To begin, a “catfish” is usually a complete stranger that initiates contact with you.  Typically, a “catfish” sends you a message, friend request, or anything else to try and communicate with you. A lot of scenarios will probably race through their minds – “Were they once married? Logically, one would assume if you are not a model, photographer, or model agent why would someone like this contact you? For example, every time you request a video chat or a picture they make up excuses explaining why they can’t.

An attractive person still on the market is the equivalent of a used car that is only 1 year old with only 3000 miles, the 50% off iPad 2, or the restaurant that is offering $20 off coupon – it just seems too good to be true. You can turn this and talk about a passion that you had or simply you were too busy with work or family committments. Normally a model receives publicity from a vast audience, so why would they have the need to reach out to random people?
Generally speaking, mostly every individual has an accessible picture of himself or herself.

In addition, most technological devices have internal web cameras that allow you to chat anywhere. A “catfish” is an individual who creates a fabricated identity, to persuade others into building a romantic relationship, knowing that it would never work out because of deception.

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