The spiritual head of many temples and meditation centres in Canada, United States, and Australia, the eminent guru will make his semi-annual teaching round in Toronto, Canada in April 2016. Researchers from the China Agricultural University give credibility to the mantra experiment. Transliterated, it is pronounced: Tayata Om Bhekandze Bhekandze Maha Bhekandze Raja Samudgate Soha. He hypothesizes that since humans—and the Earth—are both made up of 70% water, sound can help heal both.
Critically acclaimed author and musician Lee Mirabai Harrington used mantras with her garden, a mantra known to have the power of neutralizing pollution and nullify the effects of heavy metals. A new study from the National University of Singapore, attempts to differentiate the relative benefits of different types of meditation…. And, putting aside Buddhists, why is the meat industry growing when the science says it’s hurting our planet? Together with Medicine Buddha practice, they are important and treasured practices in Buddhism that have been relied on for healing for centuries.

They state that the unique sound waves in mantras stimulate the plant leaves, enabling superior conversion of sunlight. The Medicine Buddha mantra is particularly effective for healing plants, animals and humans.
Thousands of years of history and anecdotal experience has shown us what mantras can do in terms of helping people, animals and plants. This study reveals that the plants have shown a positive response to this type of particular sound waves regarding the growth.
In Maseru Emoto’s famous best-selling book The Hidden Message of Water, he graphically demonstrated the positive (and negative) impacts of sound on water. She also stated she “has always recited mantras while gardening, because years ago I learned mantras would benefit the life force of plants. Since the time of Shakyamuni Buddha, we have known about the stress-reducing benefits of both mindfulness and drumming. They noted that other types of music had lesser effect, or even a negative effect—as in the case of control yields from heavy metal music.
While still a Bodhisattva, Bhaisajyaguru, the Medicine Guru, vowed to help all who called his name and mantra. My kind teacher, Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, smiled as they lifted the pup for a blessing after the teachings.

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