Una potente trasmissione di Energie Divine  La Oneness Meditation (OM) e una meditazione nuova e potente, in cui le energie divine vengono trasmesse, per aiutare il risveglio delle vostre energie spirituali. La Oneness Meditation e stata introdotta all'inizio del 2012 per aiutare il salto di coscienza planetario. We offer free meditation classes and events in Jamaica, Queens regularly throughout the year. Estaremos ofreciendo clases de meditacion en espanol gratuitas en Queens durante todo el ano. Develop your personal meditation practice by joining us this summer for a 4?week long progressive workshop series.
If you are unable to make any of these classes, please use our contact form and we’ll inform you before our next series begins. The Queens meditation location, named The Oneness-Heart Centre by Sri Chinmoy when he inaugurated it in 2004, was created for the ethnically diverse community in Queens. Students of Sri Chinmoy, as well as those just beginning to meditate, meet weekly for group meditation, singing and just plain fun at this small and beautiful centre. We also frequently offer free concerts of meditative music, and other artistic and cultural events. If you’d like to talk to someone about meditation or the events we offer, or just sample some tasty vegetarian food in a meditative environment, why not visit our local business enterprises – from vegetarian cafes and restaurants to a clothing boutique, a health food store and a stationery store and more. Mahatapa Palit, an educator by profession, was born in India.  She teaches marketing and entrepreneurship at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Anette is here to offer guidance that helps us to see more distinctly our unfoldment as we live in alignment with our Divine nature. There is magic that happens during her programs, many of you have experienced this numerous times by all the emails we receive.
You can get your burning questions answered and each question represents what many others are also having as similar concerns. As we become anchored in experiencing life from our natural Divine birth right, we then are living in complete harmony with the Universe and abundance on all levels in every aspect of life!
Questa Benedizione molto sacra, vi da l'opportunita di liberare la mente senza sforzo e di risvegliarvi alla magia e alla bellezza della vita.
Nata dalla Oneness University, e parte di un fenomeno mondiale, che sta prendendo molte forme. Advanced meditation courses are also taught for those who wish to deepen their meditation practice. Once a week sessions where students learn to sing and play Sri Chinmoy’s music are a big draw. Newcomers can also attend meditation events at the nearby beautiful meditation garden. We offer many running races in the local area where the public can come and participate or cheer on runners – the Saturday morning 2-miler in nearby Jamaica High School, or the 5K races we put on in Flushing Meadows Corona park. Mahatapa works closely with the Bengali community in Queens, and offers meditation classes in Bengali as well as English. In these NEW programs, Anette (now living in a Fully Awakened state) will delve deeply into issues that are arising as we step into our new conscious awareness of living life from the fullest expression of who we truly are, our Authentic Self.

Anette’s gentle yet direct approach is remarkable as she opens up our hearts to feel and tap into our true essence.
She knows that these next few months are crucial as the big Awakening is gaining more momentum.
These new energetic vibration signatures that we are becoming from receiving the Oneness Meditations and Blessings is phenomenal.
Il flusso che viene dagli occhi dell' Oneness Meditator, produce un cambiamento neurobiologico, che accelera naturalmente il processo di Risveglio.
La Oneness Meditation porta a voi ed alla vostra Comunita l'esperienza dell'Unita: unita nell'amore, unita nella Coscienza, unita con tutto quello che e. There is a whole new level of Being that is awakening and NOW is the time to accelerate and refine your attunement further as we are being redefined! These are catalysts for igniting our journey of empowerment to live out our true destiny and purpose. You will receive a Confirmation email after payment, please confirm on that, then a page will pop up asking for your email and name.

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