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Unfortunately, all it takes is one major profile mistake to potentially sabotage any chance of finding love — or even a few good dates. The good news is that unlike a lot of things in life, your profile is easy to change and update.
As a Dating and Relationship Coach for Women over 40, I’ve seen (and done) it all when it comes to online dating.
However, most of them seem to dwell on dating tips for young single people, and none for senior singles. Prior to venturing into the dating game, begin by improving the relationship you have with yourself. Enhance your self-assurance, since this will be tested when you venture into the dating arena. Decide the kind of mate you are really searching for prior to venturing into the dating scene. You may be a young 20 year old girl or an elderly man of 55; you have the freedom to get a compatible partner and no one can keep you from this! My friends are a supportive lot, never more so than in January when my relationship of a year-plus came to an end. Here’s the formula: select some improbably flattering photographs of yourself, compose an over-bright bio and post it on your site of choice (generally I go for Guardian Soulmates).
There was another who had narrowed down his specified age preference to “between 18 and 80”. And the man who wooed me with a description of his full-time caring duties for his elderly mother, adding “I go out occasionally for mid-price dining”. Or the approach from the man whose chosen username was Travis Bickle, the Robert De Niro character in Taxi Driver. Eventually, however, I reached the bridgehead of exchanging emails, and even agreeing to meet someone. What this actually constitutes most often is a laugh-free hour or so of Making Conversation. I have lost count of the ‘dates’ where the man has asked no questions at all, certainly none about the person sitting opposite. My first date was with a guy who had fantastically clammy palms, and whose hands shook so much that it was a miracle his sweat-coated fingers could get any purchase on his glass. Soon after that came the internet dating cliche – the guy who described himself as 48, 5ft 10in and divorced, and turned out to be none of the above.
The height: a girlfriend of mine describes 5ft 10in as “the lying height – no man is actually 5ft 10in”. Another guy seemed really quite humanoid, and after several dates we spent an agreeable afternoon in the time-honoured manner. So it was all his fault that, in the gloomy belief that I must accept all date invitations, I met the worst of all: squat, coated in sweat, with no discernible neck, and two warts in perfect profile on the end of his nose. Unable to endure the statutory hour of Making Conversation, I set a new record by leaving after 22 minutes, so desperate to get away that I couldn’t even make up a transparent excuse. After a lot of false starts, I met the person mentioned at the start of this article, and had a good year with him.
High50 Holdings Limited is a company registered in England and Wales at Circus House, 21 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 8BA, under company number 09010517.
Ben jij boven de 50, sta je nog midden in het leven en zou een relatie welkom zijn in je leven? Het komt regelmatig voor dat 50-plussers de stap niet durven wagen om zich in te schrijven op een datingsite.
Veel mensen lijkt het wel leuk om wat contact te hebben via een datingsite, maar stel dat je iemand tegenkomt met wie het klikt, dan zal het vaak een keer tot een afspraak komen.
Is it attracting the interest of couch potatoes, the chronically ill or the guys just looking for a little action? I’ve seen how rewriting a profile, making it more positive, more aspirational, and less demanding can help the right guys find their way to your inbox.

The absence of resources to provide dating tips for senior dating is perceived as an obvious weakness since today, many senior people find themselves involved in senior dating again. You obviously cannot have sufficient love to offer to another individual if you lack sufficient love for yourself.
Keep in mind that beyond pheromones, nothing else can make you appealing to other people apart from confidence, which facilitates genuine love. After all, you are certainly going to require conversation material when you embark on over 50 dating, or at least be aware of what is being discussed. Keep in mind that if you are unaware of what you are searching for, you will definitely not get it! Keep in mind that wisdom detests desperation, and wisdom is something you have definitely gathered as the years pass.
The truth is that finally, you might not get what you are searching for in the dating scene. Have a hug,” was the general response, followed by the eager words: “So you’ll be internet dating again soon?” And after that would come a lot of cackling.
Forget those demented TV ads for dating sites, where toothy zealots espouse the buzz of it all. Call me defeatist, but since I started working from home the opportunities for striking up amusing banter are reduced. The high barf-value of the word soulmate is outweighed by the persuasive fact that, in general, people on there can read (by no means a given on dating sites). Viz the approach from one potential suitor who messaged me: “I am passionate about Egyptian architecture. I fondly recall the one who was newly arrived in Britain, and spoke little English (“I am mostly improvings my dwelling unit”) but was unusually keen to marry soon.
He believed the name would appeal to movie buffs “because it says misunderstood anti-hero”. The next was with a chap who talked at length about his bitter relationship with his ex-wife, at greater length about his depressed son, and yet further about his own membership of the masons.
Unfortunately I had an appointment in a pit of tarantulas on the evening he suggested, so I was forced to decline.
After three dates one guy accepted an invitation to dinner at mine, then five minutes after arrival said: “I can’t do this. He emailed afterwards to say he couldn’t see me again because “you don’t listen to Radio 3”. Six months down the line, my workplace is yielding as few new romantic prospects as always.
Zo nu en dan gaan er weleens negatieve verhalen rond over deze manier van kennismaken, maar dit is maar 1%.
Pas als je iemand vertrouwt kan je er zelf voor kiezen je volledige identiteit prijs te geven.
If so, you are likely making at least one of the mistakes commonly made by women over 40 who are using online dating as their new discos. Once you’ve hit your 40s and beyond, you kind of know what works for you and what doesn’t. The man reads this as you having incredibly high expectations and reliance on your relationship for your happiness. After all, you’ve probably accomplished a lot in your life without a man and are prepared to continue doing so.
Keep in mind that when looking for a date, you are not searching for an individual to offer you love, but instead for one with whom to share the love you possess inside you already. If you lack material to discuss, you may appear boring or lacking in interest, making the date fail.
These are wonderful places where senior people meet and you are guaranteed of getting individuals who have the same interests as you. You might experience a sense of desperation when you do not manage to attract a date as quickly as when you were younger. You should not allow this to overwhelm you since life has other joys apart from friendship and intimacy present in romantic love.

To me it says psychopath assassin who fixates on 12-year-old prostitutes, but I’m picky like that. If they claim 5ft 10in, I wear flat shoes for the date, yet am accustomed to finding myself at best still eye-to-eye. Buiten dat de datingsite voor actieve ouderen zich uitstekend leent voor het vinden van een relatie, is het ook erg leuk om berichten heen en weer te sturen met alleenstaande leeftijdsgenoten en op deze manier nieuwe mensen te leren kennen, ook al zal dit niet altijd uitdraaien op een date.
Vaak zul je merken dat als je zover bent dat je graag af wilt spreken, het al zo vertrouwd is dat je niet meer het idee hebt met een onbekende af te spreken. My husband and I met and married when I was 47 and I’m now spending the happiest years of my life.
This is vital since the coincidence of requirements is among the keys to flourishing dating.
However, desperation like this is a huge turn off which could repel other prospective dates who might have just been interested.
You start with a shiny optimism which you later recall with hollow mirth, as you become hardened to the God-awful chore of yet another “date” of jaw-dropping hideousness, later to provide grist to the entertainment mill for convulsed friends. It often goes something like this: “I spend my days as a busy lawyer and my evenings teaching courses at the local college. Such as, “A great evening for me is trying out the newest ethnic food restaurant with a few good friends and disagreeing about the controversial exhibit at the art museum.” Or, “Sunday mornings you’ll find me at the SPCA walking dogs and then off to my favorite breakfast joint for their fresh brewed coffee and chile relleno. Op een datingsite laat je dan over het algemeen in het begin wel een deel van je identiteit achterwege, maar leer je wel van elkaar kennen hoe je over bepaalde zaken denkt. Many weekends are spent training for my next marathon and singing in my church choir.” Whew! Het merendeel van de mensen die je er zal vinden heeft gewoon oprechte bedoelingen, een zeer klein deel wellicht iets minder. If you do a good job describing yourself and painting a picture of what it feels like to be in a relationship with you, it will attract the right men and repel the wrong ones.
Het deed me erg denken aan de vroegere contactadvertenties in de krant, maar uiteindelijk heb ik me toch maar ingeschreven. If you make it sound like you can take it or leave it, they are likely to help you leave it.
Ik had niet verwacht dat er nette, degelijke dames op zo'n site te vinden waren, maar ik hoopte het wel. Ik werd niet teleurgesteld en moet zeggen dat er op Vijftigplusmatch hele gewone mensen staan.
Het is erg leuk om op deze manier kennis te maken met andere mensen en misschien komt het ook nog wel een keer tot een afspraakje. Zeker als je gewoon lekker in het leven staat en erg veel sport en met vrienden leuke dingen doet. Mezelf op een datingsite inschrijven vond ik wel een beetje een vreemd idee, maar ik besloot dit toch maar te gaan doen. Ik besloot dus maar eens wat rond te gaan kijken en ik was bang om echt "ouderen" tegen te komen.
Uiteindelijk dus iemand leren kennen via 50plusmatch en onze eerste date was direct een hele sportieve date.
Na lang wikken en wegen besloot ik maar eens de stoute schoenen aan te trekken en me in te schrijven bij 50PlusMatch. De eerste mannen die op me afkwamen heb ik een beetje van me afgehouden, ik dacht dat ze direct ergens op uit waren, maar later werd ik hier een stuk ontspannender in. Inmiddels al een paar keer met een leuke man afgesproken, het is nog geen relatie, maar wie weet gaat het iets worden.

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